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What Are Transport Nagars? Why Are They Important?

What Are Transport Nagars? Why Are They Important?

What is a transport nagar?

Transport nagars in India are a new concept created to ease traffic congestion and reduce pollution. They provide a multi-modal transit hub for commuters to access public transit, taxis, and even bike-sharing.

As per the data from India Brand Equity Foundation, with a total of 5.89 million kilometres, our country has the second-largest road network in the world. India transfers 64.5% goods via this road network which is used by almost 90% of the population for daily commutation. In the last few years, movement of goods through these roads have further increased due to better connectivity between remote villages, cities and towns of India.

India is infamous for its terrible traffic congestion. There is an annual wastage of $37 billion due to the massive amount of fuel lost through idling vehicles. A transport nagar is an alternative that promotes public transit, which will help cut down on fuel consumption and pollution levels. Day by day, the traffic is increasing. With a rise in traffic, air pollution is also going to get worse. Transport nagars in cities can easily accommodate heavy vehicles and avoiding congestion on national highways. Moreover, the goods loaded in the trucks are also safe inside every transport nagar.

Significance of transport nagars

The transport nagars in India are places where truckers come to deliver their cargo to the warehouses. They are also known as loading bays or freight terminals. A typical transport nagar is situated near a good road which is easily accessible by trucks, with enough parking space for trucks and drivers, and has storage facilities for goods. A typical load bay will have an office for the yard manager, a warehouse, and toilets. Also, they will have scales to weigh the goods, either manual or automatic depending on the size of the facility.

They are places where vehicles are stationed for loading and unloading. Vehicles coming from other places will stop at these places, either for a certain duration or some specific hours. A transport nagar is important for trucks and other vehicles because they provide comfort and safety to the drivers and their trucks.

There are rules to be followed for parking trucks at any transport nagar. For the traffic to be managed efficiently, there is an established rule that specifies that no vehicle can remain parked in one spot longer than their allotted time.

GST has been a great boon for transportation services providers, as it has simplified tax compliances. The transporter can now have a single GST registration and the transporters operating from transport nagars in India have been brought under its ambit as well.

It includes those engaged in the transportation of passengers as well as goods. To streamline the process, the government has also introduced two models of GST registrations for transporters: One for those engaged in only passenger transportation and another for those engaged in the passenger and logistics services.

Condition of transport nagars

A transport nagar in India is the place where truck drivers and transporters can get their vehicles repaired and refueled. These transport nagars can be found in almost every state in India, and the government also plans to construct more of them. A transport nagar is essential because it provides a convenient and reliable service to truck drivers and transporters, who would otherwise have to find a garage or fuel station outside of their route for these services.

Transporters use different modes of transport to deliver goods from one place to another. However, the cost and the distance of the goods determine which mode or methods of transport are used. The average distance a truck driver travels in a day is around 200 kms. This distance can be increased by as much as 50% if the driver has an extra load to take care of.

A transport nagar is where trucks can stop to load and unload their cargo. These are managed by the State Transport Authority or STU under the respective state government. There are around 2,000 transport nagars in India, that is twice as many as loading points available to transporters in China. The state of Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of transport nagars at 763.

A transport nagar also helps truckers and transporters with repairs or refueling. They are important because they provide a convenient and reliable service for truck drivers who otherwise would need to find repair shops or fuel stations outside of their route.

Facilities for Drivers at transport nagars

Some truck drivers in India face difficulties when they do not have a transport nagar. This has been one of the major reasons for their dissatisfaction because there is no place for them to stay when they are on the road and need to take breaks. They do not always get facilities like showers and toilets which is essential since they spend most of their time out in the open.

The government plans to provide a transport nagar in all prominent places for transporters. Here, they will get facilities like boarding and lodging, catering, toilets, showers, cold rooms, and other such amenities. This would help them get better rest without worrying about staying in unsafe areas due to the lack of any other options available.

Truck drivers are generally the backbone of any transportation services venture. The condition of the facilities for the drivers is very important, particularly for their well-being and to maintain their productivity.

The lack of facilities in trucking areas can lead to congestion, which can block traffic and cause delays in transit, so these facilities must be created to keep the transportation process moving smoothly.

Facilities for transporters at transport nagars

Transport nagars serve as a one-stop shop for both truck drivers and transporters who need to load or unload their cargo. They provide all the facilities like restrooms, drinking water, food stalls, etc., which reduces time wastage for drivers and also makes it easier for them to drive through long distances uninterrupted by long breaks.

Several facilities should be provided for truck drivers and transporters. For example, truck drivers should have a place to take a break and freshen up. They also need to have sufficient parking spaces and sanitation facilities.

A large number of people in the truck transport services sector work in tough conditions, so it is important that these facilities can easily be accessed during the day or night. The government needs to regulate such facilities by making sure they are easily accessible by truckers so they can use these facilities whenever necessary.

India has a thriving truck transport industry. The rise of the Indian economy has led to a rapid increase in the demand for all kinds of transport services, and has highlighted the need for a transport nagar in each city.

List of transport nagars in India

Most major cities in India have at least one transport nagar. In India, the government regulates the transportation of goods by road. To ensure that goods are transported safely, it is necessary for a person or company intending to carry goods on a public highway to obtain a permit from the State Government. The permit is known as a Road Transport Operator’s Permit (RTO). The number of persons employed in any one vehicle will depend on the type of vehicle and the number of axles fitted to it.

The names of transport nagars in India vary according to the state. For example, if you take Delhi, there are about 12 transport nagars present in it. These include Shivaji Bridge Station, Kishangarh Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station, and many more. The list of transport nagars in India includes major railway stations, ports, airports, bus stands, and others.

List of Current & Upcoming transport nagars

The transport nagar would be a transit-oriented development in which mass transportation facilities are provided to all residential areas. This is an upcoming development in the transport sector that is expected to change the way people commute.

The list of upcoming transport nagar projects in India is in the pipeline. This means that there is a high possibility that these cities will be getting their metro network soon.

This is a list of the upcoming transport nagars:

· Azad Nagar, Nawada

· Bharat Nagar, Patna

· Beriwala Nagar, Patna

· Chittaranjan Nagar, Patna

· Dinapur Nagar, Patna

· Gaya Road Nagar, Gaya

· Hindaun City Center Project Zone-I Phase-II New transport nagar (Nagar), Hindaun City

· Kachahariya New transport nagar (Nagar), Kachahariya

· Khaja New transport nagar (Nagar), Khaja Village

· Kishanganj Road Connected Area Dhola Project Zone – II New Transit Model Township Phase-II New transport nagar

List of transporters operating from transport nagars

Transporters operating from transport nagars are the ones who transport goods between different states or destinations. The goods that are transported by them are usually transported along with other goods. They may include food items, chemicals, fertilizers, etc.

The list is long and exhaustive, but the only way to ascertain which transporter operates from a specific location is to search through the given details. The list includes the names of transporters operating from some of these nags to make it easier for a customer to find a transporter.

Here’s a list of transporters operating from transport nagars:

· Airport Cargo Packers and Movers

· Air India Cargo

· DHL Express

· Road Runners

· Nagarjuna Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

· Krishna Transports Pvt Ltd

· Amit Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

· G.M Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

· Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd

· A-One Transport

· Shreyas Shipping

· Ambalal Roadways Pvt Ltd.

· Sunshine Logistics Pvt Ltd.

· India Link Express Cargo Services Pvt Ltd.

· Kriplani Transports

· Ravi Kumar Transports

· Praveena Transports

· Blue highways

· Tiger transport

· Geetanjali Logistics

· JKF Cargo Express


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