What is the difference between LTL and FTL freight?
What is the difference between LTL and FTL freight?
Posted by Priti Dubey 22 days ago
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FTL or Full Truck Load is the freight type when a shipper books the complete truck/lorry for the transportation of goods. FTL services are generally preferred by shippers that have a constant need for delivery of a fixed set of goods from one location to another. LTL or Less-than Truck Load is the freight type where a shipper books only a portion of the truck/lorry carrier space while the rest is booked by a different shipper. LTL services are commonly preferred by SMEs that have comparatively lesser load for transportation.

The differences between FTL and LTL can be divided in 4 main factors: DIMENSIONS: In a FTL, the freights are generally larger shipments that completely fill a truck, where as in LTL, the freights are smaller in dimensions and fill only half or a portion of the truck.

COST: Since LTL freights are smaller in dimension and require only a portion of truck to be filled, they are cheaper, as shippers pay only for the space they use. FTL freights are larger in dimension and require the full truck to be booked, and thus are costlier.

TIME: FTL freights are the best bet if a shipper needs to get their goods delivered on time, as these freights are pre-decided and fill a truck completely, ensuring that the truck moves from source to destination in a single trip. LTL freights on the other hand are not time-bound as they require to stop at multiple shipper locations and destinations to transport the different goods loaded.

HANDLING: FTL freights are the preferred method if a shipper needs to transport goods while ensuring least of damages. FTL freights completely fill a truck and do not require to be shifted or un-loaded multiple times to arrange other loads as in LTL, thus reducing chances of damage. LTL freights on the other hand are more prone to be damaged as they may be shifted or handled multiple times before being delivered.

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