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Do You Have A Chota Hathi For Your Transport Business? 

Chota Hathi Pickup for commercial purpose

A fleet of vehicles is the backbone of a transport business. The right vehicle can help you expand your business and scale the heights of success. However, one wrong move is choosing your commercial vehicles, and you have greater expenses and lesser operational efficiency. This makes it imperative for you to wisely choose your fleet of vehicles. The Chota Hathi pickup truck is one such vehicle that you can blindly trust for all your transportation needs. Why? Let’s understand this better with a thorough analysis of the vehicle.

We understand the significance of a vehicle and its performance in establishing a transportation business. That’s why we’re here to help you select the best pickup truck that can give wings to your business goals. After our thorough research in the Indian transport and logistics sector, we have found the Chota Hathi pickup truck to be a perfect fit for transporters. If you want to invest in a dependable and performance-oriented truck, then this has to be your pick. Let’s see what makes it the perfect buy for you!

Chota Hathi 

The Chota Hathi series from Tata Motors comes in nine flagship models, also popularly known as Tata Ace. The bestselling model out of the nine models in the entire series is the Tata Ace Gold mini truck. The series belongs to the light commercial vehicles (LCV) category and is apt for small businesses trying to make it big in the transportation sector. Let’s now proceed to take a look at its technical features and specifications.

Technical Features

One look at the technical features of the Chota Hathi Pickup, and you will know why we are telling you what we are telling you. The Tata Ace Gold comes in seven variants, each better than the other. Let’s see what goes into it to make it a bestselling truck:

  • The Tata Ace Gold is powered by a 694 cc, 2-cylinder naturally aspirated DI engine.
  • The robust engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 20 hp at 3600 rpm, and its peak torque is 45 Nm at 1800 rpm.
  • The manual 4-speed gearbox ensures smoother driving and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Tata Ace Gold comes equipped with a single-plate, dry friction clutch of the diaphragm type to give a better operational performance.
  • The 4300-mm turning radius makes it easier for the driver to navigate in congested areas.
  • The Chota Hathi fuel tank capacity of 26 litres will lessen your trips to the petrol pumps for frequent refuelling.
  • If high mileage is something you are looking for in your vehicle, then the Chota Hathi average of 23–24 kmpl will be perfect for you.
  • The model’s parabolic and semi-elliptic front and rear leaf springs are specially configured for heavy load-carrying vehicles.
  • The BS-VI emission norm-compliant engine makes it an environment-friendly vehicle too.

Overall Design/Built

  • The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the Tata Ace Gold is 1510 kg, while the Chota Hathi’s loading capacity is 750 kg.
  • The chassis with a cabin is specially designed for the comfort of drivers, even during long journeys. Spacious and equipped with convenient features, the cabin makes the rides easier. A comfortable seat and ample legroom, as well as headroom, make the cabin roomy.
  • The overall length, breadth, and height of the Tata Ace Gold are 3800 mm, 1500 mm, and 1845 mm, respectively, when the vehicle is unladen.
  • The 150 mm of ground clearance makes it easy to drive through difficult and undulating terrain.
  • It comes in low deck and flatbed body types, which are required for the smooth transportation of cargo and shipments. Featuring a sturdy ladder-frame chassis and a bolted body, the Tata Ace Gold is a durable and structurally stable vehicle.
  • The Chota Hathi Pickup comes with a rugged truck-like chassis frame, which makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • With the optimal wheelbase of 2100 mm, the vehicle load gets evenly distributed, thereby keeping the vehicle stable and secure.
  • No matter how bad the roads are, with its 145R12 LT 8PR tubeless tyres in radial types, the driver has optimal control over the vehicle.


  • When it comes to driving, safety comes first. To ensure maximum safety for the driver and co-passengers, the vehicle comes equipped with hydraulic brakes. The C51’s calliper front disc brakes and rear drum brakes make for an advanced braking system. Additionally, the parking brakes and seat belts add to safety.
  • Tata Ace Gold also has additional features such as a digital clock, an adjustable driver seat, a charging point, a speedometer and a fuel gauge, a display for driver information, and telematics, among others, to ensure you have the latest technology and its benefits.

Vehicle Application/Area of Use

  • The Chota Hathi Pickup is apt for transporting commercial and industrial goods such as fruits and vegetables, grains, FMCG, etc. The vehicle is capable of meeting your expectations with its powerful performance and deliverables.

Our Verdict

If good mileage and consistent performance on a budget are what you are looking for, then the Tata Ace Gold is the right vehicle for you. If you are planning to buy a new commercial vehicle for your business requirements or are willing to replace an older one, then this should be your top choice. Affordable and low on maintenance—these are the two factors that make it a hit with transporters. Tata Ace Gold is available within the price range of 4.21 to 6.69 lakhs. However, you should ask your dealer for the on-road price, which may vary.

At Vahak, there are numerous such vehicles available for booking. As a business owner, if you are looking for a reliable Chota Hathi pickup for shipping your load, then you can get in touch with our team. Vahak is an online transport community where truck owners and business owners come together to explore opportunities for their growth. Mini trucks such as the Tata Ace Gold, among many other vehicles, are easily available for hassle-free booking only at Vahak!

So stop waiting and contact our team now!

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