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How To Increase Truck Mileage & Save Fuel

How To Increase Truck Mileage & Save Fuel

The fuel prices in India have recently gotten very high. If you drive a truck or own a fleet, then you are aware of how much fuel they consume. However, for transporting heavy cargo, there’s no better option than relying on trucks.

People usually trade their heavy-duty trucks with vehicles that utilize less fuel. However, if you are in the transport services field, your business needs trucks. A good way of improving truck mileage is to ensure your truck covers more distance with every full tank. This can be accomplished by modifying and also by utilizing best practices while driving.

How to enhance truck mileage and save fuel

There are a few things you can do to increase your truck mileage and save more fuel on your goods transport trips. Here are some tips:

1. Use the right kind of fuel

This may seem surprising to many at first, but using the wrong kind of fuel is one of the main reasons engine health decreases over time. To get better truck mileage, sometimes drivers choose cheaper and less efficient fuel. This ends up damaging the fuel efficiency and reducing the truck mileage in the long run. It’s better to choose a fuel that the truck manufacturer suggests.

2. Turning off the engine improves truck mileage

Another simple trick that is often overlooked, especially when drivers are stuck in traffic. Switching off your engine when not in use can go a long way in increasing your truck mileage.

3. Clean your fuel injectors regularly

A well-functioning fuel injector sprays a thinner mist of fuel than other injectors. This mist of fuel is much easier to ignite and increases truck mileage by utilizing all of the fuel that the fuel injector sprays into the cylinder.

4. Plan a short route to improve truck mileage

In addition to switching off the engine during traffic, it’s essential to avoid roads with a lot of traffic. If you already know your destination and the stops you need to make, you can plan your journey so that the shortest route covers it. You can use Google Maps and GPS apps for this! This will help your truck mileage.

5. Do not use the air conditioner often

Driving through the hot temperatures of the day can be very exhausting. Truck drivers also need to travel through various terrains full of dust and uphill climbs. Using an air conditioner significantly impacts your truck mileage. If used uphill, the engine needs to perform with higher capacity, resulting in more fuel usage. Whenever possible, switch off your air conditioner and roll down your windows, so you can save fuel and improve your truck mileage.

6. Keep your air filters clean

Dust and dirt usually accumulate within the air filters of the truck resulting in clogging. This tends to block the passage of airflow. Regular cleaning of your air filters will ensure your engine consistently receives airflow. This in turn increases the truck mileage.

7. Avoid truck overload

Transport services providers understand that loading more cargo per trip is the most economical choice. However, it is essential to note that every truck has a specific loading capacity. Overloading your truck with more cargo than the prescribed amount directly affects the health of your engine and subsequently the truck mileage.

8. Check the aerodynamics of your truck

The aerodynamics of any vehicle affects wind resistance and drag. This, in turn, affects the fuel consumption of your vehicle and the truck mileage. If you overload your truck, you may pile cargo on top of another, creating drag. The higher the drag, the more fuel your truck will consume. Ensure you don’t pile things upon the vehicle roof unless necessary.

9. Increase tyre pressure to improve truck mileage

Truck drivers often undervalue the importance of tyres and their role in increasing their truck mileage. Low tyre pressure adds resistance, forcing your engine to consume more fuel. That’s why it is recommended to keep the tyre inflated at stipulated air pressure levels or higher. Try and make a habit of checking your truck’s tyre pressure once every week or before long journeys. You can easily find the correct tyre pressure level for your vehicle by looking at the driver’s side door details.

10. Regular shop maintenance of your truck

Often overlooked by many, timely maintenance and preventive care can do wonders for your truck and the truck mileage. Check your truck for wheel alignment, engine tuning, etc., as these all affect the mileage of your vehicle.

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