Everything you need to know about GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight)

Gross Weight

Gross Vehicle Weight Of Trucks In India (GVW): What Does It Mean? 

The aggregate weight of all the wheels under the vehicle, each of which has a specific rating according to the CMVR, is known as the gross vehicle weight (GVW) (Central Motor Vehicle Rules).

What Is The Gross Vehicle Weight Of Trucks In India?

The maximum safe axle weight was altered by the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on July 16, 2018, and it was updated in a subsequent notification dated August 6, 2019. This revision applied to both newly registered vehicles and existing vehicles.

Key Takeaways

  • The Gross vehicle weight is your vehicle’s maximum total weight.
  • A truck can weigh anything from 3 to 40 or more tonnes, depending on its use. 
  • The potential payload increases with gross vehicle weight (GVW), which may result in greater income generation. 
  • The maximum GVW truck in the nation at the moment is 49 Tons, with the number of axles and tyres growing along with GVW.
  • The maximum loaded weight of a truck is limited by federal rules, and these regulations also specify who is allowed to drive bigger vehicles. These ratings, which range from 1 to 8, were established to safeguard roads and bridges, stop the loss of goods, and maintain road safety. Gross vehicle weight rating is what determines a truck’s class (GVWR).

What is a Dump Truck’s Gross Weight?

Sand, mud, gravel, and other materials are frequently transported by dump trucks for use in construction projects. When loaded, they can weigh a maximum of 36 tonnes. They frequently travel through residential neighborhoods, much like garbage trucks. While dump truck incidents can be disastrous, improper unloading or unsecured cargo can result in these trucks doing substantial harm to individuals or property.

Semi-Truck Gross Weight

There are two methods for determining a semi-truck’s Gross Weight 

  1. The first is to determine the trailer and tractor’s total weight. The unladen weight of a semi is represented by this number. 
  1. The truck’s weight when completely loaded is represented by the other measurement, the laden weight.

For semi truck gross weights, 80,000 pounds is the maximum burdened weight. Even though certain heavier-duty trucks have larger GVWRs for safety reasons, it is still prohibited to load them beyond 80,000 pounds.

What Does The Gross Weight Of The Truck & Trailer Mean?

Gross weight is the weight of your trailer when it is completely loaded, and it includes both the trailer itself and everything on or in it. The gross trailer weight includes all the weight of the goods, people, animals, materials, liquids, and everything else.

Gross Weight Vs Net Weight Truck

  • The total is calculated by considering the total weight of the good. This may include the weight of the delivery vehicle and packages like crates. Whereas, when we calculate the net weight, it is calculated without counting the weight of the packages like the crate. 

  • For road transportation, gross weight equals product weight plus packaging (tare weight) plus vehicle or wagon weight.

  • Alternatively, net weight refers to the weight of goods packed into a container, excluding the weight of the container itself.

  • When the container or a package is weighed without the goods in it, it is known as Tare Weight.

  • In simple terms:

Net Weight + Package/ Container Weight = Gross Weight.

Gross Weight – Tare Weight = Net Weight


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Ans. The vehicle’s total unloaded weight is known as the taxable gross weight. The term “unloaded weight” refers to the empty weight of a truck, truck tractor, or bus that is ready for duty.

The weight of the maximum load typically carried on the vehicle and any trailers or semi-trailers typically used in connection with the vehicle, as well as the actual unloaded weight of any trailers or semi-trucks properly prepared for service and regularly used in combination with the vehicle.

Ans. Higher GVW will improve the chances of a higher weight, which will help the transporter generate more revenue.

Ans. Unladen weight is the weight of the truck or vehicle when it is not carrying anything like goods or a person in it.

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