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Why Are the SoS Boxes on Indian Highways Important?

Why Are the SoS Boxes on Indian Highways Important?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you get stuck on an expressway and need help? This is where highways SoS boxes come into play!

The Indian roadways connect all sections of the country. Did you know that about 85% of Indian passengers travel through the road, whereas 60% of freight is transported through the roadways?

With technology comes innovation, and these SoS boxes that you see beside the Indian highways are installed to help the truck drivers or other commuters in case of any emergency. Hence, they serve an important purpose.

Next time you travel through Indian highways, you can be assured to get help whenever you need it, even from far away from your homes. Thanks to technology and SoS boxes!

Attention truck drivers – here is a guide, which will take you through all the information about SoS boxes at Indian highways!

What are SoS boxes?

SoS means “Save Our Souls”, a term used to indicate an emergency and a call for help. On the expressways, you must have seen some yellow color or red color boxes, these are known as SoS boxes.

The boxes have a button with a mic and speakers, which will directly connect you to authorities, and then you can ask for any help. The boxes have GPS installed in them, which helps the authorities quickly figure out which SoS box on the expressway the emergency call was made from.

Travellers usually use the SoS boxes to report any accident on the expressway. You can also use the emergency boxes for various other purposes, such as any technical issues in the vehicle and empty fuel tanks, among other things.

How does an SoS box work?

Did you know that approximately 3.5 lakh people died in road accidents in 2020? The majority of people lose their lives during accidents because of delays in getting help. In fact, at times, there is no one to help at all. Therefore, SoS boxes serve this purpose by arranging for help.

Once someone presses the button in the emergency box, a call gets initiated to the control room. Besides, a nearby police patrolling vehicle gets a message and is put on standby. Help is generally arranged based on the kind of emergency.

The SoS boxes on Indian highways have a GPS installed in them, which sends a live location to the control room. These emergency boxes installed on the highways run on a battery, which gets charged through solar energy.

Why are SoS boxes important for truck drivers?

Did you know trucks in India covers at least 400 km distance in a single day? Truck transport plays an important role in the Indian logistics industry. If trucks stop on the expressway, there could be a supply crunch of commodities, thereby resulting in huge losses.

Truck driving comes with great responsibility. One of the important things is a timely supply of goods to the destination. Sometimes delivery pressure may cause problems for the truck drivers.

Some challenges faced by a truck driver include:

1. Vehicle condition

For efficient goods transport, the truck companies don’t pay heed to the condition of trucks. A truck needs to be in perfect condition as they form an essential part of the delivery process. But due to their poor condition, the truckers often witness a breakdown while driving.

SoS boxes come to their rescue at that time. By using the emergency boxes, they can get help from the authorities and accordingly continue their journey.

2. The poor condition of roads

Did you know that the roads in the country are stretched over 90,000 km? Despite a long stretch, the condition of roads including the Indian highways at some places is pitiful for safe driving. Truckers bear the brunt of such problems, which could even result in a vehicle breakdown or an accident.

With SoS boxes on the Indian highways, the drivers can seek help. Other travellers can also inform the control room about any unfortunate incident on the road.

Who installs SoS boxes?

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, installs the SoS boxes on the Indian Highways.

The NHAI is responsible for managing the Indian highways. It also hands contracts to technology companies that specialize in making GPS-enabled and solar-charged SoS boxes on the expressways. These emergency boxes are installed on both sides of the road. They are designed to function 24×7 with solar charging.

Where can you find them?

The SoS boxes are available on most Indian highways. Any truck driver or other commuter can find it at a distance of every 2 km on the highway.

These emergency boxes are available on both sides of the road. You can identify these boxes as being attached to a pillar on the highways. At some National Highways, there are SoS booths, which make these boxes easier to identify.

Technology: Leading the Way

The instalment of SoS boxes is a great contribution of technology to the transport industry. Technology is guiding the path of development for the logistics industry. The system of SoS services on Indian highways is a boon for travellers, especially truck drivers, who often get clueless whenever they need any help on the road.

With growing digitalization, transport services providers are also shifting towards an online mode of business to get more traction and growth opportunities. The logistics industry is highly unorganized, and the service providers are still operating in traditional ways.

Transport apps such as Vahak are helping transport service providers to connect with a broad base of load owners and get consignments easily. At a single place online, you can find everyone connected to the transport industry and engage in business with them. You can download the Vahak app today and get free access to a variety of trucks, goods and transporters. Book your services online now!

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