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Why 5 lakh+ businesses use Vahak for online truck booking

Why 5 lakh+ businesses use Vahak for online truck booking

When India’s e-commerce market took off, one area that quickly rose to prominence was the logistics sector – to be precise, the online truck booking space. The number of entrepreneurs who rushed to provide an effective business-to-consumer solution to the online merchants caused this surge. This has caused investors to have confidence in the logistics and supply network startups. As a result, this sector has increased in value significantly. There is a rising need for tech-enabled development solutions to upgrade the logistics industry.

A few logistical aspects of human resources are –

● Inbound transport

● Outbound mass transit

● Fleet administration warehousing

● Material planning

● Order fulfilment

● Stock control

● Demand planning

Currently, the scattered logistics sector is resurfacing as an entrepreneur and startup favorite — this time in the B2B market. As a result, investors’ trust in B2B logistics tech firms, in particular, has risen significantly. This is seen in the increased sizes of recent investments in the area and the growing number of online truck booking apps.

Why Vahak is the #1 online truck booking platform

The Vahak online truck booking marketplace was developed to serve the Indian logistics sector. IIT alumni, Karan Shaha and Vikas Chandrawat conceived the idea for the Vahak app. Since their days at IIT Kanpur, the co-founders have known each other and share a common passion for solving issues and providing value in return. Soon after graduating, the duo collaborated to make Vahak, India’s largest online truck booking platform.

They were inspired by the challenges that consumers encountered when hiring trucks from the market. Since the rates varied haphazardly, finding a reliable carrier seemed challenging for the consumers – this is why they brought in online truck booking. So, the two collegemates took this opportunity to bring their ideas to the market. They made the most of this breakthrough sector as recent grads by making Vahak – the leading app for transport businesses. Today, the Vahak truck booking app is the leading transport app in India.

Here are the main reasons why transporters PAN-India transact on the Vahak online truck booking app confidently:

Faster manufacturing capabilities

A fast expansion of e-commerce sales, urbanization, discretionary incomes, and the changing lifestyle characteristics of rural consumers took place in the recent months. The growth of the SME sector drives the demand for trucks, both in terms of ownership and rentals. Manufacturers have improved their production abilities to provide vehicles with a variety of dimensions and load capacities. In this case, a trusted network system for the complicated routes and schedules helps the buyer and the seller to keep track of their orders, consignments, or shipments. Similarly, they are able to book trucks easily through our online truck booking platform.

Vahak makes online truck booking trustworthy

The prevailing trust gap in the Indian road transport sector severely restricts transporters’, agents’, and truck owners’ commercial potential and development. Vahak, India’s top online truck booking platform, allows transportation companies and people to build a distinctive brand. It is supported by user evaluations, relationships, document verification, and suggestions.

Book trucks through verified transporters

The Vahak online truck booking platform provides three layers of verification: Aadhaar verification, GST authentication, and Aadhaar-GST validation. As a result, the profiles uploaded on Vahak gain credibility. Trustworthy profiles are more likely to receive bids, have their bids approved, and expand their connections.

Small business benefit from online truck booking on Vahak

Vahak is an online truck booking platform where even small businesses can register, post their requirement and find loads or lorries in minutes. It aims to assist small carriers, small truck owners, transportation businesses, brokers, and distributors to gain more clients and develop an online brand and community. In addition, this system enables distributors of all scales to know each other and the online truck booking market simultaneously.

Book trucks on our online truck booking marketplace

Customers and truck owners may further improve their profiles by uploading connections, evaluations, reviews, and documents. In addition, customers may build an online area for themselves that is safe through authentication and find verified online truck booking deals.

Find trucks from 15,000+ locations in India

The Vahak online truck booking app has a strong nationwide presence in over 5000 regions and is rapidly increasing its network. Currently, there are over 6 lakh transport firms on the platform, including transportation services, wholesalers, agencies, small lorry proprietors, and consigners. Customers benefit from a wide range of connections and reliable offers for online truck booking as a result of this platform.


The Indian trucking sector is undergoing a significant transition and is on the verge of becoming a major global player. Online truck booking via digital marketplaces is a modern innovation trend that is currently gaining momentum. In India, the pioneer of this movement is the Vahak – an online truck booking app and a product meant for the benefit of transporters PAN-India.

Since its start, Vahak has expanded 15 times and currently features 6 lakh truck drivers on the service. This means that businesses from anywhere in India can find a truck, HYVA, container, tanker or trailer on our online truck booking marketplace easily. Soon, every transporter in India will find their online truck booking and online load booking needs resolved on Vahak!

Download the Vahak app now to get started with online truck booking at 0% commissions!

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