Senior Product Analyst (4+ yrs)

B.Tech/ Equivalent Degree

Full Time


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Aside from the fact that we're building India's leading B2B transportation marketplace, have bean bags, unlimited snacks, stellar perks and pretty much the coolest team -
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Oh well, if you want to be a part of a dynamic workforce and build a product that's impacting the lives of over 10 Lakh+ Indian transporters - come join us!

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About Role.

  • As a Senior Product Analyst, you will play a key role in defining & growing our mobile & web applications. You will be collaborating with Product Managers, Designers, Growth Marketers, Engineers & Customer Success Managers. You will provide data-backed insights, dashboards & visualization capabilities to help teams assess product & business successes/failures & make data driven decisions while planning and prioritizing.

  • Our ideal candidate will have strong data analysis & data visualization skills, led or managed analytics teams, and have understanding of data setup/infrastructures. We love people who are humble and collaborative with hunger for excellence.


Improve dashboards & data visualization capabilities:

  • Create & Manage dashboards on various Mobile & web tools like Clevertap, Branch, Google Analytics, Zoho Page Sense, Firebase and other data tools that marketing and product teams use on a daily basis.
  • Create richer & holistic (collating multiple data sources/platforms) dashboards and reports on Tableau & Metabase for Product, Marketing & Business teams.
  • Improve dashboards & setup alert systems on Sentry, Firebase, GA for product & technology teams to timely catch fatal crashes, errors.

Deliver data backed insights & periodic analysis reports

  • Perform deep data-analysis to identify issues, trends, opportunities and improvements possible in Acquisition, Activation, Transactions, Conversion Ratios & other driving product metrics. Present findings to product, marketing and business stakeholders.
  • Perform analysis to assess the success of ongoing product initiatives, provide insights to product manager & designers to iterate product features and flows.
  • Create & Track product and marketing funnels to identify growth opportunities and problem areas. Collaborate with PMs and Designers to discover underlying reasons for drop points. Analyze Funnel, Cohort, Trends, LTV, DAU, MAU, Retention & user behaviour using data & help teams make data-driven decisions.

Define measurement & success criteria for experiments, new features and A/B tests.

  • Collaborate with Product Manager to design, execute and analyze A/B tests, define target KPIs & control segments.
  • Help Product Managers define success criteria and measurement standards for new features and product offerings.
  • Ensure technical setup is there to MONITOR important KPIs and collect custom events data. Define custom events & properties to be tracked on Clevertap, GA, Zoho Page Sense.

Drive increased engagement & retention using Clevertap

  • Define AARRR KPIs and Optimize them with CT multi-channel journeys by continuously performing A/B tests.
  • Create detailed and diverse user-segments to identify high, medium & low activity cohorts. Create strategies to increase the size of high-activity cohorts.
  • Analyze website & mobile traffic, create user journeys & campaigns to enable cross-channel product experience and marketing.

Manage, Mentor & lead Product Analytics

  • Act as an Analytics Subject Matter expert in the team. Train, hire and manage a team of analysts. Setup collaborative processes & management practices to help teams achieve important analytics goals.
  • Assist the Product stakeholders make data driven decisions to achieve short and long-term goals relating to product growth.
  • Collaborate & hire analysts to improve the overall product analysis capabilities.
  • Research and be updated with upcoming technologies and trends in digital product analytics.

Qualification & Requirements


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or any other related field.
  • 4+ years of experience in mobile/web application analytics, business analytics, must have led or managed a team before.

Technical Skills

  • In-depth knowledge & hands on experience of digital analytics software like Zoho Page Sense, Google Analytics, CleverTap, Branch, Firebase, Facebook Analytics.
  • Expertise in dash-boarding tools like Tableau, Metabase and Excel.
  • Experience with data warehousing concepts and ETL development and tools
  • Fetching and manipulating large data sets using SQL / Hive.
  • Analysing and visualizing large data sets: R / python.

Soft Skills

  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple milestones and projects efficiently.
  • Team spirit, good time-management skills, strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders.
  • Detail oriented, advanced problem solving skills with customer-centric approach.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for you

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Competitive Salary

There is no “right” salary for the right person! Our salaries are mad-competitive.


Stacked Pantry

Fancy a snack, or two? Our pantry’s always loaded with tasty tidbits.


Healthy work-life Balance

Think flexible work hours and generous leave policies.


Tech of your Choice

Mac-book or Windows? Pick any tech that you are comfortable with!


Team Retreats

We escape work stress with frequent getaways!


Partying Hard

Expect food escapades, team retreats and (lots of) booze!”