Lorry Document - Ensuring utmost validity of goods transportation in logistics

Lorry Document

What is meant by a lorry or truck document in the transportation and logistics industry?

Transport of goods and other commodities occurs to a variety of locations, and in each instance, a truck document is established with the delivery. Different amounts of documentation are required depending on the type of product being transported, its weight, and the delivery location. These records must be maintained in order to keep track of financial transactions, other assertions, and the terms and conditions of the general agreement for the transportation of products from the end-load owners to the delivery site.

Key Takeaways

  • Truck documents keep track of financial transactions, the terms and conditions of the general agreement for the transportation of products

  • Three different types of truckload documentation are practised

  • Truck transport documents include all information in a written style to prevent misinterpretation of any type

  • The lorry documents are sent once the entire transportation process is completed

Different types of truck transport documents

Three different sorts of truck documents are regarded as being of utmost significance for the logistics sector in India when it comes to the transportation of freight. The bill of lading comes first, then the Free On Board (FOB), and finally the freight bill.

Bill of Lading

This is the most significant document for commodities transportation. This kind of truck loading paperwork is viewed as a contract for transporting items from one location to another with legitimate documentation having every information included. The truck document validity takes into account both the contract’s conditions and the origin of the cargo. Before sending the items out for shipping, the carriers require this to carry out the transportation procedure. In this instance, the contract also includes the routing instructions for the carrier and the name and address of the consignee and consignor. It has nine different terms connected to logistics operations.

Freight Bill

Freight bills are classified as the second type of truck-loading document in terms of logistics. This invoice from the carrier to the shipper includes information on the entire shipment as well as the items that are sent, the origin, consignee, and destination. In addition to that, this kind of record also includes the total number of charges and weight. If the total value of the goods being sent is less than the anticipated freight costs, prepayment at the shipper’s end may also occur in such situations. The conclusion drawn is that the carrier must deliver the freight bill on the scheduled delivery date.

FOB Terms of Sale

Free on Board, or FOB, is still associated with sales paperwork and emphasizes the responsibility for shipping costs. Additionally, it specifies who will be in charge of transferring the goods when the buyer transfers ownership to the following party. From a sales standpoint, FOB shows delivered information indicating that the shipper is still in charge of all transportation charges. With this in mind, various transportation expenses that arise stay present in a truck document.

Essentiality of truck documents in India

According to studies, 70% of domestic freight in India is delivered by trucks from one location to another. In addition to the conventional offline truck booking method, the online truck booking service has developed greatly and has gained a lot of traction in the logistics and transportation sectors. Truck transport documents are crucial since they provide all information in a written style to prevent misinterpretation of any type. This assists the carriers in properly carrying the goods.

These documents are crucial for identifying the origin of the shipment and the conditions of the contract pertaining to that particular transportation. The development of issues and subsequent loss of the products are caused by the inability to supply the necessary truck documents. Thus, truck documents are absolutely essential.

When does a load owner receive a truck loading document?

Truck loading documents are crucial and important elements that guarantee the legitimacy of the whole transportation process, whether it be offline or online, in India. Once the package delivery is complete, the truck document is provided to both parties. When using the conventional method, it is delivered in hard copy, while when using the online method, everything is emailed to the registered email.

Transportation documentation at Vahak

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