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Truck Booking In Minutes With Vahak

Truck Booking In Minutes With Vahak

The logistics services space is a massive business vertical in India. It is also one of the main contributors to the economic growth of our country. However, this field is still primitive, as consignors and businesses have to use their networks and local truck markets for truck booking.

While companies that need logistics services support look for reliable truckers who can respond online without wasting their time, truckers also need a truck booking app to help them book loads online in minutes.

As a business owner, factory owner or a manufacturer, you will need the help of good quality transporters if you want to move your goods. This is where truck booking apps like Vahak come to help!

With more than 1,00,000 Aadhaar and GST verified transporters, Vahak is one of the best options in the B2B transport marketplace. Our vast network of transporters will help you minimize the truck booking time and ensure that your goods are delivered safely.

Online lorry booking is no longer an arduous task as Vahak allows you to connect with truckers who operate nearby in seconds. You just have to download it, create a profile, and choose lorries or fleet owners who can complete your consignments in the given time. Here’s how Vahak has made online truck booking simple:

1. Customized truck booking options

You don’t have to be an expert in handling mobile apps to use the Vahak app! We have included several smart filters that enable an effortless search for the most suitable lorry that will take care of your logistics requirement.

Therefore, you no longer have to rely on your connections or WhatsApp contacts to find the right trucker for your business. Instead of spending hours searching for a suitable trucker, you can download truck booking our app and book lorries online in just a couple of minutes!

2. Get affordable truck booking rates

If you are still using traditional methods to find lorries online, you will not only end up wasting time, but you will also have to agree to the price quoted by the lorry or fleet owner. As a business owner, you will have no other option than to accept the quoted price as additional time would mean a considerable loss for your business.

Vahak is the leading truck booking app for both truckers and business owners in India. When you post about your requirements here, agents and transporters will receive a notification and get in touch swiftly. Truckers will start bidding on your loads online, and you can choose a bid that suits your budget.

3. Find trucks PAN-India

Vahak’s platform covers 15,000+ locations all over India. You can post your load from anywhere on our truck booking platform and find a truck transporter in minutes! Likewise, you can find all types of trucks on Vahak. LCVs, HYVAs, tankers, trailers and containers, all transporting vehicles are available on Vahak.

4. Pay for truck booking safely

After completing a consignment, you can make the payment safely through the app. This ensures that your goods are delivered safely and frauds don’t happen. You can request the truck driver to upload a Proof of Delivery before you make the payment. With Vahak, you only pay the promised amount, there are no hidden charges or commission fees!


Vahak is the number one online truck booking app in the transport marketplace. We pride ourselves in connecting thousands of businesses with lorry owners every day and constantly work towards creating a better user experience. With GPS tracking and other innovative features, we hope to provide a seamless experience to business owners like you.

Download Vahak today, find lorries online, choose a quote, and close a truck booking deal within minutes!

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Premium Crown
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