Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Buy or renew your commercial vehicle insurance at the best prices!

What is a Commercial Vehicle (CV) Insurance?

A commercial vehicle insurance is a type of motor insurance policy that covers the damages & losses caused to or by a commercial vehicle and the respective owner or driver. This includes damages & losses in situations such as accidents, natural mishaps, etc. There are two types of CV insurances available – Third-Party Insurance Cover & Comprehensive Cover. In India, it is compulsory for CV vehicles to at least have a valid Third-Party Insurance cover at all times.

Why do you need a CV Insurance?

It is important to have a CV insurance because,

  • As per the Motor Vehicle Act of India, it is compulsory for all vehicles, including commercial vehicles to at least have a third-party insurance policy that covers any potential damage or loss caused to the third-party involved.

  • Commercial vehicles, such as HCVs are prone to a lot of risks; both due to the size of the vehicle and their heavy usage. A CV insurance thus helps to stay covered against potential risks such as road accidents, collisions, thefts, fires etc.

  • Insuring your commercial vehicle can help reduce your business risk & potential losses that could arise due to any mishap with your commercial vehicle or fleet.

Why buy a CV Insurance Policy from Vahak?

To let our customers avail the best options to buy or renew a CV insurance, we have partnered with one of India’s most trusted & leading CV insurance broker – Coverfox.

Together with Coverfox, we ensure that our customers buy or renew with the best commercial vehicle insurances at the most affordable rates. What’s more – you get instant policy issuance, super-fast claim settlement, dedicated customer assistance, minimum documents, and many more!

What is covered under a Commercial Insurance

Road Accidents

Damages caused to the goods due to a road accident or vehicle collison.


Damages or losses caused due to any theft of/from the commercial vehicle.


Damages caused by any natural or man-made fire or explosion mishaps.

Natural Disasters

Damages or losses caused to any natural calamity like floods, earthquakes etc.

Personal accident cover

Any personal injuries or loss in case of death or injury to the driver of the insured commercial vehicle

Third party loss

Damages or losses caused to the third-party vehicle,property or person, by the insured commercial vehicle

What is not covered under a Commercial Insurance

Own Damages Under Third-Party Insurance

Damages caused to the goods due to a road accident or vehicle collison.

Drunk Driving/ Driving Without a License

Any damages or losses caused to the insured commercial vehicle or the driver if the driver is driving, under the influence of alochol or without a license


Damages or losses caused to the commercial vehicle due to the negligence or improper misconduct of the policy holder.

Consequential Damage

Damages or losses that are not caused as a direct result of an accident, natural disaster or fire

Types of CV Insurance

FeaturesComprehensive InsuranceThird-party Insurance
Damages caused by the insured vehicle to any third-party person, property or vehicle
Loss or damages to own commercial vehicle due to accidents, natural mishaps, thefts, fires etc
Accident cover in case of injury/death to the driver of the insured vehicle


How to buy a CV Insurance through Vahak?
To buy a CV insurance through Vahak, just fill the form (add the link here) and one of our partner executives from Coverfox will get in touch with you with all the details.
What type of CV insurances can we buy or renew on Vahak?
There are currently two types of insurances available for commercial vehicles. Comprehensive Policy & Third-Party Policy. You can buy or renew both these types of CV insurances through Vahak.
What is Coverfox? How is Vahak related to Coverfox?
Coverfox is one of India’s major broker & insurance firm that provides the some of the best & most affordable offerings in CV Insurance. Vahak, in its bid to ensure its customers enjoy all valued offerings under one roof, has partnered with Coverfox to help its customers get the best deals on CV insurances at the best rates!
What details/documents are required to buy a CV insurance through Vahak?
In order to buy a CV insurance through Vahak, you just need to provide your Vehicle Number & your personal contact number. Our executives will call you back as soon as possible to share details regarding other verification documents if required.