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Take Extra Care When Travelling on These Dangerous Roads

Take Extra Care When Travelling on These Dangerous Roads

For a transporter, fleet owner, agent or broker, transporting goods via roads can be difficult. Sometimes, you may find a road tightly cramped up; there may not be space even for a single vehicle to pass. Still, as transportation calls for it, our auto/truck/vehicle drivers overcome myriad challenges while travelling via some of India’s deadliest inter-connected roads.

In this blog, we list out the scariest and most dangerous roads to take for transportation. Plus, you get to know how challenging truck driving can be while on these treacherous Indian roads involving high risk. Even trained drivers can get intimidated by these roads!

The Most Dangerous roads in India – Take Care While Driving on Them

Interestingly, millions of people take the Tirupathi Road each year for pilgrimage as well as transporting goods. The temple rests at a height of 3,200 feet, atop one of the seven peaks of Tirumala Hills in Andhra. There are fewer restaurants and shops atop the hill, and thus, transportation of goods is a challenge. The reason this route is one of the most dangerous roads is because it has deep turns and sharp curves, making it risky to drive to the top!

Surprisingly, Kolli Hills Road has 70 continuous hairpin bends – this certainly makes it one of the most dangerous roads in India! One of them is Kolli Malai, popularly known as “Death Mountain”. It is a narrow road full of potholes.

This route is in Himachal Pradesh. One of the scariest and most dangerous roads, it is nicknamed “highway to hell”. Even trained drivers find this route to be challenging. One comes across dangerous roads and go-over cliffs, mountains, and many deadly dark tunnels on this highway.

Sangla Road is in Himachal Pradesh. What makes this road dangerous for drivers is the thin margin. Therefore, you are at a high risk of taking wrong steps, that could lead to death.

If you don’t know, Khardung La Pass is India’s and the world’s highest motorable road. But wait, this doesn’t mean it’s an easy ride! There is slippery ice and mud, which makes it challenging to cross this route. Moreover, the hairpin bends here make this stretch one of the most dangerous roads.

In the native language, Rohtang means a pile of dead bodies. The name is now famous because innumerable people have lost their lives while trying to cross it. Rohtang Pass has terrible, slippery roads, with sharp turns. Indeed, as a driver, you may not get the time to think about making the next move. It is one of the most dangerous roads in India, with ice and mud to get you in danger. Plus, you have to deal with mist or fog. This means that oftentimes, you will not be able to locate the fast-approaching turns!

This Zig Zag Road is located in Sikkim, 11,200 feet above sea level. Yes, transporting goods from/to such scenic places can be fascinating in pictures, but not in reality. You can view the Himalayan range while crossing this road. The Three Level Zig Zag Road is a complete spiral, which will make you feel dizzy all the way through.

Drivers need a special pass to cross this road as it is not for the weak-hearted.

Situated in the lap of Jammu and Kashmir, Zoji La has a 12,000-feet drop-off! Most of the parts are uneven and extremely narrow. It is one of the most dangerous roads in India and is located precisely on the Srinagar-Leh Highway, also called NH1A.

So, if you are opting for truck driving in summers, think twice. Zoji La is a dreadful road to drive in summers. But the rain sometimes leads to frequent accidents. Further, you cannot dream of crossing it in the winter months as landslides are common.

Transportation to Manali is pretty standard, but through Gata Loops, it can be hazardous. Gata Loops is zigzag and also has narrow steeps, with 21 hairpin bends. Apart from the structural risk, the region in/around Gata Loops is believed to be haunted! So, it is among the most dangerous roads and frightening ones at the same time.

Supply and transportation of various goods from Sikkim are essential for the rest of the country. Nathu La is appropriately situated at an altitude of 14,000 feet, making it one of the most dangerous roads for transporting goods. You cannot imagine crossing this dangerous road in the monsoon, as the place experiences landslides. The turns at Nathu La are scary and precarious. Worse, if it’s snowy, it will make your driving more challenging with tricky fast turns. So, you need to opt for safe driving in such a situation.

Not in the good books of most of the drivers, Kinnaur Road is in the southwest part of Himachal Pradesh. There are sharp turns. Hence, drivers are requested to maintain road safety while crossing this deadly and dangerous road, especially with large trucks/auto and other vehicles. Here are the helpline numbers for you to ensure road safety while travelling across dangerous roads in India:

National Highway Helpline: 1033

National Highway Authority: 1800-11-6062

  • Umlinga Pass

It’s the world’s highest motorable road. Umlinga Pass in Jammu and Kashmir connects the world’s highest battlefield, the Siachen Glacier. Up there, the air is thin, and so drivers face the issue of dizziness and breathing problems. Since the oxygen levels are at 50% less than that in other regions, it is difficult to get through this dangerous road.

Yes, we accept it – the view of Sela Pass is divine! But, this view has taken so many lives in the last few years. Sela Pass has exceptionally sharp turns and winding roads. The roads are slippery, and taking one wrong turn can put your life at high risk!

The Bum La Pass is located at 16,000 feet on the mountain ranges in Arunachal Pradesh. The roadways are deadly, with sharp turns. One wrong turn will definitely drive the vehicle beneath the drop-off.

It is located in the serene city of Tamil Nadu. It goes through a range of mountains. Yet, surprisingly, it has 40 continuous hairpins with deadly sharp edges. This is one of the most dangerous roads, since it has often tempted drivers to speed up along its well-planned structure where fatal turns await them at the end!

It’s a dangerous highway. For example, the Pune-Mumbai Highway connects Mumbai to Pune. Although the road is planned, with enough straights, the twisty ghat sections make it a dangerous road for drivers, especially auto-suitable transporters.

One of the reasons it is dangerous is that it has a concrete, dangerous road, not a tarmac one. A concrete road leads to excessive heat generation, making tyres burst if the truck or the vehicle is overloaded or has less air pressure for tyres.

Also, the highway is highly prone to landslides, causing several fatalities.

Passing through the rugged trails of Chang La Pass is not easy. The road is covered with snow all through the year. Plus, it has a lower oxygen level than that in other regions of India.

It is one of the most dangerous roads with lots and lots of sharp turns. Elevations add to the woes.

So, how can you cross all these dangerous roads with the best road safety measures? Transportation of goods is essential for the running of the economy. So, Vahak is here to help you do it right, with a significantly decreased threat to your life.

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