Air freight

Air Freight

Air transportation is a widely used mode of shipping goods from one place to another. Air freight simply means sending goods by aeroplane to the desired location. It is the fastest mode of transportation, which ensures delivery of products within one day to the destination. Every carrier service offers air transportation to deliver goods overseas for the consumers. With the help of air freight, providing all kinds of goods worldwide has become possible for us. 

For example, Mr Sen has an urgent consignment to send out to one of his most important clients. So for urgent deliveries that take minimal time, he can opt for air freight services. Hence, he ropes in Mr Singh’s air carrier services to get the urgent consignment delivered with the help of an aeroplane. This use of aeroplanes as a medium of carriage is referred to as air freight. This will ensure speedy and reliable transportation of the consignment.

Key pointers:

  • Air freight simply means carrying goods or cargo with the help of airways.
  • It is the fastest mode of transportation among all the modes of transportation. One can also ensure the timely delivery of goods with the help of airways.
  • Being the fastest means of transportation, air freight makes long-distance transportation fast and easy.
  • It is most suitable for time-critical or emergency deliveries, such as medical, high-tech, and automotive.
  • It is also most suitable for perishable products such as exotic fruits, fresh fish and cut flowers.

Types of cargo transported by air:  

There are two main groups of cargo transported by air. These are General cargo and Special cargo:

General Cargo: These include standard everyday consumer items that do not require any extra care and handling. Products such as dry goods, textiles, hardware and more fall under this category.

Special cargo: These are the goods that require special care and management while handling, packing and carrying. Specific regulations must be followed while handling these goods. These cargos include fragile goods, perishable items, wet items, live animals, and other time and temperature-sensitive products.

Bottom line: 

Air freight is therefore the most speedy and reliable mode of shipping goods. Thousands of kilometers can be covered within a few hours with the help of aeroplanes. It is the most popular mode of shipping while carrying out overseas transportation. If you want to find an authorized shipping service or you have any other transport-related needs, then Vahak as a one-stop transport marketplace is there to cater to all your transportation needs.


Ans. Air transportation has many advantages. Air freight ensures same-day delivery and is therefore the fastest mode of transportation. It also makes long-distance transportation possible in the shortest possible time.

Ans. Air freight costs will vary from one service provider to another and will be influenced by a number of factors. The quantity of the cargo, the distance to be traveled, and additional facilities opted for (such as packaging, loading, unloading, etc) among others will be considered in calculating the expenses.

Ans. It is useful in covering long distances in a shorter time. Airways make use of direct routes without any stop-over, which makes it faster than other modes of transportation. Air travel saves time.

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