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Why Truck Transport Businesses in India Need Digitalization to Grow?

Digitalization of Truck Transport Business in India.

India, the third-largest economy in the world, is a fascinating country with a diverse culture and an ever-changing economic scene. With a population of nearly 1.3 billion people in the country, India has to deal with many different issues in order to maintain high levels of growth through its transportation sector.

Truck transport services and the Indian economy

In India, the truck transport business is an integral part of the economy. A well-maintained and optimized truck transport business can solve many problems. One of the most pressing problems in the truck transport business is that trucks are often going to waste. For example, in urban areas, it’s common for vehicles to have a utilization rate of only 20%. This means that there are vehicles being used only 5 out of 7 days during a week. In rural areas, this utilization rate could be even lower since there is lesser traffic. If we have better strategies for optimizing this industry in India, we will be able to save thousands and thousands of gallons of fuel and boost transport services businesses.

This article will discuss how truck transport businesses can optimize their operations by using all of their trucks. We shall also talk about the difficulties faced by truck drivers, the state of truck transport in India, and the optimization of trucks through digitization. This is important because it will allow for more efficient delivery service and a higher customer satisfaction ratio.

Difficulties faced by truck drivers

India has seen rapid growth in the number of trucks on its roads. This increase in truck numbers is mainly due to the wide range of products that need to be transported over long distances. However, most truck drivers still depend on outdated methods and their intuition for navigation.

There are many difficulties faced by truckers, such as people stealing fuel from them, getting lost and not knowing where they are or what to do if their engine breaks down, and more. These difficulties can be mitigated by using digital channels like GPS, online maps, and route planners. These channels can help optimize trucks and make the job easier for these truck drivers.

State of truck transport in India

Truck transport is a key component of the Indian economy. It has been serving people by providing goods, growth, and development for more than 60 years. However, it has been facing many issues such as lack of effective governance, high traffic density, and more.

Truck drivers have a tough life. They have to deal with long hours, low pay, and the high risk of accidents. The cost of fuel is also going up, which is a major problem for truck drivers.

The state of truck transport in India is not at all conducive. In 2015-2016, about 1 million trucks were moving on Indian roads but it has been estimated that there are at least 5 million trucks on the roads now. This growth is attributed to people who switched from trains and buses to more expensive but faster ways of transportation like trucks.

How can digital channels help optimize trucks?

Truck drivers have a tough job. They have to spend long hours on the road without any breaks, not to mention the safety risks. But now, with digital channels, the situation has improved tremendously.

Digital channels can help optimize trucks by improving transportation efficiency and reducing losses for truck companies. This will be possible with the help of IoT devices that have been connected to trucks to monitor them closely with data analytics software to find out how they are being utilized optimally.

Digital channels have made it easier for truck drivers to find suitable load owners & businesses and vice versa by connecting them through their respective social networks. They have also made it possible to track shipments in real-time, which reduces delivery time significantly. Organizations today work to maximize efficiency and reduce logistics costs. The recent boom of the e-commerce industry has led to many logistics companies optimizing their fleets to get deliveries completed on time.

We’ve all heard stories of how truckers have to deal with difficult tasks such as long working hours, exhausting driving routes, and difficult terrains. Digital channels can help optimize trucks and ensure that drivers are safe on the roads. Truck booking apps allow drivers to book trucks online, and they can calculate the distance of their destination and choose a truck that will save them money.


The Indian truck market is the second-largest in the world after China. The total number of trucks in India is about 7.5 million, out of which 6 million are commercial vehicles. Despite this, there has been a sharp decline in the use of trucks caused by many factors. The three main reasons are underdeveloped infrastructure, lack of skilled drivers, and poor financing options for truckers.

For instance, Bangalore-based logistics startup Vahak is one such company that has made it its mission to help Indian truck transport businesses optimise their lorries for higher productivity. It does this by providing a platform for truck drivers and business owners. On Vahak, truck drivers can find return loads and ensure that their vehicle is fully utilized! Likewise, business owners can find the truck of their choice, anytime and from anywhere.

Download the Vahak app now for free and grow your transport business easily!

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