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Best Rest Houses for Indian Truck Drivers on National Highways

Best Rest Houses for Indian Truck Drivers on National Highways

Did you know that truck drivers account for 40% of the total road accidents annually on Indian national highways? Due to such incidents, logistics services providers frequently have to face huge losses. Road accidents in the logistics business break the supply chain and affect customers and logistics services providers severely.

The damage caused to trucks in such events become a severe financial burden to truck drivers and truck transportation services providers. More such accidents often result in a decline in the number of truck drivers due to accidental deaths.

In India, the current truck to driver ratio is 1:0.6, which means there are two drivers per truck. Unfortunately, the number of truck drivers is diminishing every year, which ultimately affects shippers’ business and results in delays and damage of goods.

This can be solved jointly by logistics service companies, the State Government, and the Central Government by establishing dedicated restrooms for truck drivers. But, before getting to the possible solutions, you should be aware of the roots of the problem.

Why road accidents occur:

1. Lack of sleep:

Sleep deprivation is the biggest cause for road accidents. According to official reports, around 23% of road accidents happen because truck drivers fall asleep on the wheel. Sleep deprivation in truck drivers is caused due to overworking. Drivers are usually exhausted and have no time to rest and rejuvenate for their next road trip. Lack of sleep often deteriorates the health of truck drivers and makes them less efficient. And naturally, if you are in the transport business, you wouldn’t want to hand over your goods to an inefficient truck driver. This becomes the most common reason for road accidents on national and state highways.

2. Unavailability of lorries and driver:

Due to the imbalanced ratios of truck drivers to lorries, there is a supply-demand gap in logistics services. It becomes quite hectic for shippers to arrange lorries for their loads frequently. Consequently, it often turns out to be an overload of goods. With lesser drivers per truck, the shipper depends on only a handful of lorries service providers.

3. Bad health of drivers:

Sleep deprivation often leads to the health deterioration of truck drivers. But it is not the only factor that is responsible for the poor health of truck drivers. According to recent reports, 53% of truck drivers suffer from significant health issues. About 18% suffer from a physical health issue, and 12% from a mental health issue. Lack of sleep affects driver’s health and even makes existing health conditions more severe.

4. Overloading of goods:

The unavailability of lorries and truck drivers often results in the overloading of goods. The absence of a genuine professional network causes these issues. It makes it much harder for lorries to locate loads and vice versa, thus increasing their dependence on a smaller number of lorries.

5. Poorly maintained vehicles:

A well-maintained truck during delivery ensures the timely and safe delivery of goods. On the other hand, an ill-maintained truck results in a delay of service and, sometimes, even road accidents. Overloading of goods affects malfunctioning of the lorry and often accounts for brake failure.

Your truck battery also needs to be healthy to avoid performance issues! Read our guide on truck battery change to know more.

6. Lack of National Highway lodges:

It is clear from the nature of the shipment business that it often includes long journeys to deliver goods. It increases the travelling time and often results in a lack of sleep for truck drivers. Improper resting infrastructure and lack of basic amenities in a long commute make a driver’s experience negative, and directly affects their efficiency.

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What Is the solution?

a. Availability of National Highway Lodges:

Proper, well-structured lodges or restrooms with adequate amenities on National Highways & Expressways is the need of the hour. Logistics services companies, State Governments, and the Central Government should build such infrastructure dedicated to truck drivers. Cleaned and well-maintained lodges will solve the problems of truck drivers in the shipping business.

It should also become an industry-standard in the logistics services business to adapt this restroom concept for truck drivers.

Currently, truck drivers use small restaurants and National Highways Dhabas on the National for their stay, which is not convenient. Long commute truck drivers often have to pay a hefty amount for their lodge. It becomes inconvenient for truck drivers, and they end up avoiding resting, which leads to sleep deprivation and other health-related issues. The Indian Government intends to build such well-equipped resting lodges, vehicle maintenance service centres, and bathrooms to emphasise the role of truck drivers in contributing to the nation’s economic development. Logistics service providers could also play a crucial role in truck drivers’ journey by providing all the necessary health facilities by providing well-established rest houses dedicated entirely to truck drivers.

b. Medical Facility for Truck drivers:

The slogan ‘Jay Jawan Jay Kissan, Jay Sarthi Jay Bharti’ of the All India Transport Welfare Association (AITWA) indicates the importance and a significant role of truck drivers in the logistics services sector. It also stresses the importance of inclusivity in national economic development. As a result, tracking and supplying health services inside rest houses during the commute will be beneficial. It would improve their effectiveness, resulting in fewer casualties.

c. Fixed minimum sleep hours:

Bounded travelling time per day for truck drivers would greatly help them. It will help to deal with sleep deprivation and avoid hazardous road accidents. There should be a rational policy from the logistics services companies and lorry service companies to provide fixed minimum sleep hours to their truck drivers during the delivery.

d. Limited loading of goods on the truck:

Overloading of goods on trucks accounts for 22% of road accidents annually. It breaks the supply chain of logistics services, who then have to incur severe losses. For every two trucks, we have only one driver. To fill the gap and solve those issues, logistics services providers and lorry owners should use online truck booking apps like Vahak.

It would reduce the dependence on random agents and enable lorry and logistics service providers to communicate more effectively.

e. Strict rules for drivers fitness certificates:

Adhering to the stringent rule of driver’s fitness certificates would significantly improve the workflow of logistics services. It would allow logistics service providers to choose fit drivers for a long route, leading to fewer road accidents on their way.

Here is a comprehensive list of Rest houses on various Indian National Highways:

National Highway


Rest house Location



At 29-30 km (LHS) of NH-11, Jaipur-Agra Section, Sunari, near Bharatpur, Rajasthan


Uttar Pradesh

at 433-510 km to 433-688 (L.H.S), Kanpur  to Etawah Section of NH 2, Shahzadpur, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh.


Uttar Pradesh

at 192-600 km (LHS), Lucknow-Muzaffarnagar Section of NH-28, Futahia, Basti, Uttar Pradesh



at 209-100 km LHS of Forbesganj to Simrahi section of NH-57, Garhia village, Pratapganj Tehsil, Supaul dist., Bihar.


Madhya Pradesh

at  63-300km (RHS) of  NH-3 of  Indore Khalghat Section, Lodhipur village, Dharmapuri Tehsil, Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh



at  19-600 km (on both sides RHS + LHS) of NH-7, near Dongargaon Village, Nagpur ; Pandharkawada Sectio



at  589-731 km (LHS) of NH-4, Belgaum ; Maharashtra Border Section, Koganoli village, Chikkodi Taluk, Belgaum Dist, Karnataka


Andhra Pradesh

at 387-388km (LHS) of Anantapur: Bangalore Section of NH; 7, Regatipalli Village, Dharmavaram, Anantapur dist., Andhra Pradesh


Tamil Nadu

at  243-170km, NH-7, Madurai to Kanyakumari Section, Road End, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu


Providing well-equipped rest houses to truck drivers would enhance the growth of the logistics services companies. It would address problems such as drivers’ sleep loss, routine truck maintenance inspection, and improve their reliability by offering medical facilities in the rest houses. Using an online truck booking app will solve the deficiency of truck drivers and connect them with logistics service providers. By doing this, logistics services providers do not have to incur losses due to the overloading of trucks.

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