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How to Use Vahak, India’s #1 Online Truck Booking App – A Complete Guidebook!

How to Use Vahak, India's #1 Online Truck Booking App – A Complete Guidebook!

The world is moving at a faster pace, and getting what we want quickly is the mantra of our time. Gone are the times when people used to visit brick-and-mortar-stores for their daily essentials. Today’s technological advancement and the emergence of the internet have changed the course of our history. Right from taxi apps like Uber to delivery apps like Zomato; these big-league apps are ruling the market. Transportation is changing – it is no longer the same as it used to be!

Earlier logistics was perceived as a vertical which involved the transportation of goods from one location to another. Now, the scenario has completely changed since the arrival of online truck booking apps like Vahak.

The Logistics Industry in India

The logistic sector in the country; particularly the one pertaining to inter-city movement, is highly unorganized.

This space is currently highly fragmented with a huge number of unorganized players like SME-sized transporters, agents, brokers and fleet owners etc. Only 10-15% of the $215 billion Indian logistic markets is owned by organized players.

While there is a requirement to reduce the overall logistic cost from 14% of GDP now to 10% of GDP by 2022; the Indian transport market needs to be more efficient.

If that’s the case:

How can the Indian transport market be made more efficient while lowering the overall logistics cost?

This is where India’s #1 online lorry booking and transport directory app, Vahak comes into play. It is a one-of-a-kind live load-lorry transport marketplace, facilitating intercity B2B goods transportation. The platform already has more than 4 lakh trusted transport businesses conducting day-to-day business on the app. Transporters/Agents/Brokers can bid and book trucks, trailers, containers, LCV & tankers in just a few clicks. The Vahak online truck booking app aims at filling the demand and supply gap while bringing convenience in the entire process.

Vahak: Connecting Trusted Transporters, Truck Owners & Brokers PAN India!

Our free truck booking app helps in connecting transporters, truck owners, brokers, and agents from all over India. It’s a branding & networking platform for Indian transport industry players with business-specific features like creating an online brand for their transport businesses and generating more revenue, growing personal networks with trusted industry players and saving time on daily business bookings etc.

How does the Vahak online lorry/load booking app works?

Vahak helps transporters find loads & lorries online in just a few clicks, to promote and grow their business online, network with a easy-to-use transport market and business-specific features.

To book trucks online on Vahak app, you just need to follow the below steps:

1. Create your profile on Vahak App

Download the app & signup using your mobile number. Complete your business profile. Here you need to choose your role: Transporter/Agent/Broker/Fleet Owner.

Choose the right role for yourself and fill out the other information.

2. Find the loads or lorries from the live market

Once registered, you can search and look at the available containers, trucks, trailers and loads in the live market section.

Here, you can see available trucks in the “Lorry market” and available loads in the “Load market” section.

3. Choose the right load or lorry according to your requirement

According to your requirements, you can use our smart filters to search the right load or lorry for yourself all across India. This will save you a lot of time that you spend on WhatsApp groups while searching for the right load or lorry.

Few of the available filters: Truck Type, Route, Load Type, Payment type etc.

4. Bid on load or lorry

Once you identify the right load or lorry, quote a price or bid on it. After bidding on a load or lorry, you will be able to see the mobile number of the service provider. You can call and deal directly with the service provider as well for now.

5. Acceptance or Rejection of Bid

To complete the deal, the service provider will either approve your quoted price or reject it to start negotiations with you over the rates.

6. Post Load or Lorry on Vahak App

In case you don’t find the right load or lorry for yourself, you can post your exact requirement i.e. you can post your load or you can post your lorry on the Vahak marketplace. Once you post a load or lorry, other transporters/agents using Vahak platform will get notified about it. They will start bidding on it and you will receive instant bids in a matter of time.

7. Share enquiries on WhatsApp groups

As soon as you post a load or lorry, Vahak generates an enquiry card for you. This enquiry card can be shared directly over WhatsApp along with truck or load details. You can share this card with all the transport WhatsApp groups that you are part of. This will save a lot of your time that you spend in manually drafting the WhatsApp message and sharing over groups. Vahak helps you take advantage of both the online transport community on Vahak platform as well as your offline network.

8. Accept, Reject or Negotiate

Once you are done with posting load or lorry and sharing the WhatsApp enquiry card over transport groups, you will start getting bids on it. To complete the deals, you can either approve the quoted price or reject it or start negotiations with the other party directly.

9. Transaction Feedback

Once a deal is completed, we will ask you for your feedback about involved parties and overall experience. Please provide your valuable feedback on the Vahak App. This will help us in curating better deals for you as well as for other transporters in your network in future.

How can Vahak help you promote your Transport Business Online in India?

You can create a business profile while onboarding with Vahak. Once the profile is confirmed, it helps other transporters find you online with ease, on the marketplace and directory. This attracts more business leads and connections, which can be leveraged for making deals. With branding features like WhatsApp Business Cards, branded enquiry cards etc. – you can further promote your transport brand and online presence. You can even check out ratings, reviews and recommendations of transporters, agents and fleet owners.

Vahak is changing the way logistic works! It not only eliminates the huge communication gap between the transporters, agents, brokers and fleet owners but also makes online lorry search easy and convenient. You can reach out to transporters from any and every state in India. The online transport marketplace on Vahak is designed in a way that saves almost 90% of your time, otherwise spent broadcasting and getting bids; thus, eliminating conventional methods and outdated practices. All in all, Vahak is a sure-shot app to grow your logistic business in a hassle-free way.

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