Purchase Receipt

Purchase Receipt

Introduction: Purchase receipts are tokens or acknowledgments issued when you buy goods from your supplier against a purchase order. They are necessary for all businesses. Some common examples of purchase receipts are- cash slips, invoices, credit card statements, and cash register tape. It is very vital as it stands as proof of a financial transaction or purchase. 

For instance, if Mr. Sen hired some transport services from Mr. Singh, then after making the payment he will receive a document from Mr. Singh as proof of his purchase. This document is known as a purchase receipt. 

Key points:

  • A purchase receipt generally contains the name and address of both the seller and buyer, the date of payment, a receipt number, the amount paid, and the reason for the payment. 

  • Receipts are issued in businesses to show that a transaction has been made.

  • Purchase receipts protect both the buyer and the seller as it provides documentation of the transaction made.

  • These receipts help in complete and comprehensive recordkeeping.

What is a purchase order in logistics?

A purchase order in shipping is an official document that is issued by the buyer to the seller. It contains details, such as the quantity and agreed price of the services that the seller will provide to the buyer. It is a confirmation that serves as a purchase contract between both parties. Therefore, it reduces the risk for both parties in case of non-fulfilment of the terms of service.

Difference between invoice and receipt: 

These two terms are often used interchangeably. 

But the two terms are vastly different. The main differences between receipt and invoice are as follows-

  1. An invoice is a document that is issued before the payment is made. Whereas, a receipt is given after completion of the payment.

  2. An invoice registers the amount of money that has to be paid. Whereas, receipt records the amount of money that has been paid in exchange for goods or services. It also describes the mode of payment used.

Purpose of purchase receipts: 

Receipts are very important in any business as they help in keeping track of the money that comes in and the money that goes out. They provide documentation of all the necessary details of the transaction. Receipts contain details about the services purchased, the amount paid, any discounts, details of the vendor, and payment method. It is proof of the purchase. 

Bottom line: 

Purchase receipts are essential for all types of businesses. As they provide the necessary documentation to keep a record of expenses and also help businesses in a tax audit. For any other transportation and logistics-related query, you can reach out to Vahak to get an answer to all your concerns. 


Ans. Receipts help you in keeping track of your expenses as it provides documentation of the money spent. They also make returns easier. They stand as proof of the purchase.

Ans. The four types of purchases are- personal purchases, mercantile purchasing, institutionalized purchasing, and industrial purchasing.

Ans. There are generally three types of receipts used in transport and logistics. They are- original receipts, Credit card slips and invoices.

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