How Is QR Code Generated?

What Are The Qr Codes Used For, And Are They Secure?

Nowadays, QR codes are present almost everywhere, from food service menus to the doors of restroom stalls.  India’s consumers are among the most open to adopting new digital payment technologies, with 93% likely to have done so recently. More than 50% of these digital transactions used QR codes or applications for sending money online because they were so convenient and thus, popular. Know in detail how a QR code can be beneficial for you.

A QR code is a kind of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode). A device optical marker known as a barcode can include data about the object to which it is connected. In reality, QR codes frequently contain information for a tracker, location, or identifier that directs users to an application or website.

How To Generate a QR Code For A UPI Payment? 

A company can generate a QR code by going through a few easy procedures, such as signing up on the website, entering the necessary information, downloading the printout, and sticking it wherever they wish. 

Further, you will know about creating a QR code in the article below.

QR code serves multiple purposes. Amongst all, one of its key uses is the contactless and seamless transfer of funds in real time.  For instance, if you want to make a payment to your loading service provider but run out of physical cash, the best possible alternative is scanning and paying through a QR code where the money is directly transferred from your bank account in real time. Thus, the QR code is considered a crucial element nowadays for the transfer of funds. 

How Do You Generate Your QR Code? 

You can create your QR code with any application, paid or free. You just need to register and fill in the information that you need to present to customers.

Add QR codes to your business if you want to keep up with the competition in the market. It is affordable, simple to set up, easy for UPI payment, and super convenient. 

How Do QR Codes Work?

A quick response code is shortened to a “QR code.” The camera app in most of advanced smartphones can be used to scan this square-shaped, black-and-white sign to obtain more information about any business goods or services. Content, links, discounts, event information, and other desired pieces of information can all be stored in these encrypted squares. 

Not every QR code has an exact square shape. They occasionally have distinctive designs, hues, and branding visible within. They can be found in non-digital places such as email marketing, advertising, billboards, and even Tv programs where you can use your phone to scan the code on the screen.

It’s No Secret Why QR Codes Are So Popular. But how do they work, And How Can You Develop One For Your Marketing Initiative? 

Suppose a person notices a QR code on a logistics advertisement and wishes to learn more about the same. To do so, he/she can simply pull out their smartphone, use a free QR code scanning tool, or simply tap the camera to take a picture of the QR code. 

Once the QR code is scanned, it’ll direct the user to the correct address serving as a single stop for all the information that the person needs about that particular logistics business. Quite simple, right? 

Many well-known companies are using QR codes to facilitate client purchases. Coca-Cola, for instance, developed contact-free soda dispensers that dispense drinks using QR codes. In its flagship location, Nike utilizes QR codes on mannequins so that customers can scan them to receive items in their size. Additionally, Disney World Resorts removed wasteful menus by adding QR codes to all of its restaurants. 

How Do I Generate A QR Code For UPI Payments?

Post Covid, customers’ demand for contactless payment options has increased. Thus, it becomes very crucial for your business to have a QR code. So let’s take a look at the process of generating a QR code:

  1. Register with any application that generates QR codes Payments 

  2. Choose the content for your QR code: Choose from a wide range of alternatives, including PDFs, menus, videos, business cards, websites, and applications.

  3. Create and modify whatever you want: Use a QR generator after entering all the data to create a one-of-a-kind QR code. 

  4. To activate your Auto Collect account, upload documentation. 

  5. Produce several UPI VPAs using the dashboard or the application; after the VPAs are created, create UPI QR codes using the application. 

  6. Print a UPI QR code after downloading from the dashboard, then take payment.

How Can QR Codes Be Useful

QR codes have more uses than we can count. To name a few-

  • Investigates each transaction’s history in detail, including the UPI ID, transaction ID, date, amount, and payment status for the business unit. 
  • With simple-to-read graphs and accessible custom reports, keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly activities. 

  • Real-time tracking of payment settlements  

  • Establishes the split proportion between the office, franchisee, department, and headquarters and makes payments. 

  • Net banking Transactions: You don’t need to carry around wallets or physical cards. With UPI codes, cardless payments are simple to complete. To make payments instantaneously, simply use the QR scanner on your smartphone to scan the dynamic QR code. Additionally, it enables the conversion of links into QR codes for payment acceptance. 

What Separates A Static QR Code From A Dynamic One?

Static QR codes are immutable, and their scans cannot be monitored. Contrarily, dynamic codes let you make modifications even after they have been generated, including updating their content, altering their appearance, changing links, and fixing different issues. The latter also lets you keep track of how many scans were performed. 

Place Your QR Code Where Users Can Easily Scan It.

Place QR codes in areas where people can easily scan them and have enough time to do so. Although you might frequently encounter QR codes on billboards and TV advertising, those aren’t exactly the sites that are the most user-friendly. Encouraging people to use their phones to scan a code while driving is a safety risk, and a 30-second commercial may not be long enough for someone to locate their phone and scan the TV.  

Instead, consider locations where customers will have the opportunity and time to scan the code. Additionally, areas with a strong Wi-Fi signal will be helpful. 

Don’t Just Use One Smartphone Scanner To Read Your QR Code.

Do not provide a specific scanner for QR codes. Any reader should be able to read your QR code, so it should be app-neutral. Success is more likely for both, you and the user when there is a lower barrier to entry.


The QR code is an important component of modern retail and restaurant operations because it gives customers proactive methods to engage with businesses and stay safe. Additionally, they can assist you in providing the experiences that clients seek. To put it another way, QR codes enable customers to interact with your business by just using the camera app on their mobile phones. To promote your company, project, or event in the real world, follow the instructions in this article and use Vahak app to generate QR code for UPI payments.    

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