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Road Recipes for Truck Drivers to Make On Long Haul Trips.

On-Road Recipes For Long-Haul Goods Transport Trips

Do you know that over 70% of truck transport drivers are obese or overweight? That’s not all. Around 65% of the truckers also admit that they do not get to eat healthy meals. It is high time truckers understand the relevance of learning an essential life skill, cooking.

When goods transport trips are particularly long, the last thing any trucker would want to do is go out of their way to find healthy food. It is the reason why their dashboards are littered with instant-food wrappers.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways goods transport truckers can cook healthy and satisfying meals on the road. The best part is, they can do it with just a handful of ingredients and equipment. This food is healthier, more delicious and affordable, and will make their life easier.

So, let us discuss some on-road recipes along with essential appliances for truckers who are on long-haul goods transport trips.

Cooking Appliances to Use

There is a wide range of cooking appliances that can help truckers in cooking a delicious, hot meal. We are listing some of the most common ones for lorry drivers here:

  • Rice cooker – For cooking rice and boiling vegetables
  • Frying pan and skillet – For cooking eggs
  • Mini microwave and refrigerator – Microwave to quickly heat food items and refrigerator to preserve food for a longer time
  • Portable stove – For frying and roasting
  • Compact coffee maker – To get instant coffee and warm water

Ingredients to Carry on Goods Transport Trips

  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Spices
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Cooking oil
  • Frozen food like peas, and kidney beans
  • Instant food like Maggi, oats, and pasta
  • Vegetables like potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers

On-Road Recipes

Here are five delightful on-road recipes that are easy-to-cook and super healthy for truckers on goods transport trips.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a simple and healthy meal option for all the truckers who work on long goods transport trips. The best part is, they can also store this meal for a few days. They will require 4 cups of brown rice, some cooking oil, lemon juice, ground black pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and basic spices for this recipe. The cooking process is also easy and does not need any extraordinary cooking skills. Let us have a look:

Boil brown rice in a rice cooker or microwave oven. Once cooled, add all the chopped vegetables along with a few drops of lemon juice, spices, and some vegetable oil. Mix everything well and serve hot with corn.


Do you know that over 32% of truck drivers have at least one chronic disease? Truckers can prevent it by eating healthy food items like a sandwich. Sandwiches are appetizing, nutritious, and keep one full for a longer time. Goods transport drivers will need some slices of bread, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, and mashed boiled potatoes for these. Let us have a look at the recipe:

Take a bowl and mix all these ingredients along with some spices like salt and black pepper. Add some lemon juice, and the sandwich stuffing is ready. Put some stuffing between two slices of bread and toast it on the pan. It is one of the most popular on-road recipes for truckers that is healthy and fulfilling. Truckers can also cook vegetable sandwiches by ditching starchy potatoes. The process remains the same with veggies like onions, tomatoes, capsicum and cucumbers.

Mixed Mash

It is one of the most enjoyable on-road meals so far. Truck drivers will need mashed potatoes, finely chopped onions, tomatoes, some vegetable oil, salt, and black pepper for this dish. It is an easy dish that can be cooked in 15 minutes. It is a light food item that will keep goods transport truckers energetic and active throughout the day. So, without much ado, let us dive into the details:

Heat a pan on the stove and add two tablespoons of oil. Add chopped vegetables and sauté it for 4-5 minutes. Once done, add the mashed potatoes to the pan along with some black pepper and salt. Truckers who are non-vegetarians can also add meat along with vegetables to enhance the flavours.

Mixed Vegetable With Chapatis

Nothing can beat the taste and nutrition quotient of a mixed vegetable recipe. Goods transport drivers can cook it with a handful of ingredients. Additionally, there is ample scope for experimentation. The meal is complete when this recipe is served hot with chapatis. Let us have a look at the cooking process.

Add 4 teaspoons of oil to a skillet. Once hot, leave garlic, potato, peas, onions, cauliflower, and tomatoes in it. It is time to add some basic spices like turmeric, chilli powder, and coriander powder. Sauté it well and cover the lid. Let it cook for another 4 to 5 minutes. Keep the ingredients stirring after every two minutes. In the meantime, knead some wheat flour and prepare chapatis.

Vegetable Pulao

It is a perfect go-to meal option that is ideal for on-road or camp-side cooking. We recommend truckers stay near the farmers market to get the best vegetables for this recipe. Truckers will need some basic veggies like potatoes, tomatoes, peas, and cauliflower for this dish along with some rice. Here is the detailed guide for cooking this 15-minute recipe.

Take a heavy bottom pan and place it on the stove. Add all the vegetables one by one along with spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, salt, and garam masala. Mix everything well and cover the lid. Wait till the veggies turn soft and mushy. Now, add 3 cups of water with a cup of rice. Cover the lid again and let the rice cook. Keep stirring it every two minutes for the best flavours. Truckers can also cook some lentils to improve the vegetable pulao.

The Bottom Line

The list of on-road recipes is endless. Goods transport drivers who get some time to relax can go for better meals, whereas truckers who are on strict schedules can opt for cooking quick meals like sandwiches. Whatever they choose, the joy of cooking in the open air along with friends is unmatchable. And experts at Vahak suggest that any goods transport trucker should not miss this experience at any cost! Download the Vahak transport app to know more about their services.

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