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How To Select the Best Truck for Your Load

How To Select the Best Truck for Your Load

Trucks are one of the most efficient vehicles for transporting goods. With increasing road connectivity, trucks can now carry goods to the remotest of places. In 2019 and 2020, trucking and logistics contributed $10,850 million to the economy. In the future, International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group (IMARCG) expects the industry to grow by almost 12% every year.

Transportation is a complex process, making it challenging for new businesses and the common people to understand its intricacies — like load type, truck type, and the costs associated with each shipment. Traditionally, businesses have used the services of local truck owners to ship their loads. This system is often inefficient because of the limited availability and lack of competition. Sometimes, businesses end up paying exorbitant amounts to move their shipments.

In this blog, we will see how you can select the best truck for your truck load and save costs while getting good and efficient services.

The first step to finding the best truck for your load is to know about the many types of trucks available in the market. The right truck will help you save costs and ensure safe delivery of shipments.

Listed below are different types of trucks and the best truck load for each type:

Types of Trucks

1. Mini Truck: Mini trucks generally have an engine with a capacity below 1000cc. They are suitable for transporting truck loads like couriers and postal delivery, making home deliveries of food, electronic appliances, and so on, within the city. Example: Tata Ace, also known as Chhota Hathi.

2. Pickup Truck: A pickup truck is a light commercial vehicle (LCV) with a closed cabin and an attached open cargo area. It is suitable for family travel, transporting milk cans, grain bags, and fresh produce, in small amounts, to markets and shops.

3. Box Truck: A box truck has an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area. Box trucks are created by attaching a cargo box to the chassis of the truck. The cargo area is enclosed in a box, protecting the load from the sun, rain, and snow. The box has a shutter, so the cargo is safe from theft. The ideal truck load for a box truck includes perishable foods, clothes, furniture, explosives, etc.

4. Flatbed Truck: The cargo area in flatbed trucks is entirely flat. The flat surface allows for fast and easy loading and unloading of the truck load. They are used to transport heavy goods that are not fragile and do not need protection from the rain. They are the best choice to transport such goods that require more space than what is available in a closed, container-like space. They can be used to haul truck loads like transport construction and mining equipment, logs, machinery, etc.

5. Tank Trucks: Tank trucks or tankers have been specially designed to transport liquids and gases via road. A large variety of tank trucks are available because of the variety of liquids and gases that are transported. A tank container may be insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or non-pressurized. Tank trucks are used to transport petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), milk, molasses, wine, water, and industrial chemicals.

6. Dump Truck: Also known as dumpers, dump trucks are used to transport truck loads like soil, sand, gravel, demolition waste, coal, bricks and stones. They are equipped with hydraulic ramps to lift the front of the load area, allowing materials in the cargo area to be dumped. They are also called tippers.

7. Refrigerated Truck: They are used to transfer perishable goods, at low temperatures, for long distances via road. The truck loads suitable for this type of truck are fruits and vegetables, medicines, vaccines, blood bags, etc.

8. Tractor Unit-Trucks: These trucks can have trailers attached to them. Many types of truck loads can be attached to these, making these trucks a versatile choice for container loads. Their engines are very powerful, and thus suitable for heavy loads.

Recently, many online marketplaces have come up which match truck operators with businessmen with truck loads.  After choosing the right type of truck for your load, you can do online truck booking using a truck booking app. Commercial transport apps like Vahak help businessmen find the right truck for their truck loads. It is very simple to book trucks using Vahak’s online marketplace. The process is explained below:

  1. Open the Vahak app.
  2. Go to the “Market” tab.
  3. Browse through the live lorries available.
  4. Press “Book Now” and attach your truck load.
  5. Enter your Bid and send it across!

You can also track the booking status through the app. Vahak does not charge any fee, commissions or hidden costs. It is India’s first fully free road transport marketplace.

As we have seen, there are many types of trucks in use in India, and each serves a specific purpose. It is important for your truck load to be hauled into the kind of truck designed for it. It ensures optimum use of the truck’s capabilities and efficient transportation. Likewise, it also ensures that the truck or the truck load is not damaged due to improper use.

Vahak helps you match your load with suitable lorries all over India. Its online marketplace and directory help transporters expand their business nationwide and increase their profits.

Download Vahak and boost your business today!

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