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How to Build Your Logistics Services Company Online Using Vahak

How to Build Your Logistics Services Company Online Using Vahak

Every industry needs good quality logistics services to succeed. From sourcing materials to shipping it after manufacturing, businesses need the help of reliable logistics services providers. And with the help of transport apps like Vahak, growing a logistics company is easy.

Today, transport services are slowly becoming digital. This is why it is important for your logistics services business to also have a presence online. From booking loads online to making an online logistics services brand – anything is possible today! Several transport apps and online logistics marketplaces are available today, that help transport businesses find leads and increase their revenue!

Here are the benefits your logistics services company gets on transport marketplaces like Vahak:

Make an online logistics services brand

Lakhs of Indians use transport apps today. By registering your logistics services business on a transport app like Vahak, you can find loads online, network with other transporters and increase your revenue.

On the Vahak app, more than 10 lakh businesses will see your profile, connect with you and book your trucks for transporting their goods. By creating an online logistics services brand, you will be able to reach over 15,000 locations PAN-India and find loads on all routes!

Get rates, reviews and revenue online

You don’t need directories anymore! When your logistics services business is present on a transport app like Vahak, you can get:

  • Live rates for different loads
  • Bids from multiple businesses
  • Ratings and 5-star reviews
  • Lorry tracking facilities

These features will help you grow your logistics services business online and increase your monthly profits by 5x.

PAN-India network and connection

If you run your logistics services business offline, you will only find leads in your local area. But with transport apps, you will be able to grow your business PAN-India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you will find loads from all states for your logistics services business. This will help you get maximum revenue for your trucks and make connections with top businesses all over India.

One-on-One dealing and payment

Connect, deal and get payment directly from businesses. Vahak helps you remove middlemen so you can run your logistics services one-on-one. Online load booking on Vahak lets you get the best rate for your truck and get the payment online, to your bank account.

Manage your business online

You can manage your entire logistics services online. With Vahak, you can:

  • Track your lorry postings and bids from other businesses
  • Attach your lorries to Vahak and get business daily
  • Add transporters to your online network and deal with them

And a lot more! You can run your entire transport business online using transport apps and increase your monthly revenue.

India is heading towards a digital future. Make your logistics services brand today and you can get 100+ loads for your trucks every month. Deal without commissions and middlemen! Register on Vahak today for free and:

  • Post your truck details on Vahak
  • Get 10+ bids within 20 minutes
  • Connect with businesses and deal directly
  • Build your transport network
  • Grow your business PAN-India
  • Increase your monthly income

Join India’s largest transport marketplace today and grow your logistics services business.

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