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GPS For Truck Tracking – Why is it Vital To The Transport Industry?

Importance of GPS for Truck Tracking


Operating a trucking company involves a lot of challenges, as mentioned below.

  1. Managing the trucks that are operating different locations
  2. Managing the truckloads
  3. Managing the idle time of the trucks
  4. Managing to reach customer expectations
  5. Tracking the truck locations
  6. And so on

The rise of the e-commerce industry has made it complex for the logistics industry in general. There is a need for better speed, efficiency, and quality in service.

This is where GPS technology has transformed the trucking industry. It has enabled smart and innovative solutions for businesses.

Before we understand the benefits of GPS devices and GPS apps, let us start with the basics.

What is GPS?

The GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that provides time, velocity and location information. This was developed by the U.S. Department of Defence and made open for civilian use in the 1980s.

How does GPS work?

How does GPS work

The GPS system consists of at least 24 satellites that circle the Earth twice a day in their specified orbit.

  • Each satellite sends a unique signal and orbit parameters to decode the satellite location.
  • The GPS receivers installed use this information to calculate the exact location of the user.
  • The distance to each satellite and the time taken to receive the signal help in deriving the location
  • This information from multiple satellites helps in getting an accurate location point.
  • The GPS devices display this information on-demand based on the user activity. Isn’t this fascinating?

Yes, indeed! But how are the GPS devices useful? Let’s see.

Benefits of the GPS apps for the trucking industry

Benefits of the GPS apps for the trucking industry

GPS mapping is a proven technology that is beyond the map dots in the devices. Having a clear understanding helps in the best use of its features.

Better Safety

The safety of the drivers is of utmost importance in the trucking industry. This starts from having well-maintained vehicles, and control over driving behavior. And ensuring that safe practices are being followed.

Most of the GPS devices today help you to

  • Track poor driving behavior like harsh driving, speeding, etc.
  • Enable digital maintenance programs
  • Track driver schedules based on the distance

Advanced fleet solutions also helps you track tailgating and safety violations as well.

Besides, trucking businesses can use this data to build better programs and reward the drivers for better performance.

Reducing Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are a significant contributor for trucking companies. GPS systems enable the companies to get an overview of the operations.

For example, as a trucking company, you would want to better understand how and when the vehicles are being operated. Because poor driving behavior could add up the fuel costs by a considerable margin.

Also, unauthorized usage of the vehicle for personal purposes is another factor to look at. A GPS tracker can help alert the business owners via time of use restrictions for better control.

Route optimization is a crucial factor for trucking companies to meet increasing customer demands. Failing to optimize the routes through which trucks operate can add a huge fuel expense to the business. Most of the GPS solutions provide features that help in decreasing the fuel cost. This includes:

  • Identifying the efficient routes and
  • Assigning duties to the nearest trucks in the route

These GPS systems cut fuel costs and also improve the health of the fleet.

Minimize Operational Costs

Access to real-time data matters the most to the trucking businesses. Because this data helps in making informed business decisions and lowering operational costs.

Data helps in identifying the business problems and ensures proper action on-time. This cuts the extra costs that would have been incurred in case the issue continued.

GPS trackers enable the digitization of data collection and simplify the process. It ensures that the right information will be extracted and stored in a centralized location. Digitization of administrative processes saves time to focus on the core business aspects.

Maximize Productivity

Productivity is a key metric for the trucking industry. It is very important to have systems that bring control over the operations.

GPS tracking systems helps in monitoring the time spent at a location. This enables control for the businesses. Also, efficient route planning can help in saving fuel and time as well.

The back-end administrative processes and operations can eat up a lot of time. Digital solutions help businesses focus on making informed business decisions. While the systems continue to run efficiently through automated workflows. And thus it helps in improving the productivity of the organization.

Better Control over Theft Incidents

GPS mapping helps businesses with the exact location of the trucks in real-time. It provides continuous monitoring and identify thefts based on unusual activity or unauthorized use of the trucks.

It can also provide alerts in case the trucks are out of the designated operation time. If theft happens, location tracking can help security teams recover the asset. This will save the asset replacement and insurance costs.

Improving Customer Experience

Uncertainty is inevitable in the trucking business. Various factors like Political issues, shortage of fuel etc. become a hindrance in providing quality service.

With features like real-time tracking and accurate delivery information, businesses build transparency. This is important for a superior customer experience.

Dangers faced by truckers without GPS

Dangers faced by truckers without GPS

Truckers are an important aspect of the business. Yet, they deal with many dangers during their daily operations. These along with unorganized work structure make it even worse.

Below are a few aspects that help you understand the risks involved.

Hours of Service

The truckers by nature of the work spend a considerable time on duty. Lack of real-time information adds pressure to extend their work hours. This usually leads to many health issues.

Lack of Information on Road Conditions

Unpredictable and changing weather conditions are dangerous for truckers. This could lead to unavoidable delays, accidents, and extended driving hours, etc. And result in both mental and physical health problems.

Vehicle Theft

There is always the danger of vehicle theft when the truckers are at rest or away for short time periods. And the absence of a tracking devices can only worsen the situation.

Life Risk

Truckers go through several tough conditions as part of their work. The absence of monitoring systems that track the driving behavior puts the life at risk. Besides, truckers might also lose their job without systems that allows control over the situation.

Top GPS trackers for truck drivers

Top GPS trackers for truck drivers

By now, it is clear that there is a need for incorporating GPS devices and systems into the business. But it is important that we find the right one that solves our needs.

So, here are a few top GPS devices and solutions in the market:.

Connect team

A GPS time tracking solution that makes managing your drivers easy, affordable and efficient.

It has a lot of features that help you improve your business. Below are a few highlights to get started with.

  • GPS Time Clock with Geo-Fence – Track drivers work hours and location
  • Streamlining Driver Communication – Communicate efficiently with your drivers
  • Driver Scheduling – Enhanced scheduling process with real-time information

TN360 by Teletrac

Teletrac has been around in the business since 1988. This customized GPS solution can scale up to fleets of any size. They have a powerful AI platform to support in building real-time data, visibility, and impact for your fleet operation.

Below are a few highlights of their Fleet Management Software features. You may visit the website to learn more about the product.

  • Real-Time Visibility – Track fleet movement in real-time with Drone view location
  • Workflows – Automate backend operations using the workflows
  • Maintenance – Automated maintenance scheduling
  • Geofencing – Track unauthorized movements and mark boundaries
  • Driver Behavior & Safety – Track driver behavior and build scorecards


RelyEon offers an affordable and complete GPS vehicle tracking system in India. The GPS devices are available on Amazon for businesses and individual users.

Read through the website for further details on the solution. Here are a few highlights of their GPS Fleet Management system.

  • Live Tracking
  • Geo-Fence – Track movement of each truck in the fleet
  • Immobilize – Lock the vehicle from movement in case of suspicion
  • Sleep Mode

This GPS tracker has a huge potential in the Indian market with the entry of online road transport marketplaces. Vahak is one such marketplace for truckers & trucking companies in India. Their platform helps connect various players in the logistics chain. Relyon’s partnership with Vahak could improve the efficiency of thousands of trucking companies and truckers in India.

GPS could help truckers become more efficient, and enable them to contribute to the bottom line of the business better. Download Vahak now!

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