What Is Truck Booking Online And Its Advantages?


Today, everyone has easy access to technology and the internet. The logistics industry isn’t left behind. Customers can find the best truck rental companies by using online services that are available to book a truck. This industry is expected to see an increase in sales in the near future. As a result, customers can completely rely on online truck rentals for all of their shipping needs. Online truck bookings have numerous advantages for both customers and businesses. 

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Key Takeaways 

  • As the ability to book trucks online became a reality, shippers’ behaviour changed dramatically. 
  • Online vehicle booking has given people access to not only a truck but also vans, cabs, and other modes of transportation. This has simplified business for moving companies.
  • Booking a truck via online truck booking app portals is simple to use and is increasingly being used in the transportation and logistics industries due to the numerous benefits that the traditional method of booking a truck lacked.

Different Types of Truck 

Semi Trailer

Trailers are used to transport goods and materials and are towed by a powered vehicle. Freight trailers equipped with a towing vehicle are referred to as semi-trailers, semi-trailer trucks, and full trailers.

Heavy Hauler

Haulers are very large rigid dump trucks that are designed for higher capacity and can hold 400 metric tonnes of material. 

The Tanker Truck

Because of its body shape, it is the most recognisable heavy-duty vehicle. It is a truck with a tank of varying sizes depending on the vehicle’s capacity. It is most commonly used to transport dangerous liquids such as chemical reagents, flammable gases, and other industrial products.

Advantages Of Online Truck Booking For Transportation Companies

Increased Transparency

It is frequently difficult for transportation companies to track or supervise the driver. Truck drivers can be tracked using GPS features on their phones thanks to advances in online technology. Payment digitization also improves price visibility and ensures on-time payments for truckloads online. Digital payment methods will also result in fare standardization and hassle-free payment systems in the transportation and logistics sectors.

Elevated Fleet Management

Companies can manage their fleet more efficiently by implementing online truck booking technology in their operations. With the help of technology, they can keep track of all the trucks in different locations on a single app. This has eliminated the need to contact the truck driver and inquire about their location and route. Truck owners can easily track the real-time movement of their truck using GPS. Furthermore, GPS suggests the quickest route to the driver and assists the driver in reaching the destination as soon as possible. This also saves time and fuel, making each trip more time and money efficient.

Increase Business Growth

The demand for a truck has increased as more transportation companies offer booking services and other online services. Truck aggregators assist truck owners in connecting with customers who require a truck and can also assist customers in finding and booking the truck online based on their truck requirements. This facility allows truck owners to find customers on their way back, which improves their back-hauls.

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Ans. Through its online platform, Vahak connects logistics companies with truck owners, brokers, and other transporters across India. It allows users to book Trucks, Trailers, Containers, and LCVs from thousands of reputable transport companies and lorry owners across India.

Ans. An online booking system employs intelligent technology to eliminate the risks associated with manual input and human error. It makes the booking process easier for you and your customers by automatically updating processes like payment, scheduling, managing availability, and reminder notifications.

Ans. A vehicle booking system (abbreviated VBS) is a piece of software that allows terminal operators to schedule the arrival and movement of vehicles in the terminal.

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