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Things You Should Know When Booking Trucks Online

Things You Should Know When Booking Trucks Online

The concept of on-demand transportation has been gaining recognition across India. However, its application to trucking has been relatively new. Thanks to a large number of truck service providers present over the internet, this sector is now growing at a fast rate. Online marketplaces that help people book trucks and lorries are gaining prominence.

The popularity of online marketplace lies in the fact that trucking remains one of the most competitive options in terms of efficiency, even with other existing transportation options.

Trucking has played an important role in accelerating the economic development of India by connecting supply routes across rural and urban areas. These routes enable transport of a vast truck load of important infrastructure and agricultural resources across the country.

However, trucking has its own set of challenges. Even in a developing country like India, the current infrastructure for online truck booking isn’t as developed as its foreign counterparts.

Let’s take a look at the challenges the online marketplace for truck booking faces today.

1. Lack of trust in the market.

The online transport marketplace in India has a wide trust gap between sellers and buyers. Those seeking to book trucks for the first time find it difficult to trust new platforms. By the same token, even the truck drivers may sometimes find it difficult to trust the clients completely. This lack of trust is caused because all parties involved have little information about each other.

2. Price uncertainty

Trust between different stakeholders aside, there is usually uncertainty in the online trucking marketplace around allocating a price on truck load to be transported.

Due to the absence of a fixed regulatory body that can fix a price for trucking services, it’s difficult for a potential client to understand the right price to pay.

3. Large number of options

Ironically, one of the challenges faced by online truck marketplaces is the large number of options they provide the customers for load transport. Sometimes, this makes picking the correct transport option difficult.

Unless you have ample experience within the trucking industry or use a reliable truck booking app, deciding which vehicle is best for transporting your truck load can be confusing.

4. Lack of tech-savvy population

A majority of India’s rural population is still not exposed to the benefits of the internet and its applications. They prefer sticking to conventional methods of truck booking and billing truck load. Hence, it’s also difficult to convince them of the cost and resource efficiency of adopting technology to optimize how they transport their load by trucks across India.

However, the challenges of the online trucking marketplace are superseded by the many benefits it provides to the customers and other stakeholders.

Benefits of booking trucks online

  • For customers

Booking trucks online greatly benefits both customers and transport companies. From convenience of deciding a truck load to ease of bookings.

Customers can benefit from online truck marketplaces in the following ways:

1. Reasonable prices

Customers stand to save money by simply booking a truck through online marketplaces. These marketplaces provide fair and competitive pricing options for billing the truck load. Customers can use these marketplaces to view the services offered by local transporters and select one that best suits their needs. At the same time, because of the large number of transporters in the market, competition is high. This benefits the customers by providing them with more options at competitive prices.

2. Easy to use & saves time

Online truck booking has streamlined the process of choosing transport carriers and optimized fixing budgets on truck load. Website portals and apps for online truck booking have become more user-friendly, boasting superior UI.  Customers only have to open the online booking app, confirm the truck load, tap to book the vehicle and destination in a matter of seconds.

By simply selecting the truck load, type of vehicle, pick-up, and drop-off location, virtually anybody can now hire a truck online using online marketplaces.

Additionally, transporting the truck load using these options saves time otherwise spent on formalities such as visiting transporters, calling, and waiting for responses.

3. No intermediary fee

Customers who desire to book and fix the truck load price online don’t have to consult with an agent or middleman anymore. By using online marketplaces for truck booking, the customers can work directly with their hired transportation firm. They can easily book transportation through a truck booking app without worrying about additional costs.

4. Transportation records are easily accessible

One of the most notable benefits of online truck booking is that customers can keep the data of all their transportation records on their personal devices. These records include important details like booking date, truck load, driver details, date of departure, delivery date and time, etc. This eliminates the need to maintain hard copies of these records, thereby also helping in reducing paper usage.

5. Tracking materials in real-time.

When customers book a truck online, they receive the added benefit of being able to track their shipment in real-time. This way, they are also able to receive an estimate of how long transport of their truck load will take. This real-time data provides a sense of transparency that users did not receive with conventional truck bookings before.

  • For transport companies

Just as online driver and truck load booking benefits customers, even transport companies can benefit from them in the following ways.

1. Simplified Fleet Management

Transport companies can easily manage their fleets by using online truck booking platforms. With the use of such online platforms, these companies can keep track of all the trucks in their armada across multiple locations using just a single GPS app. Furthermore, the usage of GPS provides the truck driver with the quickest route for truck load transportation. Modern GPS also displays traffic congestion along selected routes allowing drivers to avoid roads that may result in traffic. The availability of this data helps them save on time and fuel, making each trip more efficient.

2. Improved transparency in dealings

It is quite a difficult task for transportation businesses to keep track of the drivers in their fleet. However, the use of GPS and the internet have proven to be a boon even in this area. Gone are the days when managers needed to manually phone the truck drivers to ask them details about truck load integrity and itinerary.

What’s more, the rise in acceptance of digital payment models has also gone a long way in improving transparency in business dealings. It has now allowed companies to keep a digital record of transaction details and ensure prompt payments are conducted.

3. Boosting company growth

The ever-growing demand for booking & billing truck load online for long-distance transportation has provided a boost to transport companies to shift their business offerings and services to online marketplaces. These online truck booking marketplaces now help transport companies connect with prospective clients in need of their services. This also helps a company gain clientele they otherwise would not have had access to because of geographical barriers.

4. Improving the transportation sector

Online truck booking marketplaces attempt to increase transparency in all business dealings conducted between interested stakeholders. The use of technology and digitization of payment models has also gone a long way in increasing trust between customers and service providers by doing away with under-the-table dealings and assuring that proper fee and tax is charged for the desired truck load being transported. This has created a sense of transparency in online bookings that have helped establish credibility between transport companies, truck drivers, and end customers.

Many apps have leveraged this opportunity to create dynamic platforms for booking trucks, choosing destinations and deciding truck load online. These platforms are cost-efficient, eliminate the need to have connections with local trucking networks, and provide stakeholders with a reliable way to track their shipments.

Notable apps for booking trucks & long-distance transportation in India

  1. Vahak App
  2. Porter App
  3. Trukky App
  4. Rivigo App
  5. TruckSuvidha App

How to book trucks using Vahak App?

You can use Vahak to begin booking trucks PAN-India within 2 minutes by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the Vahak app or visit our website.
  2. Click on the marketplace tab, then click on the live lorry market.
  3. Enter the point of origin & destination.
  4. Adjust filters to find trucks based on your desired vehicle type & relevant truck load.
  5. Select the desired lorry and click on bid now. Fill the relevant details, and your bid will be successfully submitted.

Why choose Vahak?

Vahak is India’s leading online transportation marketplace for trucks and lorries, boasting over 5 lakh registered truckers using our platform. We also has a wide range of trucks, trailers, containers, LCVs, HYVAs, and tankers PAN-India.

Vahak gives you access to GST verified truckers and lets you check their prices for transporting truck load, and view previous customer ratings before confirming your booking. Booking through Vahak is cost-efficient and saves about 90% of the time you would typically have spent on calls.

What’s more? The whole process of booking and choosing a truck load on Vahak is absolutely free. The Vahak transport app does not charge any extra fee and best-in-class technology makes the entire process safe and secure. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey on Vahak today!

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