What is the best way to find loads for trucks in India?
What is the best way to find loads for trucks in India?
Posted by Priti Dubey 22 days ago

How can I find loads for my trucks?

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Priti Dubey, 22 days ago

Finding loads for your truck can be a daunting task, especially in a country like India, where 70% of the transport market is still un-organized and relies heavily on offline methods or word of mouth for business. Though, the advent of the digital age has allowed the launch of online services like Vahak, Rivigo, Trukky, Porter and more have made load bookings much easier than what it used to be before. You can now book loads or lorries from anywhere, anytime, instantly.
Here are some reasons why Online Load Booking is better than other traditional/offline methods:

  • Connect with Pan-India transporters in minutes for finding loads rather than depend on directory calling or personal contacts.

  • Through online load booking platforms, you can easily search for loads depending on your preferred operating route & vehicle type or capacity.

  • You need to pay very less or even 0% commission (check-out VAHAK) for using these platforms for booking loads as compared to high-commissions charged by booking agents.

  • Since these booking platforms are well-managed and operated, you will have the opportunity to connect with only verified transporters/agents and thus avoid any fraud bookings or scams.

  • You can easily book return loads for your vehicles and ensure maximum profit from every trip of your vehicle as opposed to offline booking methods where finding a return load becomes almost impossible, thus increasing losses.

And while nowadays you have many online platforms who offer you easy access to book loads online, companies like VAHAK - An Online Transport Marketplace, have gone the extra mile to provide customers with a smooth and easy load booking service based on specific custom needs. Also you don’t need to pay any commission to use their platform. Vahak also provides a 100% safe & secure payments system to make all payments related to your bookings. Check them out here: www.vahak.in