The logistics industry is responsible for transporting and storing goods from their origin to their final destination in a secure manner. Logistics’ purpose is to satisfy customers’ needs in a timely and cost-effective way.

Initially, logistics was critical in transferring military people, equipment, and products. While logistics is as vital in the military as it has always been, the word is now more generally used in transporting commercial commodities through the supply chain.

Key Points:

  • Logistics coordinates the acquisition, storage, and logistics services of resources to their eventual destination.

  • A company’s bottom line might need better logistics.

  • The term logistics is increasingly commonly used in business, notably by organizations in the manufacturing sector, to refer to how resources are managed and transported through the supply chain.

Logistics Transportation Services

Transportation and logistics management are two business segments that have a shared goal. The primary purpose is to efficiently and effectively convey merchandise along a company’s supply chain. While the phrases are interchangeable, logistics management is a subset of logistics. It’s a symbiotic connection that needs attention and care. 

GST on logistics services 

The Indian logistics business has gained momentum over the years and is now a significant contributor to the Indian GDP. Between 2019 and 2025, the logistics market in India is expected to develop at a CAGR of 10.5%. It plays a vital role in emerging nations like India, where consumption is increasing, and demand is constantly high. 

The designation of logistics as an infrastructure sector, applying GST on logistics, and the introduction of the e-way bill are all intended to simplify this vital industry. Despite its expanding significance, the industry has been puzzled by the unclear rules of GST, which needs to be more informed of the many operational issues, compliance costs, and inept legal framework.

TDS on logistics services 

According to Section 194C, every payment made to a transporter is subject to a TDS deduction on freight expenditures. The payer must reduce their income tax due before submitting the charge. Let’s check how much TDS on logistics is used in transportation.

  • There is a 1% TDS on freight expenses if the payee is a person or a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF).

  • There is a 2% TDS if the payee is a partnership company, business, trust, or organization.

  • TDS is only levied if the payment per contract exceeds 30,000 or the total of all contracts for the year reaches $1,000,000.

What is the difference between transportation and logistics services?

Although transportation and logistics are concerned with transporting assets from one area to another, logistics provides additional advantages and functions.

Packaging, containerization, paperwork, insurance, storage, importing and exporting rules, freight damage claims, working and cooperating, managing suppliers and partners, and risk mitigation are all considerations that logistics executives must make.

Even though these terms have been used interchangeably, the key differences are that Logistics services deal with the integration of storage, transportation, cataloging, handling, and packaging of goods, whereas transportation deals with the function of moving products or individuals from one location to another.

There are a few crucial considerations while selecting truck logistics services. Consider the size of your organization first. Do you need to transfer a few automobiles nationwide or a whole fleet? It will assist you in determining which form of the firm is most suited to your requirements.

Second, consider your budget. Vehicle logistics services may be costly, so you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Obtain estimates from many firms and compare their prices.

Finally, enquire about their experience and knowledge. Are they acquainted with the car you need to transport logistics services? Is their reputation in the industry good? These are critical considerations when entrusting your automobiles to a third-party provider.

Bottom Line

Logistics services are more vital than ever in today’s worldwide economy. The efficient flow of products and resources is critical for all organizations and sectors. Whether it’s the transfer of raw materials to manufacturers or the distribution of completed goods to shops, logistics is critical to keeping the economy running. If you wish to avail these services, Vahak is here at your service. 

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