August 2 , 2022
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Is the Vahak transport app safe?

Punit Chotia
Punit Chotia
Is the Vahak transport app safe?
Is the Vahak transport app safe?

Online transportation portals have revolutionized the transportation industry. Transporters and businessmen are using transport apps for transporting their goods. In India, the majority of the goods are transported by trucks and lorries. An efficient logistics system is like the spinal cord of every business. A business can grow only when the goods reach customers on time. A sound transportation system is integral for timely delivery of goods.

Problems faced by Transporters using Digital Channels

There has been a tremendous increase in the usage of digital channels of transportation. Digital channels open up new avenues for transporters, but they have their flaws. The challenges faced by transporters using digital channels and transport apps are as follows:

  • Small Players Ignored: The big industry giants have been able to leverage the power of technology beneficially for their transportation needs. They have reaped the benefits of digital channels. The small players like small and medium businessmen and transporters have been ignored and they have not been able to benefit from digital channels.
  • Complex Software Solutions: Digital channels of transportation use complex software solutions. These are not easily understandable by all the users. Transport apps are difficult to operate and are often not user-friendly. For.e.g. truck or auto drivers are not highly educated and find them difficult.So transport apps should be such that can be managed by all the players with equal efficacy.
  • Costly: Several transport apps charge the players of the transportation market for their services. Exorbitant costs discourage small and medium transporters and businesses to use truck booking apps.
  • Tedious Procedure: Mostly all transport apps have a lengthy and tedious process of registration. The transporters, as well as the businessmen, are required to fill out multiple forms and attach several documents while registering. This takes a lot of time and often discourages them from using truck booking apps.
  • Lack of Information: Trust deficit is a major problem faced by transporters using digital channels. There is a lack of availability of relevant and required information. Transporters are not able to track their in-transit goods.

How Vahak app helps

  • Vahak transport app overcomes all these issues. Vahak truck booking app has become India’s fastest-growing and most reliable digital transport service in the marketplace. All the players of road transport - truck owners, agents, brokers, shippers as well as the businessmen in need of trucks are connected. Vahak app acts as a bridge and brings them together to perform better. Vahak app solves the problems of transporters in the following ways:
  • All-Encompassing Approach: The objective of the Vahak app is to include all the participants of road transportation- whether big or small. It is not only meant for big transportation companies. Small and medium transportation companies are welcome to be a part of Vahak’s increasingly growing network. At present, the Vahak app has over 5 lakh truckers moving in more than 8000 locations pan-India. Download Vahak now to join this immensely profitable network,
  • Easy to Operate: Vahak app is very easy to operate and understand. The software is not complex and can be easily handled by a new user. All the players of the transportation market can operate the Vahak app as it is user-friendly and interactive.
  • Free-of-Cost: Another major advantage of the Vahak transport app is that it is free. You do not have to pay anything for being a part of Vahak’s huge network. Truck owners, truck drivers, shippers, businessmen in need of trucks, etc. can easily download the Vahak app and benefit from it. The Vahak transport app helps you to grow your business significantly.
  • Simple Registration Procedure: The registration process of the Vahak transport app is simple.You just have to sign up with your mobile number and provide your Aadhaar number. You can join either as a truck provider or load provider. Moreover, you can find the right loads or the right trucks for yourself in no time. You are not required to fill out numerous forms or give various unnecessary details. So waste no time and download the Vahak transport app to try for free.
  • Real-time Information: Vahak transport app is the most reliable and trustworthy truck booking app delivering outstanding results. It provides you with real-time information about your trucks and loads. You can easily track your vehicle and goods at any time of the day. The GPS mechanism tells you the status of your goods.
  • Build Your Transport Brand: Vahak app also enables you to build your transport brand online. You can make use of this digital platform to grow your business manifold. Vahak transport app is a great marketing tool to increase your profits.
  • 24*7 Availability: With the Vahak transport app, you can carry on your transport business round-the-clock. Since digital transactions can be done from anywhere, you can make online bookings at any time of the day at your convenience.

Is Vahak Transport App Safe?

This question must have come to your mind, as an online transport marketplace is a new concept. Conventional methods of transportation business lack the benefits of new-age technology. Vahak transport app leverages innovative technologies to provide the best services. Vahak transport app is incredibly secure and safe.

  • The bids made on Vahak for the booking of trucks and loads are one-on-one. They are kept confidential. Bid amounts are not disclosed to other competitors. You can bid freely without bothering about confidentiality.
  • You can bid for available trucks and loads online. If you receive bids, you can accept or reject them as per your choice. For fast bookings, you can also go to the Truck market or Load market and use it to your advantage.
  • Vahak truck booking app also gives you the option to form a personal network of transporters that are trusted and responsible. You can use Vahak ‘Connections’ to build your network.
  • Vahak transport app has a system of user ratings and user recommendations as well. You can choose a truck that has high ratings and is recommended by others. The documents of truck drivers, truck owners, brokers, agents, etc. are all verified. Hence, the Vahak app is reliable and safe for everyone - truck owners as well as load owners. It is transparent and trustworthy.

Precautions While Using Vahak App

  • Research: Vahak transport app is a digital platform that enables truck owners to find ideal load and vice-versa. It provides a win-win solution for both parties. All the members are trusted, and the documents are verified. However, it is advisable to do some basic research about the truck or load you have hired for enhanced safety.
  • Agree on Payment Terms: It is of utmost importance to have mutually agreed on payment terms. Both the parties should agree to the freight charges and mode of payment. The bid is the rate at which the consignment would be transported for. Ideally, it is suggested that the payment should be made in two parts. One at the time of loading the goods and the remaining when the goods reach the destination. The parties should decide the ratio in advance to avoid any troubles later.
  • Don’t fall for lower bids: As a load owner, you should not fall for truck companies charging lower bids. Before accepting low bids, you should check the legitimacy of the trucking company. You should visit their website and collect information about them. You should also check whether they have a landline number or not. A landline number is the proof of their physical existence. You should opt for branded trucking companies and those trucking companies that have higher ratings and recommendations.
  • Quality Inspection: The quality of the goods should be checked at the time of unloading. The load owners should inspect the goods before making the final payment. If the goods are damaged or not in proper condition, you should hold the truck driver responsible for the same.
  • Use Vahak Payments: Vahak transport app makes payments streamlined and secure by providing for Vahak Payments System. This system keeps a record of all your monetary dealings - payments received so far, bank account details, beneficiary name, etc. You can use these recorded transactions for future references as well.
  • Remember- Vahak is free: You should remember that the Vahak transport app is free to use. It does not charge any commission on bookings. If any transport company charges you something as commission, you should immediately report it.

Vahak transport app provides you with a digital marketplace that you can use beneficially for your success. You can build your transport brand using the Vahak truck booking app. It is an ocean of opportunities for small and medium transporters. The plight of small truck companies is that they do not have an ideal load and sometimes their vehicles remain idle for most of the day. Vahak app resolves all your problems by providing you with instant bookings for your trucks and loads. You would not have to keep your vehicles idle. This would increase your profits tremendously.

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