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Long Haul Road Trip Checklist For Truck Drivers in India

Keep A Check Of These Before Your Long Trip

In a time when road transportation is the most prominent means of transport, there are several preparatory steps truck drivers have to take before they prepare to go on a long-haul transport journey!

Even the most comprehensive logistics travel plan won’t prevent a truck driver from neglecting normal maintenance. Therefore, it is critical to undertake routine and other preliminary maintenance operations before embarking on a journey.

The Ideal Road Trip Checklist

A pleasant road trip might be ruined if you cannot rely on your vehicle or if you don’t get proper truck service. On long-haul trips, vehicle breakdowns are a typical incident. So, what should you do if you find yourself stuck miles from a town or on an unfamiliar road? Truck maintenance or truck service is one preventive step. Truck service is a year-round procedure that you must do before your road trip turns into a nightmare to cover all the fundamental maintenance tasks. However, in addition to your truck service, you must complete the following checklist for a stress-free experience:

1. Fluids

This isn’t only for long journeys. Fluid levels and quality should be checked regularly. Check for the oil level in the engine. To make sure the brakes aren’t causing any problems, check the amount of brake fluid. The user manual will show you how to test all of these fluids.

2. Battery

Check the battery’s performance a few weeks ahead of time. When the truck is parked, it should not lose its charge. Check for corrosion and salt deposits on the terminals as well. Also check the battery’s electrolyte level and apply lubricant to the terminals to avoid corrosion.

3. Tyre health

Examine the tyre for uneven wear, which might indicate a problem with alignment. Even if you don’t see anything, it’s a good idea to have your truck’s alignment checked at a truck service facility. Fill the tyres to the correct pressure and check the spare tyre as well.

4. Electronics

It is important to ensure that the electronics are in good operating condition. Examine the vents, the blower, the heater, the air conditioning, and any other electronic devices. Make sure all the lamps are working, and have spare headlamp and tail lamp bulbs on board, as well as some spare fuses.

5. Air Filter

You should clean your truck’s air filter regularly. A clean filter will allow the engine to breathe freely while allowing the proper amount of air to enter. It will also have a significant impact on fuel economy.

6. Wipers

Check to see if the wipers and sprayers on the windshield are working correctly. The wipers may become less efficient over time as the rubber hardens. If you think the wiper isn’t wiping the windshield adequately, get a new set.

7. Tools

Do make sure you have some tools with you in case you need to make a minor repair. If the tool kit that came with your truck is insufficient, you might ask your mechanic to add it. If you’re heading to a distant location, you might want to bring a puncture repair kit with you too.

Basic Truck Service Tips

Whether it’s a new or an old truck, it is critical to keep it in good working condition until it’s in use. Hence, one should know the proper maintenance methods. Let us see 5 simple truck service or lorry service techniques that will help you increase the lifespan of your truck.

  • Change the engine oil on a regular basis

Engine oil is easily polluted, thus impacting engine performance. When determining the necessary time period for an oil change, it’s usually a good practice to refer to the owner’s manual. One of the other components of the truck that should be updated on a regular basis is the filter. Accumulation of dust quickly pollutes it, and it must be changed on a regular basis or the truck’s engine could suffer. Oil and filter changes are the most crucial parts of a good truck service regimen.

  • Examine the levels of other fluids

To get the maximum performance out of the engine and avoid the problems that occur with high temperatures, keep it at the appropriate temperature. Changing the power steering fluid can help extend the life of costlier power-steering components like the pump and rack.

Dust and scum may quickly accumulate on the windshield, obstructing the view. Not only is it a good idea to change the windshield washer fluid, but it also protects the windshield. Furthermore, clean windshield fluid is less prone to scratch the glass. Since brake fluid, which is also a hydraulic fluid, accumulates moisture from the air and becomes polluted, it must be replenished on a regular basis.

  • Rotate the tyres

Tire rotation is necessary to maintain an even level of treadwear on all four tyres of the truck, extending their life. It can enhance gas efficiency and extend the life of the vehicle’s suspension components by reducing vibrations. This will also let the technician inspect all the other undercarriage components, helping them detect flaws immediately.

  • Clean the exterior

Cleaning a truck’s exterior will make it look good and protect the truck’s paint by eliminating abrasive debris, dust, sand, and salt. Moreover, cleaning the interior is equally as essential as cleaning the exterior of the truck.

  • Get the truck examined

A truck inspection is identical to a professional doing an annual physical check on the truck. Instead of lamenting insufficient maintenance, it’s critical to identify any mechanical or safety issues as soon as possible. A truck’s productivity and lifetime are directly proportional to the truck service and the amount of attention and care it receives.

Do You Have All The Required Documents?

After we’ve gone over all the technical components of our checklist, it’s time to learn about legal concepts. Every truck owner is required to have the following documents:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Vehicle insurance
  3. Vehicle registration certificate
  4. Pollution under control (PUC) certification

Before you leave your house, make sure you have all of your essential paperwork with you.

Tyre Care And Maintenance

Simple monthly inspections for adequate inflation, even treadwear, and damage are the best methods to help maintain optimal mileage and performance from your tyres.

  • Maintain the correct level of inflation pressure

An essential thing you can do to make your tyres last longer and stay durable is maintaining optimum inflation pressure. Underinflation lowers load capacity, permits excessive sidewall flexing, and raises rolling resistance, causing heat and mechanical damage. Overinflation increases stiffness, which can make driving uncomfortable and produce undesired vehicle vibrations.

  • Avoid excessive tyre spinning

When your truck gets stuck in snow, ice, mud, or sand, avoid excessive tyre rotation. This might result in tyre overheating and irreversible damage. To liberate your truck, use a gently backward and forward rocking motion.

  • Examine your tyres for signs of wear

When fresh tyres wear to the 1.6 mm threshold, tread wear signs appear as smooth banks in the tread grooves. Skidding on bare or almost bald tyres can cause wet weather accidents. Punctures are more prone to occur when tyres are overly worn.

  • Examine your tyres for wear and tear

Inspecting your tyres for signs of damage and their overall condition regularly is critical for safety. Tyre removal and professional examination are always required in the case of impacts, penetrations, cracks, knots, bulges, or air loss.

  • Make sure your truck isn’t overloaded

Overloading your truck puts unnecessary strain on your tyres and other vital components. This can also result in poor handling, higher fuel consumption, and tyre damage. Keep in mind that rim width is important for optimal tyre load distribution and operation.

Common truck service problems

Unfortunately, truck service troubles are an unavoidable part of the transportation industry. And the longer your truck is out of commission due to that issue, the more money you lose on your truck service. It pays to have a dependable lorry service that you can count on when you need it. What are some of the most pressing concerns confronting today’s trucks?

Let’s take a look at some of the most typical truck service repairs that fleet operators face today.

  • Overheating of the Engine

An overheated engine can have a variety of problems for both drivers and operators. A blown gasket or an issue with the fuel tank might be the source of the problem. Regardless, if the problem is not addressed, it might lead to engine failure over time.

  • Starter Failure

Starter failure appears to be an increasing concern, especially in colder conditions. The starting mechanism should be inspected at the start of the winter season to assess future performance. The operator will most likely discover obvious indicators of starter trouble initially.

  • Failure of the U-Joint

U-joints are required for power transfer from the transmission to the differentiator. It is critical to keep the U-joints lubricated to reduce component wear and tear. A driver may hear a clicking sound when a U-joint is going to fail. Another symptom of impending U-joint failure is the vehicle’s tendency to shake at greater speeds.

  • Brake Fluid Leaks and Failures

Modern trucks regularly have braking system problems, most likely due to the increased strain exerted on brakes by today’s greater payloads. Brake failure can also occur if truck maintenance is not proper.

  • Problems with Wheel Bearings

The wheel bearings may be damaged if the driver observes an unusual amount of noise coming from the location of the wheel wells while driving. Another symptom might be shaky road movements or jerking of the truck. If these symptoms arise, there is a requirement of truck service and you must have the wheel bearings examined for problems.

Major authorised truck service centres in India

In India, there are 3265 approved truck service centres scattered over 11 brands and 548 cities. Choose your preferred brand and city/state to find the nearest truck service facilities, truck repair stations, and truck workshops and view information such as an address, location, and phone numbers.

Major Truck Service Center Brands

  • Tata
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Piaggio
  • Force
  • Eicher
  • BharatBenz
  • Amy
  • Mahindra
  • Man
  • Isuzu
  • Volvo

How to avail on-road truck service help?

Roadside Assistance, also known as Breakdown Cover, is an add-on that you may include in your complete auto insurance or two-wheeler insurance plan to assist you in times when you want roadside assistance, i.e., when you’re stuck on the road.

A 24×7 roadside assistance policy can aid you in times of crisis, whether it’s a minor incident or a flat tyre, without even having to file a claim.

If you cannot contact a mechanic or workshop, roadside help generally covers automotive problems you may have while travelling. When you call for roadside truck service, a certified mechanic will come to your location and help you with your truck issues at any time of day or night.

The most popular roadside assistance services or truck services are jumpstarts, battery replacements, breakdown tows, tyre changes, emergency fuel, and key recovery are among the most popular roadside assistance services. They’ll ask you a series of questions about your truck when you call them to narrow down the likely reason for the breakdown. They can deploy either a roadside contractor or a tow truck to help you if they cannot locate the problem or get you going again with an easy remedy over the phone.

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