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Vahak Vs. Other Transport Apps: Which One is Better?

Best Online Transport App

It is essential to deliver the goods at the right time to the right place to keep business operational. Transport apps play a vital role in moving goods across cities. It helps customers deliver goods fast and achieve operational excellence. In this digital era, every business looks for a solution that is user-friendly, simple to use, and fast. So if you are looking for the best online transport apps, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how Vahak is disrupting the transportation business in India and outperforming its competitors.

Vahak Application

Vahak is a transport app that utilizes cutting-edge technology for booking cargo transportation services. It connects individual truck/LCVs/trailers/lorry owners with the road transporters within seconds and allows them to obtain deals at market rates and book trucks at 100 percent free commission. In a country like India, where there is an unended need for good transportation services, many transport vehicles remain idle for most of the day. This situation is either due to a lack of technology or operational inefficiencies. Vahak comes out as a savior by providing them a platform where transporters can take advantage of online booking to optimize their truck/trailer utilization.

How Vahak Operates its Business?

As stated above, Vahak is a marketplace that allows users to book transportation services as per their requirements and convenience. Vahak does not own any trucks/lorries/trailers. Vahak has a network of more than 2 lakh Indian transporters on its platform. They use a marketplace online transportation application Vahak that allows users to directly contact the listed vehicle owners or transporters across India and book transportation of their choice. It not only helps customers but also registered truck owners/transporters. Truck owners can create an online presence, generate leads for their business, and increase revenue by optimizing their vehicle utilization throughout the day/month/year.

How Vahak Outperforms its Competitors?

If we talk about logistics, India is one of the major players in the logistics markets in the world. The outbreak of technology has revolutionized the way people operate their businesses. It has also impacted how logistics businesses operate in any part of the world. The transformation is happening at an unprecedented rate, and it is just the beginning. Technology plays a significant role in connecting shippers and load providers with the carriers. Furthermore, it helps in reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Vahak is one of the platforms that contribute to the success of the commercial transportation sector. Vahak offers services that address the need of every human being that is either in the transportation business or looking for a transportation service. It is free to use and offers 100 percent commission-free deals. It enables you to grow your business across PAN-India. All you have to do is; download the online transportation app using a tablet/smartphone.

Other Transport Applications in India

Rivigo Application

Rivigo is another most used transport app in India. It also offers online truck/lorry booking services. Rivigo’s truck fleet uses a Relay methodology that reduces the delivery time while enhancing customer satisfaction and efficiency of drivers. They break their journey from pick-up to the destination between multiple stations. They provide instructions to all the drivers via a smartphone to keep them aware of the exact time of the handover. Since the driver keeps changing en route the journey, resting or break time gets eliminated. This approach, in turn, lowers the journey time to a considerable effect.

Porter Application

Porter provides intra-city transportation services for moving goods within/out of the city. The Porter online transportation app offers two options for its end-users: Book Now and Book Later.

It helps customers book the service in real-time or schedule service in advance for some other day/time. It also comes with a Quick Book option that allows users to book without providing the receiver’s details such as their name, address, etc. The application also offers several truck options so that users can book a truck like Tata Ace/Champion/Eeco as per their cargo requirements.

Blackbuck Application

Blackbuck is a unique load-finding goods transportation app that allows load-sharing. They have a truck fleet of around 2 lakh trucks that cover almost 250 cities in India. Brands like Unilever, Coca-cola, Amul, and Britannia are some of their customers. The Blackbuck goods transportation app provides features like the highest amount saved on diesel/petrol, discount deals if you purchase lubricants/tires on the app, best deals if you take truck insurance, etc.

Lynk Application

Lynk is an Android transport app that allows customers to book a mini-truck or goods carrier within minutes. The goods transportation app also provides real-time tracking so that the customers can track the vehicle’s location on their smartphone screen. Lynk also offers good cashback on all their bookings.

Trukky Application

Trukky is another logistics platform that offers services through an application and web interface. It operates its truck fleet in more than 50 cities within India. Their services include full truckload, part truckload, and door-to-door parcel.

TruckSuvidha Application

The TruckSuvidha application is also a leading portal in the logistics sector. It also connects customers with the shippers/load carriers/transporters.

They offer reasonable rates and good quality vehicles for goods delivery. Their focus is to deliver goods with speed and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The existing transportation system is dated and suffers from many shortcomings and challenges. Most of the transportation apps in India are complex and focused on generating revenue only for those who own that truck booking app. A tech-savvy transport app is the need of the hour. Vahak is a user-friendly, easy-to-use goods transport app that serves both individuals and transporters. It helps you in connecting with the lorry/truck owners within seconds.

Furthermore, it lets you get the best deals for your transportation service requirements. With Vahak, you can optimize your vehicles most of the time in a month and take your business to new heights. You can download the Vahak App or talk to our professionals for the best transportation services.

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