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Buying Second-Hand Pick-Up Truck Just Got Safer? How? Find It Here!

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When Mr Shah, a transport company owner, wanted to further his business, he considered adding vehicles to his fleet. But, his budget restraints did not leave him enough scope to invest a lump sum. It was his friend Mr Agarwal, then, who advised him to buy second-hand pick-up trucks as they are much more reasonably priced. With his guided assistance, Mr Shah not only realised his dream of owning a larger fleet but also landed some really good deals that proved worth the money. 

In Mr Shah’s case, it was his friend’s experience-based insights that held him in good stead. He knew that things could go horribly wrong while buying a used pick-up truck if some areas were not paid enough attention to. So he chose to follow what his friend said, and contrary to his beliefs, he found a good second-hand vehicle at an even better price! With Mr Shah, it was his presence of mind coupled with Mr Agarwal’s knowledge that helped them bag a good deal.

We understand investing in a second-hand pick-up truck can be a risky affair. There might be a number of questions troubling you regarding the condition of the vehicle – where can I buy second-hand pick-up trucks? Are they safe? What is the standard second-hand pick-up price? These, and a lot more, can make things confusing. That’s why, in this blog, we have listed a few pointers that you need to take care of before you take the plunge. Read on and bear these in mind before you buy a pick-up truck.

Things To Remember Before Buying Second-Hand Pick-Up Truck

  1. Always buy a pre-owned vehicle through a trusted dealer. You are very likely to come across frauds and scamsters posing as truck owners trying to sell their vehicles off. Do not all in their trap of lucrative offers. Dealers can help you settle with a good deal, guide you through the documentation process, and provide after-sales services, too. Buying through a dealer will also have the seal of safety and reliability on it.
  2. Try to find out the age of the second-hand pick-up truck. Some banks that offer financing have the vehicle age limited to 10 years. Older vehicles might need to renew emission policies. Moreover, in case of any mishap, you might face difficulty in finding a replacement part for older models of trucks. 
  3. Take a careful look at the engine of the automobile. Old engines often leak because of damaged oil rings. On the contrary, clean engines will tell you about the periodical maintenance history of the vehicle. It is always a good idea to buy a well-maintained second-hand pick-up truck.
  4. Do not forget to check some of the vital parts of the truck. Keep an eye out for any kind of damage to the clutch, axles, brakes, leaf spring and shocker, or air tank. These are the lifelines of a vehicle and any serious damage to these, no matter how well-repaired it is, will have an effect on the overall performance of the truck. 
  5. Ask the seller about the warranty and the insurance of the truck before you seal the deal. Company warranty covers various internal damages to the vehicle. Knowing about the duration of the warranty can help you save the repair cost. Similarly, commercial vehicle insurances help with funds in a time of need.
  6. A used truck can be high on maintenance. Carrying tonnes of cargo and travelling thousands of kilometres might take a toll on the body of the truck. The load section of the truck needs to be well-maintained so that you don’t end up spending a hefty amount on fixing it. 
  7. The condition of every single part is of paramount importance in keeping the vehicle running for long. Check the lubes, oils, and coolants before you buy a second-hand pick-up truck. Make sure that old gummy diesel has not blocked the engine. Having a thorough knowledge of the overall condition of the vehicle will keep you prepared for the upcoming expenses.
  8. A functional brake system is something that cannot be negotiated. Take a careful look at the brake pedals to check they are not worn out. 
  9. It is easy to overlook the condition of tires that carry the entire weight of the vehicle. The condition of the tires, and the wear and tear, will tell you about the truck’s usage, and the driver’s driving patterns. Rash and aggressive driving will have a negative impact on the overall vehicle, no matter how well it is presented before you.
  10. If possible, take someone along with you to inspect the vehicle. It is a good idea to ask your mechanic to carefully inspect the vehicle and give you an estimate of the repairing or servicing costs that you might need to bear. A professional eye can judge the vehicle well, and tell you of the number of repairs it needs. You can even go for a test drive to gauge the vehicle better and see how the driving experience is. 
  11. The most important thing to be kept in mind is to check there are no legal cases or complaints pending against the second-hand pick-up truck being sold. If you are buying through a trusted dealer, chances are there won’t be any. However,  cross-check and confirm the same to avoid any fiasco later.


Buying a second-hand pick-up truck might look like a bumpy ride to begin with. But once you embark on that journey, with the right preparation, you reach your destination. So if you want to buy a truck, but lack enough funds for the same, go for a second-hand pick-up truck. Just keep your eyes open for these things, and you will do good.

In case you are still unsure about where to buy a second-hand truck, you can get in touch with our team at Vahak. Vahak acts as a connecting link between truck owners, shopping service providers, and business owners so that they can network, connect, and interact with each other to discover newer business opportunities. Needless to say, with Vahak, you need not worry about anything related to the transport and logistics sector. 

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