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Why Is Digitization Important For Transport Services Providers?

Why Is Digitization Important For Transport Services Providers?

When you first heard about online shopping, you were reluctant to use it. And look at the size of the online shopping industry today! Similarly, digitization in the logistics industry has acted as a game-changing tool for transport services providers.

As a transporter or someone in this field, having an online transport service will help you expand your customer reach and make the process of transport hassle-free.

No doubt, the logistics services sector has been offline since the initial days. But with the ongoing technological revolution, transport apps such as Vahak are empowering transport services providers and changing the whole landscape of the industry.

When every industry is shifting their businesses online with digitalization, this is the right time to start your online transport journey with your own truck transport business.

Why should you handle your logistics services manually when online transport has made it convenient to manage the business from any place and at a low cost?

Digitization: A Much Needed Fuel for Logistics Industry

Gone are the days when the truck transport business was about struggling to find shippers, exploitation by intermediaries, and small-scale operations. With online transport services, the logistics industry has gotten a huge boost. Transport apps like Vahak help everyone understand the logistics industry in a single place while keeping the process transparent and easy to access.

In today’s era, if you are still using the traditional approach for providing transport services, then beyond a certain point, your business may not grow.

Importance of Digitization of Logistics Services :‌‌‌

1. Increases Efficiency – Did you know, the logistics industry contributes about 14% to the country’s GDP? Now, this contribution will increase further as more and more transport services providers mark their presence online.

When using offline means, one has to manually manage everything from finding clients, coordination, tracking to a lot of paperwork. Thanks to transport apps like Vahak, the logistics industry has become more efficient since technology will manage everything in a few clicks.

It is easy to set up your online presence. You do not need to invest in hardware, just download Vahak and start optimizing and monitoring your operations. This will make your transport business more efficient, and you can focus on core operations.

2. Easy to find clients: Trends in the logistics sector suggest that transport services providers with an online presence have a higher chance of getting more clients. If you have an offline presence, you must face difficulty finding new consignments to transport and grow your business.

This is not the problem with transport apps like Vahak. They will provide you with a complete marketplace where you will be matched quickly with your clients, and you can start transporting their consignments. Further, these apps are best for a truck transport business as they can easily choose services based on the routes they serve.

3. Reduction in Logistics Costs: Did you know trucks in India usually cover an average distance of 300-325 km a day? Being a transporter, you must know trucks generally return empty to the source after delivering consignments. This unnecessarily increases the logistics costs.

Technology has addressed the issue of higher logistics costs. When everything gets managed on the transport apps, this increases the chances for transport services providers to get the return loads, thereby optimizing their space and saving costs.

Often, when transport routes are planned manually, there are high chances that trucks get stuck in traffic jams, resulting in reduced productivity and increased fuel costs. Transport apps also make one optimize these things with GPS and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Easy Data Management: It is rightly said data is the new oil, which has become essential for any business. For the logistics industry, data plays an essential role in servicing clients. Therefore, getting all the information about the orders in a single place easily engages the clients, and only technology makes it possible.

On transportation apps like Vahak, once matched with a client, the transport services provider will get details of the customer, including goods to be transported, route, and contact details. This is far better than managing the data manually.

With technology, the data gets updated on a real-time basis.

5. Easy Communication: The logistics sector involves a lot of communication, and calling clients or truck drivers every time is not a solution. Therefore, transport apps like Vahak provide an interface where transport services providers can easily communicate with the clients to decide on pricing and even get to see a preferred route to deliver the consignments.

Further, real-time movements of trucks can be tracked using the technology.

Technology: Growth Driver for Transport Services

Technology has made everything simple, and players in the logistics sector are moving online, seeing a great scope of growth and higher productivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated the pace of transition from offline to online. Therefore, without going digital, it would be difficult for transport services providers to survive.

It is not that going online is a complex process. Transport marketplace apps such as Vahak have made the process simple, that too for free. This transport app aims to give a better technology experience to not lag in this era of digitization.

The transport services providers need to agree that the offline model is highly unorganized. Issues such as delay in procurement of new consignments, and no movement of trucks for a long duration due to no work, affect the business when managed offline.

At Vahak, transport services providers will get connected to the shippers across the country, and get to choose their routes for servicing clients. There is no commission involved.

Download Vahak today and start your online transport journey. Try it for free!

Logistics Sector: Opportunity to Serve Globally

With growing digitization, the logistics sector in India also needs a transformation so that transport businesses can expand and get the opportunity to serve global clients. The transport services providers play a crucial part in supporting the growth of other industries by delivering goods across locations.

If other sectors are bringing technology to the forefront, then it becomes mandatory for the logistics industry to provide them quality services, and the way for that goes through technology. But to grow your transport services online, you need a strong online network of people who deals with loads and lorries regularly. So, to make your transition to  digitalization easy, check out Vahak, the live transport platform which will help you get an online presence and ease the market approach!

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