What do you mean by the term ‘goods shipment’?


You must have come across the term ‘shipment’ in your field of transportation and logistics. It is a commonly used term to denote the cargo that is being shipped from one place to another. Since the transportation sector heavily depends on transporting goods, shipment is a part of their day-to-day life.

Key Pointers:

  • Goods shipment is a very widely used word in the transportation and logistics sector.

  • It is meant to suggest the number of goods that are being shipped out. Hence, the entire cargo will be referred to as a goods shipment.

  • ‘Shipment’ can also stand for the act of shipping/transporting goods using any mode of transport. 

  • Goods shipment can be of various types, such as inbound shipment, outbound shipment, full truckload shipment, and the like.

What Is A Goods Shipment?

A goods shipment means both, the act of sending goods as well as the goods that are being sent. 

Suppose Mr. Singh has 1.5 tonnes of cotton to be sent from New Delhi to Kolkata. So he gets in touch with Mr. Saha who owns a fleet of trucks to help him with the shipping. So, in this case, the shipment would be the cargo, that is 1.5 tonnes of cotton. Moreover, the act of shipping the cargo on Mr. Saha’s trucks will also be referred to as shipment. 

What Are The Different Types Of Goods Shipment?

Goods shipment can be of many types depending on their mode of transport as well as the way they are being transported. Some of these types are discussed below:

  • Inbound Goods Shipment: Inbound goods shipment is when a company receives the shipment. For example, any supply chain that is receiving its supplies and products will do so using an inbound shipment.

  • Outbound Shipment: When the goods are going out to a third party they are referred to as outbound shipment. For example, Mr. Singh’s cargo of cotton is an outbound shipment for him since he is sending it out to his clients.

  • Full truckload shipment: When you need to book the entire truck to ship your cargo, it is known as a full truckload shipment. So the vehicle is full to its capacity and has no space to accommodate anything else. 

  • Part laid truck shipment: Part load truck is when a truck is only half-full and it still has some space to carry a part of the other shipment. So the truck owners can double their profits by shipping two goods shipment in one journey while the load owner’s expenses get reduced as well. 

The Bottomline

Goods shipment forms the backbone of the transportation and logistics industry. With ever-expanding e-commerce and home delivery systems, there is a notable increase in shipments as well. In case you too have a shipment to despatch or are looking for a shipment to deliver in your commercial vehicle, you can reach out to team Vahak. For those with a shipment, there are truck owners for hire, and for transporters, we have load owners who want their goods to be shipped. As a transport marketplace, Vahak allows you to connect with them and gain business. 


Ans. Anyone can send a shipment using a transporter’s services to deliver goods to their destination.

Ans. A goods shipment can be sent using any of the three modes of transport–land, air, or water. Depending on the destination, budget and weight of the shipment, one can choose to ship the cargo using trucks, railways, ships, aeroplanes and the like.

Ans. Truck shipments are great for shipping goods within the country or for shorter distances. Lighter shipments can be sent in such fuel and cost-efficient manner. All intra-city shipments can be delivered using trucks or mini trucks.

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