Significance of transport services/Overview of transport services

Transportation/Transport services

Transportation services refer to the vehicles that help us move or travel from one place to another.  They are an integral part of our lives, saving us time and hence making our lives less stressful. There are various options available in terms of transportation services such as road transport, rail transport, air transport, and water transport. 

Key points:

  • Transportation services refer to the movement of goods/ cargo from one place to another.

  • They help us ensure the proper utilization of time and space.

  • Road transport is the major and most profitable means of transport available.

What are the transport services:

Modes of transportation refer to the ways of transportation of people or commodities. They are the transport facilities available for moving people or goods from one place to another. There are various modes of transport services available for the people. Major means of transport services are land transport, water transport, and air transport. Land transport, which forms the major part of the logistics industry, includes roadways and railways. Other means of transportation available are- cable transport, pipelines, space transport, etc.

Hence, if Mr. Singh wants to ship his goods from Kolkata to Cuttack, he can choose to do so via road transport, that is trucks/lorries, mini trucks, containers, trailers, and the like.

Four major modes of transportation: 

The major modes of transport are as follows:

  • Road transport service: Various forms of road transport including cars, trucks, rickshaws, buses, and so on. It is best suitable for short-distance transportation. This method provides door-to-door shipment. 

  • Railways transportation: Mostly suited for long-distance transportation, it is faster than roadways and apt for heavy goods. 

  • Water transportation: It involves the movement of goods and products through the means of oceans and seas. This is usually opted for when the quantity/weight of the shipment is comparatively more. Transportation through sea routes is mostly used for international trading. 

  • Air transportation: This method is very suitable for emergency deliveries of goods. The accessibility is very high in this mode of transportation as it makes each and every area reachable. 

Advantages of transport services: 

  • Transport services are significant as it facilitates trade between different people, which is necessary for the growth of humankind.

  • Transport services increase accessibility thus making the availability of goods easier for people.

  • It is a major source of economic benefits to the community. 

  • Public transport services improve fuel efficiency and reduce air pollution thus significantly benefiting the environment.

How to select Transport service providers: 

Some factors to keep in mind while choosing the right service provider:

  • Select a reliable transport service provider for ensuring the safe and swift transportation of your goods from one place to another.

  • Looking for a company that is an expert in all kinds of transportation makes the process very easy. 

  • Keep the budget in mind while selecting a transport service provider for you.

  • The transport service provider must provide customer assistance whenever needed.

  • Selecting an experienced service-providing company is very important. Transportation of goods from one place to another is not a simple task. 

  • Select a time-oriented service provider so there are no delays in the delivery of goods.

Bottom line: 

It is crucial to choose the mode of transportation wisely for the safe and swift shipment of products. Go through the service providers list before selecting the best service company for you. We hope to have cleared all your doubts about transport services. If you are looking for an appropriate transportation service to help you ship your goods, then you can get in touch with Vahak. Our team can help you in case you have a shipment to deliver or if you want to find an authorized service provider or any other assistance.


Ans. Transportation services are required for easy accessibility of goods and faster mobility of people.

Airways are the fastest form of transportation. Through aeroplanes, long distances can be covered in a comparatively shorter time.

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