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What is the best way to book a truck with a mobile app?
Posted by Priti Dubey 22 days ago
Most popular Answer: There is no shortage of truck drivers in the Indian transport market. But very few platforms allow you to find them all in one place. You can find a list of them here. But the easiest way to book a truck through a mobile app is as follows:Download the Vahak app (it’s free!)Register yourself as a shipperAdd details about the goods you want to transport (takes less than 2 mins)Choose the vehicle you need (LCV, HYVA, Truck, Trailer, Container)That’s it! Your requirement will now be visible to over 5 lakh truck transportersYou will get bids from interested truck drivers and can choose the one you want to work with. Likewise, you can also explore the truck marketplace to place bids on trucks you like. All of this at 0% commission!Finding trucks used to be difficult and even risky online. But not anymore. Try for yourself and see why!
What is best truck booking app?
Posted by Priti Dubey 22 days ago
Most popular Answer: There are lots of truck booking apps and transportation apps available in today’s market, thanks to the boom of technology! But currently, Vahak is leading the market. Let’s take at what makes it one of the top truck booking apps:It is 100% free, no brokerage, no commissionsVahak has over 5 lakh truck drivers on its platformYou can choose the right type of vehicle for your goods (LCVs, Trucks, Trailers, Tankers, Containers, HYVAs)There are Aadhaar-verified truck drivers on VahakMost truck booking apps are either paid or work on a commission basis. But with Vahak you can connect directly with the truck driver! Start sending your goods in a safe and affordable manner with Vahak
How can I find the best truck load service to transport goods?
Posted by Priti Dubey 22 days ago
Most popular Answer: As of 2020, there were over 20 lakh truck drivers present in India, with thousands available on Google listings and other directories. But if you want to find all the top transporters in one place and handpick one for your needs, you’ll need the help of a transport app like Vahak. They identified the struggle faced by people who wanted reliable truck service for transporting their goods. This is why Vahak lets you:Choose from a network of 5 lakh+ truckersPick the right type of vehicle (Trucks, LCVs, HYVAs, Trailers, Tankers, Containers)Transport through Aadhaar-verified truck driversMake secure payments through the appWhile most online truck booking platforms charge commissions or brokerage, Vahak is fully commission free. You pay the truck driver directly, with no additional costs.Don’t risk sending your valuable goods through unverified transporters. Find safe and secure transport solutions on Vahak!
Which truck service provides excellent service in finding loads?
Posted by Priti Dubey 22 days ago
Most popular Answer: Truck drivers from all across India use Vahak for finding loads on their selected routes. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, businesses from everywhere post their requirements on the Vahak platform. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding loads on Vahak: Go to the Vahak load marketplace (link)Enter source location and destination locationEnter your vehicle type and capacity Now, you will see a list of goods for your truck, in your area!Bid on any load you like by clicking Bid NowNow, enter your expected price & lorry detailsYour bid will be sent to the load owner immediately!After they accept your bid, you will be able to negotiate the payment and start transporting the goodsWithin 10-15 minutes, any truck driver can find loads posted on all major Indian routes, through Vahak! Download the app or use the free web marketplace to start booking loads online.
Is there any app in India to book a truck transport?
Posted by Priti Dubey 22 days ago

There are several transport apps in India that you can use for booking trucks in India. Vahak, Trukky, TruckGuru, are some of the most-used apps for truck booking. You can read this really informative blog on the top transport apps, and their pros & cons!

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