Introduction: Route is the path or way for any journey undertaken by vehicles such as trucks, vans, cars, buses, or other goods transport vehicles. So a truck route means a course or direction a truck driver takes to reach his destination. 

Suppose Mr. Gupta, who is a transport company owner, wants to transport goods from New Delhi to Kolkata. So he will have his fleet of trucks follow a pre-decided path to transport goods. Hence, when the truck leaves his company in New Delhi and takes major stops during the journey at Allahabad, Kanpur, and Patna to reach its destination at Kolkata finally, the entire course will be referred to as the route.

Having a specified truck route is essential for getting the driver and the goods to their destination safely and securely in the shortest period possible. Thus, a lot of planning goes into deciding the path or route a commercial vehicle takes to reach the destination. Truck route planning, if done efficiently, is beneficial for all companies regularly transporting goods.  

Key Pointers: 

  • A route is a fixed way or direction for moving people or goods from one place to another. It is better to have a pre-decided route to improve the efficiency of travel/transport.                       

  • The benefits of proper truck route planning help in improving customer service and punctuality, reducing fuel consumption, cutting the cost of transport, and ensuring the safety of the driver and the cargo.

  • A professional tool can be used for finding truck routes that can find the fastest and the most efficient route for reaching the desired destination.

  • In finding the most optimal trucking routes, various factors should be considered, such as the vehicle’s height and weight, bridges with weight restrictions, low tunnels, or environment zones that should be avoided. 

  • Before finalizing a suitable truck route, certain vehicle features and restrictions are taken into account so that the vehicles don’t have to take detours and also to ensure vehicle safety.

Truck Route on Google Maps: 

The transport and logistics industry heavily relies on truck routes to deliver goods. Google Maps is one of the various tools available for private use, but it is not available for commercial vehicles since it does not offer truck routes. 

A planned truck route simplifies the process of transporting goods from one place to another. However, truck route planning is not limited to ordinary vehicle navigation. Truck routing requires more complex and detailed navigation than regular GPS navigation, as trucks have roads, weight and vehicle height restrictions. For this reason, truck drivers cannot use Google map services to find the best possible route. 

Bottom line: Thus, a truck route is a course or path a commercial vehicle follows to deliver the goods on time. Truck routing software helps in getting the best possible route planning for truckers. The route is finalized based on several things, like the vehicle’s height, weight, width, and capacity. If you too want to hire a truck owner or transport your shipment, then team Vahak is always there to help you find the best transport service for your shipment. For any other transport-related assistance, you can always reach out to Vahak. 


Ans. Route optimisation is the process of finding the most efficient route for the transport of goods from one place to another.

Ans. A route in transportation is a path or trail from one place to another to be used by a variety of vehicles. It can be a public road, highway, waterway, or airway.

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