Did You Know You Could Do These With Your Truck By Using GPS Tracking Devices?

GPS system in trucks

Are you, as a transport owner, finding it difficult to manage your fleet of vehicles? Are you struggling with tracking your vehicles and efficiently profiting from your transport and logistics business? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you how you can manage your vehicles and streamline your transport business better with a GPS tracking device. 

What is the use of GPS, you may ask. How does it help ensure the optimal use of vehicles and systematic business operations? Let us inform you that the GPS system in trucks is a significant factor in optimising trucking operations notifying you where your vehicles are at all times. But there’s more to it than this. So, let’s dive straight into the topic and see how to use a GPS tracker adequately.

What Is GPS?

GPS is a navigation system based on information collected by satellites regarding different travel locations. GPS tracking devices receive data from satellites to provide information regarding traffic conditions, a vehicle’s location, and its movement in real time, among other things. 

As a shipping company owner, you can have a GPS tracking device installed in your vehicles to trace their location. 

What Is The Use Of GPS System In Trucks?

As a transport company owner, you need to understand how you can maximise your profits and benefit from technological advancement. Truck owners can ensure the efficient use of their vehicles through GPS tracking devices, thereby achieving their business goals. So, let’s look at the advantages of GPS tracker applications.

  1. GPS trackers can help digitise the process and cut down operational costs. These trackers give easy access to real-time, which matters the most for the business. With such valuable data, companies can counter issues and reduce their operational costs.  It can digitally collect the relevant data like despatch of the consignment, delivery of the cargo, challans, billing, inventory, etc., to help smoothen the administrative work. 

  2. With GPS systems in trucks, transport service providers find it easier to reduce fuel costs. They can figure out how and when the vehicles are being used and keep a check on rash driving behaviours, as some GPS trackers alert against speeding and reckless driving, too. With GPS systems, optimal use of fuel is possible since they suggest the best route for any given location. With proper route planning, you can assign a task to the nearest vehicle and lower your expenses on fuel.

  3. The idle time of a vehicle can be regulated with GPS tracker applications. Idle time refers to the time when the vehicle’s engine is running even though the vehicle is not moving. The idle time increases the fuel consumption of vehicles and adds to the expenses. With GPS tracking devices, you can monitor your fleet and curb idle time. Rerouting the vehicle to avoid traffic is another major advantage of using GPS trackers. 

  4. GPS devices enable you to optimise your route. Since you know the exact location of your trucks, you can plan and optimise the route to save time and fuel. You can keep a check on the traffic conditions in real-time to avoid entering congested areas. 

  5. Get more productive with GPS systems in trucks and get more work done in much lesser time. Transport service providers can monitor the entire fleet and collect information regarding the time spent while loading/unloading, and take steps to make the drivers more productive. Similarly, you can prevent unauthorised use of the vehicles or identify when the driver is running personal errands or side jobs, which can be detrimental to your business. Hence, you can check the driver’s performance and extend your support in improving it further. 

  6. If there has to be one biggest advantage of using GPS devices, it has to be recovering the loss/thefts. With a GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle, you can track the vehicle and its location even when it is lost or stolen. Moreover, any unauthorised use or activity can also be identified using the GPS system. Instant alerts and location tracking can be counted in as the top benefit of using GPS devices in trucks. 

  7. GPS devices help in ensuring improved customer satisfaction. Knowing the exact location of the vehicle gives a rough estimate of the delivery time. This reduces the client’s wait time as they know when to expect the delivery of their goods. Moreover, with GPS trackers, the clients get real-time updates on the delivery, allowing for a quick response time in case of any issues. 

Considering the various benefits of having GPS trackers in place, more and more truck owners are getting these integrated into their vehicles. 


We are sure now you have more clarity on what is the use of GPS and how to use GPS trackers to increase your vehicle’s efficiency. By tracking your truck’s movement, you can optimise your operations and increase your productivity. This productivity is the key to your profitability. You may lose out on opportunities if your fleet is not working methodically. 

In case you have any other queries regarding managing your transport business, finding loads for your trucks, or booking a vehicle, you can get in touch with our team at Vahak. As an online transport community, Vahak is well-known in the field for giving exposure and business opportunities to transport ventures. 

So, the next time you have any logistics concerns, you know we are just a click away!

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