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Do You Know Which Is The Best 6-Wheeler Truck In India?

Best 6-wheeler trucks in India

Along with the boom in the transport and logistics industry, there has also been an upsurge in the types of trucks available. There are multiple categories like light commercial vehicles, medium commercial vehicles and even heavy commercial vehicles, depending on their payload capacity and GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). With such a variety of vehicles on offer, it can get difficult and confusing for anyone to narrow down the best 6-wheel truck in India.

Did you know that as per a report, the Indian trucking industry is expected to grow at least 4 times by the year 2050? Did you know that the production of heavy commercial trucks has almost doubled since the year 2020? It is also worth noting that the sale of heavy commercial vehicles has the highest market share among different categories of vehicles. With such positive data and statistics, it is understandable why you, as a transport company owner, would want to invest in nothing less than the best 6-wheeler truck in India.

We understand the technical specifications of vehicles and know them inside out. Thus, to share our knowledge with you, we are here talking about the best 6-chakka truck you can find that will give you value for the money invested. Realising your business goals becomes easier when you have the right equipment to propel you further. So, let’s get started with our detailed review of the best 6-wheel truck in India, that can make your transport business profitable with its operational efficiency. 

Tata 1512 LPT

Tata 1512 LPT is a 6-chakka HCV which is a robust, performance-oriented truck. You can consider enhancing your fleet with this reliable vehicle equipped with advanced technology. Let’s take a look at the 6-wheeler truck specifications from the house of TATA Motors and see what makes it stand apart from the rest. 

Technical Features

  •  This model comes equipped with a 3.3 L NG BS6 complying inline water-cooled direct injection diesel engine coupled with an intercooler.

  •  This 3300cc 6-wheeler truck generates a max torque of 390 Nm @ 1000-2000 rpm.

  • The TATA 1512 LPT gains reliability and power from its BS6-compliant emission and the DNA of the BS 4  engine.

  • Its telescopic and tiltable steering makes it easier to drive in narrow lanes. 

  • The 5-speed gearbox is furnished with a gear shift advisor that suggests the truck driver to timely change the gear, thereby giving you better mileage on longer trips. 

  • The single plate dry friction type clutch with 330 mm dia helps the vehicle to function adequately during the loading conditions when the torque is high. 

  • With an 8300mm turning radius, navigating the truck through difficult roads gets smooth.

  • The 160-litre capacity fuel tank has a 20-litre AdBlue tank as well. The mileage of this truck model is around 6-6.5 kmpl.

  • Bid adieu to bumpy and uneven rides with Tata 1512 LPT’s parabolic semi-elliptical leaf springs and shock absorbers that give you a smooth ride. 

  • Complying with BS 6 emission norms, this one is indeed one of the best 6-wheeler trucks in India. 

Overall Design/Built

  • Being a heavy commercial vehicle, it has a good GVW of 16020 Kg, which is further divided into 10200 Kg of RAW and 5820 Kg of FAW weight.

  • Since the truck is big in dimensions, it has a payload capacity of 10550 Kg, way more than other 6-wheelers. 

  • The body cabin is highly customisable, depending on your requirements. It has a chassis with a cabin. The steel-body day cabin, with tiltable cabin steering, is sturdy yet comfortable. 

  • The truck has load body dimensions of 6095mm*2425mm*2165mm in length, breadth and width, respectively. 

  • The ground clearance of 225 mm and wheelbase of 4200mm makes for an easy and effortless drive even through rough terrains.

  • The 9 R 20 – 16 PR radial front and rear tyres give a wider tread, better grip, and lesser rolling stability. The sturdy sidewall of the tyres enables enough lateral holding power.

  • This 6-wheeler has a heavy-duty forged IBeam front axle in reverse Elliot type, while the rear axle is Fully floating TATA RA108R (RAR – 5.857) Benjo type heavy duty.


  • TATA has made many variants of this truck available to consumers. Depending on your individual requirement, you can choose the one that suits you the best. Following are the options given – CAB, HSD, CLB/FSD, Containers, and Reefers, among others. ,

  • Designed with the latest innovation in telematics, this is one of the best 6-wheeler trucks in India, that has been manufactured with 21.84% of gradability.

  • Some of the other special features of the truck include – a USB port, a message screen for the driver, ignition and facia with illumination, reverse parking buzzer, ergonomically designed accelerators, brakes and clutch, etc.  

Vehicle Application/Area of Use

TATA 1512 LPT is such a versatile vehicle that it can be invariably used in almost all applications of the segment. Be it FMCG, ore and mining, construction material, beverages, fruits and vegetables, and poultry, the truck is good for carrying anything and everything. Now, you know why this one is considered the best 6-tyre truck in India!


This powerhouse of a vehicle can be a valuable addition to your fleet. If your ultimate goal is to accelerate your business, then this is just the right HCV that you need. It is fuel efficient, performance-oriented, robust, and reliable. The price of TATA 1512 LPT ranges between Rs. 27.5 lakhs and 28.4 lakhs. However, the on-road price may vary because of the different taxation amounts in different states. Moreover, it will also depend on the city or state you are in, the seller you are buying from, the add-on features you opt for, and the like. 

We hope you are now better informed about the technical specifications of the best 6-wheeler truck in India – TATA 1512 LPT. In case you are trying to book this truck, you can get in touch with our team at Vahak. As an online transport community, Vahak brings together truck owners/drivers and load-owners, helping them network and gain business opportunities. 

So what are you waiting for? Get going and book your truck, with Vahak!

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