Essential Things To Know About Part Truck Load Booking

Part Truck Load (PTL) / Part Load

What Exactly Is A Part Load?

A part truck load (PTL), also known as a spot load, is a small load that is available for transportation on an as-needed basis. It has become a useful option for truck drivers in India, who frequently struggle to find enough loads to earn a living. In simple terms, it is much lighter than a full truck load (FTL), which fills the entire truck with the load. Part load transport services means that your load only partially fills a truck.

During part loading, a trucker holds on to his shipment until he locates the complete load.This allows the trucker to pick up part loads from various locations and deliver them to the client. This is a cost-cutting strategy in India for both the client and the trucker.

A pallet is the standard dimension for a part truck load service. A pallet can be any size, but it is typically 20’x40’x40′ or 40’x40’x40′. These are offered on a temporary basis and may require the company to jump from one position to another, which may be impossible if the company has other commitments such as warehousing or customer service.

Key Takeaways

  • A part truck load is defined as goods that only partially fill a truck. In essence, the shipment is larger than a Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment. Furthermore, the shipment cannot fully occupy a truck, so its capacity is significantly lower than that of a Full Truckload (FTL) shipment.

  • Even in this case, the name pretty much clarifies that the load in this type of load will be as little as half of the entire truck. This is a load of 8 or more pallets. 

  • In this case, you do not need to book a full truck because you would be paying full price for half the amount of delivery. 

  • In this scenario, you can share the truck with other customers, which means you will split the truck fare based on all of the factors that affect freight rates, such as weight and type of freight.

Advantages of Part-Load Transportation Services

  • Small shipment transportation made simple

A part-load truck is an excellent B2B shipping option for moving small loads across the country. Carrying multiple small orders efficiently utilizes the truck capacity.

  • Reasonably priced

Businesses with low-volume orders can share truckload space, lowering the cost of a single shipment.

  • Environmentally Friendly Shipping Method

A single vehicle transporting multiple small shipments is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. It reduces the amount of gasoline used in transportation. The resources are utilized to their full potential, increasing transportation efficiency.

It is usually advisable to choose a trustworthy partner for cargo transportation. Vahak can help you choose the best shipping carrier based on the type and quantity of items you want to transfer.


Ans. A partial or part load (PTL) shipment means that your load requires the space of a Part truck. Many different shipments are transported together in a truck to various shipment locations or logistics centers. You do not have to pay any fees for part-truck loads when using the part-load booking service.

Ans. Both full-load and part-load truck transport services involve sharing a trailer with other freight loads. The primary distinction is that partial truckloads are calculated solely on the weight and size of your shipment rather than the freight class or density.

Ans. Typically, yes. Cargo stays in one trailer with a partial truckload, there are fewer stops at freight terminals, and there is no LTL cross-docking, resulting in faster transit times.

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