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Reality of online truck booking in India

Reality of online truck booking in India

There was a time when the transportation and logistic businesses and activities were held manually for managing transportation activities. You may need more staff and costs and still there are chances of inefficiency and error. In current times, all businesses are being done digitally. Technology has become a saving grace during these testing times. And Vahak is leading the charge with its seamless online load booking and online truck booking features!

Digitalization of the transport business prevents frauds. It also helps transport services become more transparent and organized. Below we have listed some myths and realities so that you can strategize and make your online load booking or online truck booking business successful.

Myth#1 – Online truck booking is very expensive

Reality– The reality is that an online transport business will help you save money. You can get transparent freight charges through bids on our online truck booking platform. When you are booking trucks manually, there can be chances that you will be misguided about the freight charges and could even get involved in a fraud. But with online truck booking, you get transparent rates and confirmation documents like Proof of Delivery and Loading Slips!

You will also get assistance from experts online who will guide you with the paperwork like GST and E-way bill, pay additional charges if any, and other formalities easily using the app. You can also get the best price for your trucks sitting at the comfort of your office.

Myth#2 – You cannot check the size of trucks or cargos in online truck booking

Reality– You can check the size of the cargo or truck easily on websites like Vahak, India’s leading online truck booking platform. You can confirm whether the truck or cargo that needs to carry your goods is in the proper condition or not by getting on a quick call with the driver. If the trucks are not in proper condition, your goods can get damaged. Hence, you need to and can check the condition, size, and equipment of trucks – all of which can be done easily on a good online truck booking platform.

Myth#3 – You cannot locate the trucks on online truck booking websites

Reality- Online truck booking apps and websites help locate the trucks carrying your goods with the help of GPS and other features. You must check the types of tracking technologies mentioned in these online truck booking apps. RFID and GPS are the most used technology in the transportation sector, and most good online truck booking websites understand this.

Myth#4 – You cannot check the cargo condition when online truck booking

Reality- On the Vahak online truck booking platform, it is very easy to investigate the transporter by going through the reviews given by other users. You can also visit a transport company through references. Then you can visit the premises and make a proper investigation about the condition of the container or truck or cargo, before initiating an online truck booking deal.

Myth#5 – Online truck booking is often unsatisfactory

Reality– If a transport services company delivers the products at the right time and in good condition, it will increase its client base as well as customer satisfaction. In online truck booking and transporting businesses, you can contact the company directly whenever you have any doubt or any question regarding your delivery of products. The company will provide you with planners and will also ensure you that your product will reach the destination promptly.

Myth#6 – Integrating transport logistics into industry 4.0 is difficult

Reality– Transportation and logistics businesses are going digital now, and this is majorly due to the industry 4.0 movement. Industry 4.0 heavily relies on intelligent solutions for data communication, notification, and reporting. Industry 4.0 can be said to be a perfect fit for the logistics ventures to identify changing variables in the transportation constraints. Most manufacturing companies maintain a proper strategy and data for transportation of their goods using industry 4.0 ideologies.

How Vahak helps businesses with online truck booking?

  1. Vahak helps users find trucks, containers, HYVAs, LCVs or trailers easily on the online truck booking marketplace.
  2. Vahak helps in creating a trust between the transporters and users by mutual ratings and feedback.
  3. Our supply-chain connects transportation services providers from all over India.
  4. We are trustworthy in the market as we manage to meet the exceeding expectations of our customers.


Vahak is an online truck booking platform connecting transporters, truck owners, and logistics companies. To make a systematic approach to logistics and achieve your goal, you need to move out of the myths mentioned above. You are responsible for your safety. You must be aware of all the terms and conditions before to avoid suffering losses. Even a bit of carelessness can cause you a huge loss. Bring your business on the Vahak online truck booking platform and find 10,000+ lorries in just a click!

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