Benefits Of Using UPI

UPI Payments Turned As A Boon For Digital Transactions

Transport companies have been expanding and becoming more compatible with online transactions for their transportation services. For instance, if you are a truck transporter in need of urgent cash but have no wallet with you, then the UPI payment comes in handy. Thus, due to its ease of access, more and more transporters are now adapting and relying on this payment method.

Under this new payment system, your smartphone can act as a virtual debit card. The use of digital wallets has been completely replaced by the QR code method.

The Indian Banks Association (IBA), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) together launched UPI (IBA). The NPCI also launched the Immediate Payments Service (IMPS). IMPS has been enhanced to create UPI.

The coolest invention in recent years is UPI. It significantly altered the banking ecosystem. Everyone, regardless of how big or small your transport business is, you can use the UPI and benefit from UPI transactions to make cashless payments. UPI is a technology that combines several bank accounts from each financial institution into a single mobile app. By combining many banking features, the application facilitates efficient transfer of finances and truck service payments.

Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay, SBI Pay, and more services are now used by millions of people. All of these mobile payment apps make use of the UPI payment method.

How Does UPI Work As A Payment Method for the Transport industry? 

Payments to or from any account holder between banks are possible with the UPI interface. Without having to enter bank account information, you can make a payment to your logistic service provider by using UPI from the convenience of your smartphone. A mobile number, Aadhar number, virtual payment address, or other information can be used to send or receive payments. 

The global and local addresses are the two different types of addresses that UPI uses for transactions. Aadhar number, telephone number, and bank account number are all global addresses while VPA or UPI ID is a local address.

Understanding The Benefits Of Using UPI Payment In the transportation sector 

The benefits of UPI are many and are as follows: 

  • The benefits of UPI enabled truck drivers to make real-time money transactions from mobile devices.

  • It offers transporter access to various bank accounts using a single mobile application.

  • Since the consumer is not required to submit information such as a card number, account number, IFSC code, etc. The digital address of the customer provides additional protection.

  • You can split expenses with your truck buddies using the application. 

  • It is a very helpful substitute for the inconveniences of Cash on Delivery or rushing to an ATM for the transporter to get cash to make payments. 

  • You can enjoy the benefits of UPI while making truck charges, toll booth payments, Utility bill payments, internet payouts, and barcode (Scan and Pay) payments.

What Is a UPI ID? 

It is a special virtual address given to each user that sends or accepts payments through the UPI interface. The recipient’s account must be funded using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA), which the sender must enter. 

The mobile app for your bank or other digital payment apps that support UPI can be used to create a UPI ID.

How to sign up for the UPI payment system. 

  • The customer downloads their preferred UPI app from the App Store or the bank’s website. 

  • The user adds their identity by providing details like their name, virtual ID (payment address), password, etc. 

  • To link their bank and account number with their virtual ID, the customer chooses “Add/Link/Manage Bank Account.”

  • When creating a UPI-PIN, you can decide which bank account you want to use to start the payment. 

  • You will receive an OTP to the mobile number you registered with the bank.

  • The last six digits of your debit card number and its expiration date can be entered. 

  • You should click “Submit” after entering your selected UPI PIN and the OTP. 

  • A notification will be sent to you once you click “Submit.” 

  • You must type both your old and new UPI PINs before clicking “Submit.”

That’s how the UPI payment process can be done. 

UPI Payment Charges

The Indian government will not charge any UPI payment charges or fees for the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) services. According to the finance ministry, UPI would continue to be free without any UPI payment charges. UPI is a digital public good that increases economic activity while providing the public with tremendous convenience. The administration is not considering any UPI payment charges for UPI services.

How is UPI payment done without the Internet?

Initiated a UPI transaction but faced network problems? Nowadays, the majority of us carry little to no cash and rely only on UPI payments for transfers of money. However, using the internet for transactions might frequently land us in uncomfortable situations because of poor or 2G network connection, which stops the UPI process online. In small towns, highways, and remote areas, these problems are very common.

The fact that UPI payments can be done without the internet- while being offline- is unknown to many of us. To do the same, simply dial the USSD code *99# on your phone and get started.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) introduced the “*99# service” to manage UPI services between Indian banks. By dialling *99# from their registered mobile number, users can access banking services and conduct financial transactions and any UPI payment without the internet using an on-screen interactive menu.

UPI Payment Tracking 

The UPI transactions happen instantly and quickly; after they are started and completed, you will receive an SMS from the bank confirming the transaction was accomplished. The UPI transaction cycle cannot be tracked because of the design’s simplicity, speed, and ease. The entire transaction cycle, which takes less than 10 seconds, involves more than 3–4 participants that communicate with one another using NPCI to complete the transaction.

A 12-digit reference number known as a UPI id is used to keep UPI payment tracking of transactions and to get in touch with customer service agents if you have any issues with your UPI transactions. UPI is one of the simplest systems available today, benefits of UPI are it helps with cashless transactions, therefore everyone is switching to it.


The benefits of UPI have made things easier for transporters. These days, money transfers are literally done at your fingertips. Besides being fast and secure, money transfers prevent data theft, and payments to transporters are done instantly for their services. The benefits of UPI payments are motivating an increasing number of online businesses to incorporate UPI payment gateways into their websites and mobile applications. 

Experience how seamless the UPI payment process can be by using Vahak Payments for your transport business. To get started, reach out to our team at Vahak for assistance.

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