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How To Create a Profile on the Vahak Transport App

How To Create a Profile on the Vahak Transport App

In India, the logistics services sector has been an offline business for a long time. As someone entering into the transport industry, it is common to have queries such as ‘Does building a brand take years of experience?’ or ‘How do we network in the logistics sector?’

Usually, success comes with establishing a brand name, which takes time and manpower. If this has got you worried regarding increasing your business, fear not, for this is where the Vahak app comes in.

With Vahak, an online transportation platform specifically for the logistics industry, one can engage in online load booking and online truck booking, while growing their network.

Get Started with the Vahak App, in 5 Simple Steps

Vahak is India’s biggest and most trusted transport community. Vahak helps truck owners, load owners and transport agents/brokers connect and transact easily on a single platform. From online load booking and truck booking to networking, there are a number of features users get with Vahak.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started with Vahak, an online load and truck booking app for the transport community.

Sign up to Enter the Community of Transporters

Download the Vahak app on the PlayStore. The next steps to follow are:

● Sign up using the business mobile number, and submit the name of your logistics company.

● Choose which service you are providing (if you are a truck operator providing truck transportation services, or a shipper, looking for transportation services).

● Provide details such as company name and the city operating in.

Access the Marketplace

The marketplace section of the Vahak app has queries and requests from various shippers across the country who are looking for online load booking and online truck booking. If you operate on a specific route, the app allows you to view transport requests, specific to your route with the Advanced Search filter.

● The transport marketplace consists of various shippers, with their shipping requests and estimated cost.

● It consists of two divisions, Live Load Market, where you can bid for the load, and Live Lorry Market where you can advertise the type of lorry and the route.

● On the load market, requests will include information such as route, the product to be transported, lorry requirement, contact details and a ‘Book Now’ option.

● Choose the preferred route that you operate in (for example, if your usual routes are from Bangalore to Kolkata, you can choose the same among the options to receive orders for this route)

Bidding on Orders is a Tap Away

If you find a certain request or a route that works for you, the Vahak app allows you to reach out to the shipper or owner of the goods by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ option.

● To bid on an order, click on ‘Book Now’.

● You will be asked to give details such as your bid rate (which can be higher or lower than the shipper’s price), and options to indicate if your service is immediately available.

● You can also choose your fixed price for the entire load or each ton.

● Click ‘Bid Now’, and your details related to the order will be shared with the shipper.

Credible Profile, For Better Leads

It is recommended to verify your business by completing your GST and Aadhaar KYC. Filling all parts of the profile helps your profile stand out.

● Provide details and link Aadhar, to complete KYC registration.

● Add the company’s year of establishment with a brief description.

● Select the routes you operate on regularly.

● Add the type of lorries or fleet you own, the preferred city, lorry number, and capacity of lorries.

● Add the business address.

● Add FAQs to help your customers.

Due to the shift from offline to online, the logistics market, like any other market, works based on trust between the shipper and the logistics provider. Hence, adding some of these details can help your profile stand out and achieve verified leads.

Build Your Network

Building connections in the industry, whether offline or online is important. With the Vahak app, you can ensure that you do not miss out on the offline networking experience.

● Click on the ‘Network’ section of the Vahak app to view other logistic providers.

● Click on ‘Connect’, to send a network request.

● Communication with other transportation service providers is essential as it helps build leads, gain experience, and tips throughout your logistic provider journey.

With the Vahak app, creating a reliable brand online is now achievable, with chances of increasing revenue as well. As a marketplace that is 100% free, with no commissions, Vahak bridges the gap between transporters and shippers. With the latest technology, we ensure that your truck booking or service-providing process is safe, secure and completely private. To get your business from traditional to digital, Vahak app is the way to go!

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