Is UPI payment safe for transport business?

UPI payment for transport business

When was the last time you used UPI for your cash transactions? Or when did you last hear the term UPI? Tell us, how many times have your clients asked your UPI id to send you money? We are sure this is a frequent thing for you considering how widely it is being used in India.  

UPI is a contactless payment method hugely popular in the transportation sector. Even though it is commonly used, people often doubt ‘Is UPI safe?’, ‘Is it safe to share UPI transaction id?’, or ‘Is my money safe with UPI?’. We understand your concern. 

We know how difficult it is to trust your money with anyone. And this is why we are here to clear all your doubts. Let’s begin with our discussion–Is UPI payment safe? 

Before we begin, let us assure you, it is a secure system with numerous levels of protection to safeguard all your details. UPI is particularly useful since it lets you send money straight from your bank account. Let us talk about it briefly.

What Is UPI?

UPI is a more modern variant of the traditional IMPS and NEFT payment mechanisms. It allows one to transfer funds from one bank account to another without incurring any extra fees.

So if you, as a truck driver, want to receive cash from your distant client you can ask them to transfer it using UPI which will be reflected in your bank account instantly. Similarly, you can send money to anyone, any time of the day, from any part of the country. All you have to do is download a UPI app on your smartphone. You can then use the UPI payment app by creating a UPI account and a UPI PIN, which will also serve as the password for every transaction. 

The Importance of UPI in the Transportation Industry

UPI simplifies online payments by providing fast authentication and money transfer facilities. Transporters often use UPI to pay from their bank account without the hassle of providing their bank account information or giving over their card to the merchant. 

UPI payments are made using a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and UPI id that can be safely shared with anyone to send or receive money in real-time.

As a result, UPI is a key component of the transportation industry. It facilitates better coordination and management of the business’s everyday activities. Moreover, truck drivers who are almost always on the road find it easier to track and monitor payments and transactions, without the hassle of visiting their bank repeatedly. 

Is UPI Payment Safe?

When it comes to matters of money, security is everyone’s priority. So, if you’ve been wondering, is UPI money transfer safe? You are justified in your concern.

But let us inform you, UPI has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and is monitored by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). With these two government bodies taking the initiative to secure your money transactions, there is hardly any room for doubt. 

Is UPI Money Transfer Safe? 

UPI money transfers are safe and secure since the data is highly encrypted. NPCI has made it a mandate to secure all UPI gateways with a code verification process that cannot be completed unless one enters the UPI PIN or OTP. Since every step of a UPI transaction requires one to enter passwords and codes, there are limited chances of fraud.

However, your concern–is UPI safe–is right to some extent since it depends on your use. One needs to be aware of online payment fraud prevalent and the precautionary measures to avoid falling into the traps of fraudsters. So if you are wondering ‘Is UPI money transfer safe?’ the answer is in your hands; how carefully you are using the UPI app. 

When Mr Saha, a truck driver, was out for a delivery and was arranging for the unloading of the cargo, he received a call. The person on the other end claimed to be a bank official who handles and manages Mr Saha’s bank account. He asked Mr Saha for the number written on the back of his debit card since his card has been sealed due to suspicious activity. Mr Saha, though he was busy at the moment, had the presence of mind and knowledge that the number at the back of the card is CVV which should not be shared with anyone, at any cost. He simply refused to share any sensitive information and disconnected the call. 

The same level of awareness and carefulness is required as Mr Saha to be able to use UPI safely. So, if you ask, is UPI money transfer safe? We’d again say, it is safe but you have to be judicious and careful.  

Is It Safe To Share UPI transaction ID?

One needs to be cautious while using UPI gateways. Make sure you are not sharing anything with an unidentified person. Is it safe to share UPI transaction id? Yes, you can share the UPI transaction id with people whom you trust. This can be done to cross-check information and resolve doubts. However, remember that fraudsters are always coming up with newer ways to dupe money. So avoid unnecessary sharing. 

Which Is The Safest UPI App In India?

For people who are new to UPI, it is obvious to come up with questions like which is the safest UPI app in India? There will be some concerns initially, but once you get used to it you can hugely benefit from UPI transactions. 

When Mr Saha was using UPI for the first time, he was extremely doubtful–is Upi safe, what if there is a fraud, which is the safest UPI app in India–he had many other questions like these. But once he got to know the basics, it was as easy as it can get. And, we’ve seen he’s using it carefully to his advantage. 

Since all the UPI apps are under NPCI and RBI, they are all equally safe. The only caution you need to consider is to not trust any random app that unknown people tell you about. Avoid clicking on links, downloading unknown apps, and sharing your OTP, UPI PIN, M-PIN, CVV, or any other important detail. 

One thing to be kept in mind is that you need not scan any QR, share OTP, or enter a UPI PIN to receive money. Do not let fraudsters scam you. And, you will find all the UPI apps to be safe!

The Bottom Line

We hope you found this post useful and learnt about the safety of UPI transactions in India. In case you are still wondering, is UPI payment safe, we advise you to get in touch with our team at Vahak to get your questions answered. 

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