Why Is EVM Transportation Monitored Using GPS?

GPS tracking system

EVM machines are always at risk of being tampered with or getting damaged during their transportation. What could be a possible solution to this? Is there any way of avoiding any mishandling or mishap? Well, turns out there is. EVM tracking with GPS has made this possible.

With the advent of GPS systems, the entire transportation and logistics industry has become more efficient, secure and transparent. Considering how it has revolutionised the industry, it was only a matter of time before the Indian government issued a mandate for EVM tracking online using GPS. 

The transportation of EVMs from storage to polling booths is a critical part of the electoral process, where delays or mishandling can severely disrupt elections. Thus, when it came to maintaining safe and timely transportation of EVM, the GPS system emerged as the saviour. In this blog, we will see how GPS helps in EVM tracking and why it is significant for vehicles to have a GPS system in place. So, let’s get started!

How Does GPS Technology Work?

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation system that provides location and time information. The GPS system consists of a network of satellites that orbit the Earth, a ground control station, and GPS receivers that are used to receive signals from the satellites. The GPS receiver calculates the distance between the satellite and the receiver using the signals received and then determines the receiver’s location based on these calculations.

How Will The EVMs Be Tracked?

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has asked the officials to use GPS-fitted vehicles for transporting EVMs. Hence, the end-to-end movement of these EVMs will be monitored at all times. The EVM management system launched by the ECI will set up an EVM control room in the officials’ offices so they can monitor the vehicles in real time.

The ECI also points out that mobile-based tracking systems can also be used to transport reserve EVM and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). In addition to this, other IT infrastructure and applications will also be set up and organised in the CEO and DEO offices. Hence, this regulation, as passed in 2019, makes it a mandate to use GPS for EVM tracking online.

Why Is GPS Important For EVM Tracking Online?

It is critical to ensure that the EVMs are transported safely, without any tampering, delay, or damage. Traditional methods of EVM tracking involved manual tracking, elaborate paperwork, and tedious processes. However, with technological advancement, GPS has made EVM tracking easier and less cumbersome. 

  • EVM tracking with GPS allows for real-time location monitoring. Hence, election officials can keep a tab on the safety of the machinery. 

  • In case the vehicle meets with an accident, collision, theft, or mishap, it is possible to locate the vehicle and take prompt action.

  • GPS system suggests the most optimal route for the vehicle that reduces the travelling time and makes for a timely delivery.

  • With EVM tracking, potential traffic congestion and roadblock can be identified and avoided. 

What Are The Benefits Of EVM Tracking Using GPS?

EVM transportation monitored through GPS systems can have a significant impact on the electoral process. Some of the benefits are: 

  1. Improved security: Transportation of EVMs calls for fool-proof security. With GPS-fitted vehicles, the officials can keep an eye on the transportation process and intervene in case there is a breach of security. Appropriate actions can be taken to immediate effect since the data is received in real-time. 

  2. Enhanced transparency: GPS technology has introduced transparency to the transportation and logistics industry. The officials can see if the transportation of EVM is following the necessary protocol and procedure. It helps them detect unwarranted behaviour in an instant. 

  3. Reduced operational costs: The GPS system increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and saves up on fuel expenses. Moreover, the added expenses of appointing security personnel and transportation agents can be nullified/minimised. EVM tracking online with GPS, therefore, can help in cutting down the cost of transportation. Digitising the entire process smoothens the administrative work, too.

  4. Error-free data: Manual EVM  tracking is likely to be erroneous. On the contrary, the digital tracking system diminishes errors and provides almost accurate data that can help in knowing the whereabouts of the vehicles in their journey.

  5. Route optimisation: The GPS system is known best for its significant assistance in optimising the route. It suggests the best possible route for the journey that saves up on travel time. The idle time of the vehicle is considerably reduced, as well.


The importance and advantages of having GPS for EVM tracking cannot be emphasised enough. Keeping in mind the various benefits, government officials have decided to monitor the transportation of the machines. Hence, the GPS system is the only solution that offers such accurate and relevant data pertaining to the vehicle’s location. 

We hope we have been able to clarify your doubts regarding the use of GPS for EVM tracking and its benefits. For any further assistance with regard to the transportation and logistics sector, you can reach out to our team at Vahak. As one of the top leading online transport marketplace, Vahak ensures that truck owners can network and gain collaborative opportunities with business owners. Likewise, load owners find a suitable vehicle or shipping service provider to help with their shipping. 

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