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Top Selling Truck Containers in India 2023

What Is a Container Truck and Which One Is the Best?

A container refers to a rigid, completely sealed metal box, similar to a reusable metal box, that allows for the efficient holding and transportation of goods on a truck. Such a truck is known as a container truck.

All cargo containers are characterized by construction fittings. These fittings are the reason that containers can tolerate immense transportation pressure. Because of this, cargo can be transported safely.

In India, a container truck is used to transport various goods like construction material, heavy machinery, sensitive material, food products, stones, coal, fuel, etc. There are many types of containers in India that are involved in the loading and transportation of goods. Keep on reading to find out the most popular types of containers in India.

Top-selling containers in India

1. General purpose container

The general-purpose container is the most popular type of container truck in India. It is also known as a dry container. This type of container is fully closed. Hence, it can protect cargo from weather and other harmful elements.

General purpose containers are used to load most types of cargo in India. They transport specific types of dry bulk or liquid bulk cargo. Flexitanks or liner bags are an adaptation of these containers.

2. Double door container

The double door container truck is also known as a tunnel container because, like a tunnel, it has openings or doors on both ends. These types of containers are very useful in the speedy loading and unloading of goods. Another advantage of the double door container is that they provide plenty of space for iron, steel, and similar goods.

The locking mechanism on both sets of doors in this container truck is similar. Furthermore, this cargo container also has tight seals for enhanced protection against harmful elements.

3. Open top containers

The most important characteristic of the open top transportation container truck is its convertible top. However, the top can be taken off completely as well. This is among the most beneficial container services in transportation.

Consequently, the loading of overweight cargo, like bulky finished products, can conveniently take place with such containers. Without them, heavy goods can be loaded only with the help of a rolling bridge or a crane.

Open-top containers have lashing rings whose installation takes place at the upper and lower side rails. They also have corner posts for securing cargo. These unique features make these cargo containers highly useful for transportation in India.

3. Flat rack container

This simple storage container truck is characterized by collapsible sides. You can fold these sides to form a flat rack. There is sufficient stability in the end walls to enable securing of the cargo.

These containers help transport oversized goods like construction equipment, big reels, vehicles, and heavy machinery. These containers can handle a weight of up to 45 metric tons.

4. High cube container truck

As far as structure is concerned, there is a similarity between the high cube cargo container and the general-purpose container. The only difference is that this container truck is taller by about a foot.

Usually, these containers in India come at a height of 40′. They may also be available in 45′, although rarely.  A recess is present on the floor of these cargo containers, in the front end of their center. Hence, such container trucks have a taller construction. You can use these containers when you require a slightly larger volume capacity.

5. ISO Reefer container truck

You can use an ISO transportation container truck for the shipment of temperature-sensitive goods. An example of such goods is perishable cargo like vegetables, fruits, meats, and other consumable products.

The regulation of the temperature is possible due to an external power source in this container truck. The general size of Reefers is usually 20’–40’ in India. COR-TEN or corten steel (weathering steel) is the type of steel used to make these containers.

6. Open side container truck

Open side containers and general-purpose transportation containers are pretty similar. However, the main difference between them is that in an open side container, doors can be opened entirely on the side too. Due to this feature, this container truck is quite spacious. As such, it becomes very easy to load and unload goods in such a container truck. The usual size range for open side containers in India is 20’–40′. There is plenty of room in these truck containers for transporting large items which cannot fit through standard container doors.

7. Half-height container truck

The design of the half-height transportation container truck helps transport bulky cargo, like dense and heavy goods.

Such containers are handy for the transportation of mining industry goods like stones and coal. A major characteristic in such containers is a low center of gravity. This makes them efficient in handling heavier goods.

Moreover, these containers are highly robust and can deal with the harsh industrial environment. It is also quite easy to load and unload goods in a half-height container truck.

8. Insulated container truck

Like the ISO Reefer container, an insulated container truck also involves regulating the temperature. In this way, this container can tolerate a higher temperature. Moreover, it also comes with an electrical compliance mechanism. Thanks to this, cooling or heating of the air inside becomes possible.

Due to their efficient temperature regulation mechanism, insulated containers are quite suitable for transporting products over large distances. This is very beneficial for a vast country like India!

9. Swap body container truck

A swap body container truck is an exchangeable container that is used for road and rail transportation. Their use in India is now on the rise. These containers come with a convertible top which allows for transporting of a large variety of goods.

These containers are non-stackable as they lack upper corner fittings.

10. Tank container

Tank containers, or simply tankers, are made of a tough material. They are constructed using strong steel or a similar sturdy material. Due to such strength, these containers are suitable for transporting liquid materials with enhanced protection.

To safely transport items and effectively prevent dangerous surging, there must be a minimum of 80% filling in a tank container. These containers must not be filled above 95% capacity as it would prevent the process of thermal expansion.

11. Cargo storage roll container

A cargo storage roll container truck is a foldable container made for transporting stacks of items. It is constructed from thick wire mesh. They also have rollers that make for easy movement of goods.

12. Car container

As the name suggests, these containers are suitable for transporting cars. These containers have car carriers for efficiently transporting the vehicles. Cars can be transported over long distances safely and securely in these containers. They come with collapsible sides to ensure a snug fit.

13. Special purpose containers

A special purpose container truck is a custom-made container used for transporting specialized items, such as the transportation of weapons and hazardous substances.


The above types of containers are among the bestselling and feature-rich containers in India. When shortlisting a container truck best suited to your purpose, select the one that will offer you the best value for the price of the container truck. If you are in need of a container for transporting your loads, all you have to do is download the Vahak app! On the Vahak transport app, you can find a variety of container transporters and connect with them to transport your goods PAN-India. Download the Vahak app to experience high-quality transport and logistics services.

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