Quality Analyst (Customer Support) (4+ yrs)

Graduate/ Equivalent Degree

Full Time


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Aside from the fact that we're building India's leading B2B transportation marketplace, have bean bags, unlimited snacks, stellar perks and pretty much the coolest team -
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About Role:

  • As a Customer Service Quality Assurance Manager your goal is to maintain a high and consistent level of support quality across the team.
  • It is your responsibility that, regardless of the agent approached or the support channel used, customers always get similarly excellent treatment.


  • Maintain and develop internal support and call centre quality standards.
  • Review a subset of support executives conversations (calls, emails, chat, social media interactions etc)
  • Assess support interactions based on internal standards.
  • Accompany evaluations with meaningful and constructive feedback.
  • Discuss and explain feedback with agents in regular meetings.
  • Analyse all customer service metrics (e.g. CSAT, FRT, IQS) and how the support team’s performance affects those KPIs.
  • Create strategies to improve support KPIs.
  • Help agents improve their performance with specific instructions and constant support.
  • Map the need for training and onboarding programs and initiate these projects.
  • Have refresher training with the executives, to keep them updated with the ever- evolving product changes in order to avoid any process gaps.
  • Monitor customer service performance on the executive and team level.
  • Create reports that reflect support performance.
  • Report support team’s performance to higher-ups.
  • Participate in calibration sessions to maintain consistency in internal evaluations.
  • Contribute to the team culture in a positive manner.


  • Experience in the customer service space.
  • Proven track record of analytical skills.
  • Hands-on experience in quality assurance.
  • Great people skills and ability to communicate (negative) feedback.
  • Good organizational skills, knowledgeable in goal-setting practices.
  • Examples of data visualization abilities and understanding of support metrics.
  • Perception of basic business metrics and how support impacts those.
  • Problem-solving capabilities to create meaningful strategies to improve support quality.

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Competitive Salary

There is no “right” salary for the right person! Our salaries are mad-competitive.


Stacked Pantry

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Think flexible work hours and generous leave policies.


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Team Retreats

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Expect food escapades, team retreats and (lots of) booze!”