Vahak - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about the Vahak platform!

General FAQ’s

1 How do I get started on the Vahak Transport Marketplace?

Join Vahak, India’s most trusted community of Transporters, Truck owners & Consignors. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Sign-up using your mobile number & choose your role: lorry provider or load provider.
  • Attach your truck(s) or post your loads to get bids within 20 minutes. Approve the bids to complete deals.
  • Use the ‘Load Market’ or ‘Lorry Market’ for quick bookings.

2 Where can I download the Vahak app?

You can download the Vahak app for free by clicking here.

3 Who can register on Vahak? What are the charges?

Vahak is a completely free platform to find and book loads and lorries online. Users can register & choose their role as either “Lorry Provider” or “Load Provider”.

  • Lorry/Truck Provider: Transporters, Transportation Service Providers, Logistic Companies, Truck & Fleet Owners, Truck Brokers.
  • Load Provider: Consignors & Factory Owners, Dispatch Departments, Freight Booking & Commission Agents, Transporters, Traders & Trading agents, Small & Medium Business Owners.
  • Vahak is a 100% free app made for the Indian Transport Community with business-specific features to improve your brand, grow your professional transport network and save time on daily bookings.

4 What makes Vahak a trusted platform?

The trust gap currently present in the Indian road transport market highly limits the business potential and expansion for transporters, agents and lorry owners. Vahak is a platform for transport businesses and individuals to create a unique brand backed by user ratings, connections, document verification and user recommendations.

5 What are the benefits of ‘Connections’ on Vahak?

The transport business in India is highly network-dependent. Vahak helps users connect and develop a trusted personal network. This network of ‘Connections’ can be leveraged for business growth.

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