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Part Load – What is It & Why is It Useful For Truckers?

What Is A Part Load? How Can It Be Useful?

Any person in the business of selling products is more likely to be aware of the importance of shipping their goods. A safe and efficient mode of transportation is one of the key elements for any business to thrive. So, if you want your goods to be transported securely and cost-effectively, transportation through a truck is hard to beat.

The most common type of shipping in India is the partial truck load or part load. But, it might not be wrong to say that it is the most underutilized mode by transporters, although it offers several advantages. First off, what is it? Let us begin by understanding the idea.

What is a part load in trucking?

Part truck load (PTL), also known as spot load is a small load offered for transportation on an as-needed basis. It has become a useful option for truck drivers in India who often find it hard to find enough loads to generate an income. In simple terms, its tonnage is much lower than full truck load (FTL), where the whole truck is filled with the load. Part load means your load fills a truck only partially.

Part loading is a process by which a trucker retains possession of his cargo until a complete load is found. This way, the trucker can pick up part loads from different places and deliver them to the customer. In India, this is a cost-saving strategy for both the customer and the trucker.

The standard unit of measurement used for part truck load is a pallet. A pallet can be any size but is usually either 20’x40’x40’ or 40’x40’x40′. These are offered temporarily and may require the company to hop from one location to another, which may not be feasible if the company has other commitments like warehousing or customer service.

By now you must be aware that since part loading fills the truck only partially, it is beneficial for transporting goods to different customers. Part truck load services are typically availed by companies such as oil and gas, food and beverage, construction, etc.

Difficulties faced by truckers in finding a truck load

The difficulty faced by most truckers in India is that they have to wait for hours before they find loads that need to be delivered. And when they finally find one, it usually involves an extra cost for them as there is no guarantee that another load will be waiting for them at their destination. Part loading gives them a chance to cut down their waiting time and gives them more control over their costs.

Part loading is a cost and time-saving solution for truckers and shippers. It allows truckers to take loads that are smaller than the capacity of their trucks. This will reduce their dependence on certain routes, which will save them money, time, and fuel.

Benefits of using Vahak for finding part load

The transportation industry is an essential part of the world’s economy. It is also one of the industries that have been disrupted the most by technological innovations lately. Read on to know the benefits of using an online marketplace for finding loads.

  1. The benefits of using an online transport marketplace for finding loads are not limited to the consumer side. Transport companies can benefit from these platforms as well. The time and cost of posting a load can be significantly reduced with all the available information readily available on apps. In addition, the ability to generate bids based on specific criteria is also a great advantage.
  2. With the increasing number of truck drivers looking for work, it’s hard to find the right truck load. An online transport marketplace like Vahak is where truckers can post their offers, and companies can browse through them. This way, they can quickly find the most suitable truck load in their area. Online transport marketplaces are one of the best ways for truckers to see loads in their region. They connect carriers and shippers through the web, which means that anyone can search for loads at any time, 24 hours a day.
  3. With Vahak, you can find loads more efficiently, in less time, and with less hassle than on other platforms. People looking to hire truck drivers will also benefit from this because they will no longer have to search through loads one by one for hours on end just to find the right person.
  4. There are many benefits to using online transport marketplaces. One of these is that you can find a truck load in even the most remote areas. You just need to know what types of trucking services you provide and what kind of freight you want to haul.


When you want to hire an experienced driver but don’t know where or how to start your search, you should visit an online transport marketplace such as Vahak. It is a platform that connects transport providers and customers in a transparent, reliable, and secure way. Hiring a truck driver is all about finding the best possible match. It’s about finding someone who drives safely, completes their jobs on time and delivers quality work.

People have started shifting towards online transport marketplaces like Vahak to find loads because they offer the opportunity to find drivers with specific skillsets for specialized jobs. They also provide transparency in pricing, so customers know what they are paying for upfront.

Transport apps like Vahak help drivers find loads and get home more often. So, download Vahak today to book truck loads, compare load prices and availability, and get part loads on all routes!

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