Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) - the buzzword creating a national wave in transportation


What do you mean by the notion of light commercial vehicles?

Light commercial vehicles (LCV) are a type of commercial vehicle serving as a carrier of goods in transportation. These four-wheeled trucks prove to be crucial for transporting cargo in multiple locations. The LCV design is developed as a small truck and is enhanced to be a robustly constructed vehicle. These are highly powerful, yet the operating costs are kept low. The engines are also used to move things from one place to another and are fuel-efficient. These are the factors that offer LCVs an upper hand in the logistics industry.

Key Takeaways

  • A light commercial vehicle (LCV) is a type of commercial vehicle that serves as a carrier of goods in transportation.

  • LCVs account for 75% of the commercial vehicle market in India

  • The light commercial vehicles market in India is extremely congested and competitive

  • Ease of availability and sourcing along with high-functioning capabilities are the beneficial aspects of LCVs

  • Traditional LCV booking has become pretty complex due to several obstacles

  • The online platforms for LCV booking have become the need of the hour and load owners are using it frequently

Delving into further detail in the field of light commercial vehicles in India

LCVs account for 75% of the commercial vehicle market in India. These are usually used for transporting goods weighing between 3.5 and 7 tonnes. These are employed in sectors where the delivery time is quite short, such as those for vegetables, fruits, poultry, milk, fisheries, and other perishable items.These dynamic cars require less upkeep and cost less to operate. Due to these characteristics, they are the ideal option for small-scale manufacturers, shops, and individual companies.

The light commercial vehicles market in India is extremely congested and competitive, which presents challenges for new entrants. Top and monopolistic brands like Bolero, Mahindra, and Tata have a substantial market share and have been successful in forging a solid reputation for dependability. Due to the ongoing requirement to deliver goods and raw materials from the end of the load owners to the customers, the demand for an LCV vehicle in India is continuously rising.

Why should you hire an LCV for transporting goods?

Light commercial vehicle hire is a common practice in the logistics sector as it leverages operational seamlessness. Two major advantages which can back this assertion are as follows.

Ease of availability and sourcing: India has a sizable number of light commercial vehicles, and both urban and rural areas continue to have access to them. These vehicles are now being manufactured by several brands due to the increased demand for shipment transportation. They can easily maneuver their way through heavy traffic in major cities because they are smaller than trucks and can adhere to vehicle regulations. Because of this, these are seen to be the greatest choice for last-mile delivery.

High functioning: When delivering items from load owners to clients, an LCV vehicle works arguably the best. They have relatively few vehicle limitations to follow, making it easier for them to transport packages to private locations without having to deal with the inconvenience of hiring a large truck. These are also fairly roomy and have a carrying capacity of about 1000 kilos, allowing for the easy transportation of heavy objects.

Are there any challenges in the path?

While seeking an LCV for the transportation of goods, load owners face significant difficulties with the conventional offline booking process. The procedure is rather complicated as a result of the numerous clauses and conditions that appear. Additionally, middle-man fees occasionally enter into this context. Finding the right source to make the reservation becomes challenging as well, and no facilities for customised services continue to exist. As a result, substantial expenses are incurred during the course of the function.

Time to hire an LCV vehicle online

Online booking tools were urgently needed because of the rising demand for LCVs and the challenges that load owners face with traditional booking. Now, hiring an LCV has become pretty easy due to the rise of multiple online platforms. These online platforms offer several tailored options for load owners to book light commercial vehicles as per their requirements.         

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Ans: Heavy commercial vehicles carry a huge amount of load at once, but face several transport restrictions. On the flip side, light commercial vehicles carry less load but are pretty efficient and face very less transport restrictions.

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