Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV) In India

Small Commercial Vehicle

Small commercial vehicles have become crucial to the growth of the transport and logistics industry. Considering their high utility and low investment availability, these have formed an individual segment of their own

Key Pointers:

  • As the name suggests, a small commercial vehicle is the smallest category of compact trucks.

  • These four-wheeler trucks are mostly used in towns and cities where the entry of heavy commercial vehicles is restricted. 

  • Small commercial vehicles in India are good for delivering lesser quantities of cargo, for shorter distances, and for highly-congested areas where big vehicles are not allowed.

  • The rise in e-commerce and home delivery models in the transport and logistics sector has paved the way for small commercial vehicles.

  • These are fairly priced and are comparatively low investments.

What Is A Small Commercial Vehicle?

A small commercial vehicle is a three or four-wheeler vehicle used to deliver goods. Presently, these are the types of vehicles that are in the most demand. They usually have a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) that ranges from 225 kg to upto 2 tonnes, which means they can pick up cargo weighing between 225 kg – 2 tonnes.

Considering the popularity and demand of these mini trucks, almost all vehicle manufacturers have come up with their offerings. Hence, you can see small commercial vehicles by Tata, Mahindra, Maruti, and Ashok Leyland among others. The price for these vehicles can range from as low as 4 lakhs to as high as 40 lakhs. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Small Commercial Vehicle?

Small commercial vehicles in India have gained popularity because of their multiple benefits. More and more transporters are opting for these due to varied reasons. Some of them are:

  • For cities where heavy commercial vehicles are not allowed, mini trucks are a boon. These allow the transporters to expand their reach and access every corner of the country. 

  • Small commercial vehicles are excellent for shorter distances or intra-city deliveries. You can opt for these mini trucks if you need to ship lesser cargo on arrow roads or congested areas.

  • Using a small commercial vehicle can help you save on fuel costs.

  • These vehicles are budget-friendly, low on investment, and low on maintenance. 

  • With a small commercial vehicle, one can save resources like time, money, fuel, and effort.

  • Some of the models of small commercial vehicles are equipped with the best safety features.

The Bottomline

We can conclude by saying that small commercial vehicles have led to significant growth in the transport and logistics sector, helping transporters with easier and more efficient deliveries. If you are looking to book a small commercial vehicle for your laid, you can reach out to Vahak and get the best.


Ans. A small commercial vehicle can come in various body types. Some of them are auto-rickshaws, pickups, mini trucks, tempo traveller trucks, and three-wheelers among others.

Ans. An online booking system employs intelligent technology to eliminate the risks associated with manual input and human error. It makes the booking process easier for you and your customers by automatically updating processes like payment, scheduling, managing availability, and reminder notifications.

Ans. Anyone working in the field of transport and logistics can use a small commercial vehicle for goods delivery. Agents/brokers, transporters, load owners, and lorry owners–there is no one who cannot benefit from these mini trucks.

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