July 31 , 2022
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How Load And Lorry Booking Apps Are Beneficial For Transporters, Truck Owners, and Shippers

Punit Chotia
Punit Chotia
How Load And Lorry Booking Apps Are Beneficial For Transporters, Truck Owners, and Shippers
How Load And Lorry Booking Apps Are Beneficial For Transporters, Truck Owners, and Shippers

In the recent few years, the online transport app space has witnessed a gigantic growth. The technology shifts in the logistics industries, have helped transport businesses reach a wide user base. Websites and mobile apps have enabled customers to choose vehicles and transporters as per their preference. Such smart transitions have digitized the entire process and made the process smooth, fast, and cost-effective.

Today, an app is available for almost everything. There's even an app that allows you to shift things from one place to another, in a smooth and safe manner! Though there are multiple online truck booking apps available, there’s a lack of a concrete marketplace, or more precisely, a community where these truck owners, transporters, and consigners can create their business profile, improve their brand, grow their network and save time in daily bookings.

There’s a lack of a good truck booking online app with features such as:

• Instant online lorry booking with no restrictions on location and time.

• Leveraging right tracks as per the load.

• Economical transportation.

So, is there any better way to grow a business?

Yes! It would help greatly if you got your business online. Since last year, the logistics space was simply a domain working to transport goods from one location to another. The scenario is completely different now that the multinational players have entered the Indian market and are falling into a more organized structure.

Let’s find out why there’s a need for an online system and some essential features to sustain your online logistics business:

Why Does Your Truck Booking Business need to be Online?

1. Enhanced Fleet Management

Taking your transport business online means keeping track of all your vehicles in a single click. With an online transport app, you can easily keep track of the vehicle assigned to the customers and suggest the best route to the driver to reach quickly. This not only saves your fuel but also your time.

2. Boost Business Growth

Since the demand for trucks and lorries is going up, most logistic businesses are expanding their geographies. Technological advancement in this space has made it easy to offer services to clients and thus boost their business revenue.

3. Enhanced Transparency

The logistic sector lacks transparency. Technological advancement is introduced to bridge the gap and regulate the prices in order to protect the consumers' interests. The upcoming system will ensure transparency in booking, to develop trust and credibility for fleet and load owners, for healthy business growth.

So, the above reasons are quite promising to establish an online presence of your offline venture. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a live transport marketplace for load/lorry bookings where truck owners could find the best deals without telephonic calls?

Welcome to Vahak. It is India’s most trusted road transport marketplace that leverages a seamless business communication environment for road transporters and individual lorry owners to interact and network in a hassle-free manner.

With more than 1 lakh trusted transport businesses, transporters/shippers can bid and book trucks, trailers, containers, LCV, tankers, etc. online. This truck booking online app aims at filling the demand and supply gap while bringing convenience to the entire process.

How Vahak – An Online Truck Booking App Is Better than the Conventional Booking System?

Below are the features that make Vahak the best road transport app to search for lorries online, in a hassle-free way.

1. Find and Book truck loads and lorries from the Live Marketplace

This application allows you to connect and deal with transporters all over India. So if you’re looking to book loads for LCVs, containers, trucks or trailers, you can see available loads in the “load market” and can get market loads for all vehicle types.

2. Live consignment tracking

One of the best features of an online lorry booking app like Vahak is the live tracking of consignments for truck owners. They can even get details regarding the routes and estimated time for deliveries.

3. Safe and private bidding

The Vahak app allows you to either post your load and book live lorries or post your lorry and bid on available loads. To complete the transaction, you need to approve or reject deals.

4. Live and transparent pricing

This feature allows the app user to get the instant price of the booked truck/lorry. There are no hidden costs since the charges would depend on the truck load and the field entered during the booking process.

5. Share enquires

Quote your price and deal directly with the top logistic companies seamlessly. Once you’ve got inquiries, you can even share them along with truck/load details on WhatsApp with a WA card.

Apart from these, Vahak also offers some lucrative benefits such as:

  • No commissions
  • Promoting your transport brand online
  • Networking pan India with trusted transporters to grow your business
  • Saving 90% of time & money otherwise spent on truck booking.

How Can Vahak prove to be a “one-stop destination” to promote your Transport Business digitally?

Transporters & truck owners can create a business profile while adopting Vahak. Once the profile is confirmed, it helps users attract business leads and connections, with which they can build their brand. With branding features like WhatsApp Business Card and branded inquiry cards that are sharable on WhatsApp, users can further promote their transport brand and build their online presence. Users can even check out ratings, reviews, and recommendations of transporters and consigners for a better idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Vahak App now and get your transport business registered on-the-go!

For more information, visit Vahak.

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